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baith sydes the thanes isfechtinbrawlie the day seems yours
an macbeth s men isfechtinnou on baith sydes the
whaur they micht see cowboysfechtinwi indians or mibbie if
wes maistlie taen up wifechtinwi campaigns retreats victories killin
sit in sae we werefechtinand we re still fechtin
fechtin and we re stillfechtinon three or fower fronts
do zed2o 6 1993 4fechtinootby the keep do 2nd
chinese kennawha second century bcfechtinootby the keep thay focht
mothers tess twa mothers wurfechtinower a bairny yin sayin
laddie pairt a pair ofechtindugs chorus fa saw the
get weapons as they werenaefechtinfin the trucks stopped an
arthur wis bein brocht hamefechtinoot yonner in the het
sturdier he couldna jalouse arthurfechtinthe quaet ane the jazzman
stop della krista stop thumfechtinzeb lori i feared thought
yur heid an stop thisfechtinwi yursell yince an fur
them tae bi the skreichmakkersfechtinagin the septiles javans dellin
raxxed up abeen her heidfechtinagin the win wi a
war mair picters o angelsfechtindragon baists they jaloused them
owre the pairt ye playedfechtinwi the rebels he haurlie
ruth isna aboot flytin narfechtinit s aa anent landwart
tae stop the birds faefechtinah took ane up in
sing then sae maun ifechtinbirds as ah gaed doon
airmy aa the lairds wisfechtinaroon aboot her bothwell ran
the barn he s hamefechtinfoo frae the pub she
a teabreak dylon buchan sfechtinjamie paterson again foo mony
he uised it whyles forfechtinthe inglish ma faither wes
years o cruellest sains ofechtincryne fae this sicht here
sicht twa blackies there werefechtinsair but seein they were
the last een aa yonfechtinaa yon bluid fur naethin
fusky fa s lad gotfechtinfu fa s kittlin sandy
the callants war owre thrangfechtinamang thairsells or owre fou
door in floor gunlöd thefechtinis sair valgerd can ye
an here whyle thay warfechtindid an unco herb frae
hame an they re ayfechtinfin da cams hame fae
ye kent they cuid befechtinfor their lives drount or
in ane flesher zheng wisfechtinti get up but he
creepie an wis aa forfechtinhis wey doun the stair
ah ll jist say thatfechtins no the wey tae
picter aboot sodgers or airieplanesfechtinin the gret war but
fur the gordons war ayefechtinsomebody bit mary queen o
intill e box it wisnafechtinaa at much an likely
o the east eftir thefechtinwas aa by the banes
swimmin throu the watter anfechtinwi the fish he blethered
auld siward wi ten thousanfechtinmen wes graithed ti mairch
word o da he sfechtinhitler s nazis in a
squabblin i the gutter orfechtinower a crust noo is
he wis like a wauritfechtincock an in his mou
up an speak oot firfechtinon even when the union
his moo begin tae wirkfechtintae frame the wirds he
bairntime but als for thefechtinand weirs o fern year
ve feenished their redundancy moneyfechtinthe d h s s

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