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dung v broke dwaiblie afeebledwaumie a dreary dwyne v
v dare not dwaiblie afeebledwyne v dwindle een n
she she s dismissed yourfeebleprotestations [laugh] so she has
and those pauses and myfeeblereplies are echoing and re
shaw show sheuch ditch shilpitfeebleshougil waggle shuir sure shuirlie
seen and the kind harshfeeblestrong miserable humorous brave bitter
two ambled along avoiding thefeeblegleam of the street lamps
touch is uncertain it containsfeeblestuff such as the banks
on the stairs and afeeblecry pause silence the curtains
faither n father fauch afeeblefaw v n fall autumn
suburban adonises these blushing simperingfeebleminded heroines really the products
he was that seik andfeeblethey d tae harl him
it always fell away againfeebledwindling in strength she understood
saved what difference does ourfeebleconscience make to that he
of the television public whosefeeblemindedness frustrated the maintenance of
specks and such a wheezyfeeblefire it was with its

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