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new fangled gear cood befedup as jonsar eck made
cood mind he wis nivverfedup in his school holidays
fit wye cood andrew befedup jonsar eck kent fine
20 million people could befedby food crops grown instead
be grown bruised barley wasfedto cattle since the 2nd
mashley was also grown andfedto the house cows flax
time jonsar eck wis ferfedup fin een o the
weet mist as weel ferfedup noo at s jist
clock jonsar eck wis ferfedup the flittin wis a
coorse jonsar eck wis sofedup he sat doon an
he s strung yi alongfedyi some crap o bein
clathes oan yur back wheyfedyi whey went oot an
tired instead an i putfedup an if i m
fuit sair mittilt callum haedfedan luikit eftir the mukkil
an hirsell micht aw befedan whan ilkane haed etten
she haed duin an hefedhir lyke a princess an
unharnessed bedded an wattered anfedan the harness heistit up
up an ye sal befedthe bairns did as thay
the teacher got a bitfedup after a few weeks
no quite annoyed scunnered sfedup annoyed s eh cannae
kids play he was alsofedup because the drains used
me till his foe getsfedup bein jagged by his
they lookit for i gotfedup i made on i
rainy days i wis sofedup i sat doon an
the pack i was sofedup i wasn t even
s a bored or afedup mmhm mmhm m1000: aye
o fact he wis nivverfedup nae tae this very
the teachers would get thatfedup o me m865: [laugh]
say scunnered if i mfedup o something tired o
we visit sometimes i getfedup o the aiberdeenshire accent
year he says i mfedup o youse comin up
what was there you werefedup of it but it
know are you not gettinfedup of sandy mccall smith
you recently oh i gotfedup of waiting so we
and their men are gettinfedup oh thae capitalist bastards
the road cause she wasfedup she d been taken
nae wye he shood befedup tae start wi andrew
enough of it i mfedup that s what i
loons fine 5 you sayfedup we say scunnert you
get more than a littlefedup when time after time
it disny last you getfedup wi it dead quick
as ye like we refedup wi nicht work we
stoppin f1141: [inaudible] get reallyfedup wi ye if it
i hope i m gettingfedup with academic life again
see her saying i mfedup with minding children especially
wednesday fishing 9 friday feelfedup with scouts they are
ones better and you getfedup with the one f812:
to me and beastie arefedup with the telly we
you re like i amfedup with this already f814:
fierce friend andy thinks gettingfedup with writing single letters
years ahead of you howfedup would you be f812:
means you re no justfedup you re absolutely f1005:
fae bit e wis weelfedan a freenly breet an
an tods keep us weelfedilk day sae we can
weel groomed hoosed clean anfedsae war the horse in
dennertime her faither wis ayfedfirst syne the feed men
lasses twined and the menfedto them for it was
month and often the farmerfedthe cattle that day himself
was drained off and oftenfedto the hens though plenty
would be taken seriously andfedinto the scottish executive review
would be taken seriously andfedinto the scottish executive review
the sheaves had to befedgrain end first evenly into
but it is it allfedinto it and in a
lengthy pre legislative consultation thatfedinto the bill and they
allowing their views to befedinto the discussions on the
and the results will befedinto the drafting process the
group that work has certainlyfedinto the executive s decision
building control officers themselves whichfedinto the practicalities of the
attention impident yalps whan wantinfedlet oot let in let
well watered an now needinfedbut alas the hoose wis
e plastic yalla pipe atfede troch er churn wis
good it should not befedto children or patients robin
long after the children werefedwashed and put to bed
any potential harm to breastfedbabies if their mothers drink
coats their diet is diagnosisfedby the slow dissection of
prayed fur their sowels anfedfowk in peer hooses parritch
their beaks demanding to befedmy boughs are old and
embryo songsters their tunes arefedon bugs their pinions wait
another so whatever their beingfedon it must be the
tae crocanation the skreichmakkers synefedthis bree tae their littlins
six week old is bottlefedwe all lose parents late
then a could ve breastfedthem bit a m afraid
bit wurse than being forcefedby some big buxom nurse
tae ait an onywye naebodyfedit bit a twa three
mommy dearest needin hur addictionfedus freezing oor little balls
in the house and beingfedby coutts s mother no
pause aw they need isfedaw they need is thur
the land hen oo vefedan drank fi the land
o the ferm that baithfedan scvunnered him aunt mysie
dees his beasts man befedan wattered an mniled peer
room an we all gotfedan we w- had tae
an thare haud fest forayefedfrae an endless rowth from
got himsel an the femilyfedhe seemed in better humour
f890: but james an jackiefedher f889: uh huh f890:
da fishshop nicol an ingridfedher on chicken an cat
valuable beast that the fermerfedhim on raw eggs an
dyeuks still hid tae befedhoosewark dane fires mendit an
deen ma hamewirk i vefedthe dug i ve cleared
we ve brocht braw cornfedwild dyucks doun amang the
ate wi them weemin warfedneist bairns efter thon the
speldin wi the whilk jesusfedthe fyve thousan forby this
oot cause it s naefedwi nesty teeth snip aff
that sort of work asfedhim so wull ended his
be dead natural so youfedher with a bottle then
hoo the hell wir yefedyer body wid be screetchin
of young jenny while maryfedhim home made broth and
mmhm the fish we hinnafedthem m1132: mm mm f1131:
and lisa came round wefedthem vegetable soup and crab
sonsie s plump and wellfedand kinda cheery and [laugh]
well and baby jaime alreadyfedcoos at grandfather pero with
and they were all wellfedthen they had there were
left to ferment and wasfeddaily with ginger and sugar
in isolation floats by ismsfedthe fourth bowl overflows with
squealed by the wayside untilfedby a child who appeared
of the stories have beenfedby media accounts that have
royal jelly that rare substancefedby the hive to the
childhood both boys had beenfeda diet of strict calvinism
a container of paraffin thatfeda wick the wicks had
on your knee and wefedeach other without bothering about
abysmal i would not havefedit to a pig never
ye d think they wurnaefedsadie cats turns and hugs
a [?]goldie[/?] whistle as itfedupon a flowerin thistle ye
the meat from any animalsfedin this way does not
government s priorities are sometimesfedthrough to the voluntary sector
funnel and the mixture wasfedin from above as the

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