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payin more more or lessfeepayin f640: [inaudible] preparatory school
of them it was kindafeepayin more more or less
tae be sent tae afeepeyin schule fur young leddies
arteries isie hersel gaed taefeepyin schule fur dothers o
she wid gyang tae afeepyin schule in the toon
it is worth paying thefeeand upgrading their properties to
boys school 3 was afeepaying school 4 boys when
i then went off tofeepaying school [ooo] er [laugh]
[?]cause though[/?] they all went tofeepaying schools and it s
no hae ti pey thefeein byordnar pyne moula ah
ma promise is a smawfeeti pey for that shuirlie
ma promise is a smawfeeti pey for that shuirlie
yeir mither wad hae afeeti pey in pyne for
organisations who lobby on afeebasis on behalf of clients
organisations who lobby on afeebasis on behalf of clients
those who lobby for afeebecause it is their job
fee ii part of thefeeand iii none of the
below 7 conference fee thefeefor the whole conference including
paid i the whole tuitionfeeii part of the fee
the address below 7 conferencefeethe fee for the whole
and work for a nominalfeeor for promise of future
association c the required membershipfeebe paid to the commonwealth
c that the required membershipfeebe paid to the commonwealth
incorporated in the life membershipfeee printer for boarding house
out the words on afeebasis i recognise that as
sense the second on afeebasis in that sentence is
but not necessarily on afeebasis mr ingram i am
basis in 1938 the entryfeefor a dance was 1
that they make to theirfeestructure on the basis of
much of the 854 067feepaid to flour city architectural
work for which a retainerfeewas paid aggle mess geng
nae tae gyang wi thefeed loons ma uncle telt
misfittit ma uncle willie thefeed men are nae brocht
t managed to get afeemabel s unmarried grand uncle
fastern s een shrove tuesdayfeeed engaged as a farm
from geordie reid who wasfeeed there and was later
man called geordie sim wasfeeed to work the horse
ed there and was laterfeeed with his father at
that people pay a similarfeeand that it is booked
pay for a type offeearrangement that would enable the
us to pay them afeefor each event or give
no need to pay afeefor the second which is
and we pay 2 admissionfeefrom now on like things
opportunity to pay another chargefeeor tax the only reason
for example will pay afeeto the local authority for
15 days in scotland thefeefor a simple civil marriage
the basic civil marriage ceremonyfeemy colleagues spoke earlier of
amount to at least thefeethat applies to all civil
and iii none of thefees1w 1970 fiona mcleod to
would seem to suggest thatfeeincome and savings gained will
ask the scottish executive whatfeeincome the scottish qualifications authority
authorities had to ensure thatfeeincome was reasonable and could
were offered double the normalfeeto take extra papers and
peachy pooches for an extrafeewe ll paint their toenails
to the review of thefeestructure for orthodontics and sedation
hes eenou taen up hisfeean he canna get ye
s new taen up hisfeehim at wis felled bi
ve new taen up yirfeeleifer ti lea him gae
in a farm tae anotherfeeas you would say here
camped grandfather let them thefeewas always a horse farm
acknowledging my application and applicationfeethey don t have my
you had found a newfeeyour new employer sent a
a police authority the prescribedfeefor information which the authority
groomin o at his lastfeecaad dick fa d sired
een o his sons wisfeed a fair bittie awa
jennings from greenden doug fowliefeed at montgoldrum and me
sairie kerns whas airms isfeed wi siller it s
seek the cairt he dfeed yestreen lu da nou
kin o fowk he dfeefor they wir aa his
ayont the burgh dykes tifeea cairt an neist he
sae meg awbodie kens afeehaes ti be peyed in
marischalry ti tak up hisfeeon the chancie day an
warld the r aye afeeti be peyed for awthing
hackit fur a wee tokenfeesune my lan will be
puddok it s a fairfeema lassie tho mebbe ye
witnesses is 79 so thefeefor a hotel venue for
it is owre hie afeefor a sowp o cauld
monteith there is no translationfeefor that the convener we
table and that s myfeefor the year m608: oh
apparently because he got thefeefor transliterating them into russian
backcourts for a small monthlyfeefrom each flat do remember
our legs for the usualfeehusbands shrug smile indulgently reach
at turra market for tofeei fell in wi a
is free whilst an entryfeeis being proposed for iona
from inverbervie played for afeeof 36 and a permit
richt nanse whit s yeirfeethan for a pikkil wattir
love all ages are infeethe passion s good for
say m1108: he he saysfeefi fo fum who s
got them at a nominalfeefae the council f606: mmhm
auld steenhillock wis his firstfeean he thocht he wis
over the phone or whateverfeeagreed with boosey hawkes must
and by whom and whatfeeor commission was charged by
nor warld s gear orfeethe salvator s law is
when ye flitted fae aefeetae the next m1002: [cough]
he cam in aboot tofeea lad and they stood
wi that cable he saysfeefi fo fum i sme-
in though waefu at thefeean asked him in a
ask the scottish executive whatfeeis payable to a gps
by a cooperative the entrancefeeof 5 roubles per head
here has slapped a differentialfeeon overseas students like in
board considers that a blockfeeregime would encourage additional usage
there will also be afeeto have the registrar conduct
clipped by an expert moderatefeebox 999 baby sitting done
by the overseas student differentialfeeof 840 and others have
it plans to revise thefeepayable to optometrists in order
payment of the television licencefees1w 388 fergus ewing to

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