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the veranda saying goodby tofedotikand rodé who are coming
say goodby to the ballroomfedotikwhit a peitie ah ve
chebutykin ivan romanych army doctorfedotikaleksey petrovitch second lieutenant rodé
ye no tyred oot yitfedotikand rodé come in with
bairns bairns wul in thairsfedotikand rodé enter the ballroom
the back of the stagefedotikand rodé meet masha and
tum tum laughs enter fedotikfedotikdancing about burnt burnt awthing
tum tum tum laughs enterfedotikfedotik dancing about burnt burnt
in marching uniform toozenbach embracingfedotikye r a braw chiel
haes awthing really been burntfedotiklaughs awthing awthegither ah hae
dear freins irena au revoirfedotikah dout it isna au
hand thenks for awthing awthingfedotikannoyed juist haud on a
gae hame the nicht puirfedotiks tint awthing he s
say here ma jo laughsfedotikglances at his watch the
ye r a braw chielfedotikwe hae been guid freins
chebutykin me thertie twa laughterfedotikah l show ye anither
goes out with vershinin andfedotikirena that soliony haes fair
sleep gey soond at nichtfedotikto irena ah ve bocht
the academy div ye nofedotikye can move nou irena
joyfully they ir awfu nicefedotiklook here ah bocht a
a large basket of flowersfedotikjuist look here they r
we l meet sum tymefedotikmebbe in ten or fifteen
gang in wi the baronfedotikcan gang in wi the
lyfe hae been guid herefedotikto koolyghin here a wee
sumwhaur aboot in the gairdenfedotikwe maun tak oor leave

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