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because you re so busyfeelingguilty about it and the
from some other relationship andfeelingguilty about it guilt could
the ice being kicked sofeelingguilty and cowardly i ducked
chauvinist pigs and other peoplefeelingguilty and sour mornings after
trouble he ought to befeelingguilty bawling is far too
a sin he d befeelingguilty now and he s
its stricken victims i amfeelingrather guilty for i fear
men s club outings etcfeelingrather guilty we were passed
alluded to the strength offeelingabout the proposals no member
know about the strength offeelingamong conveners they did not
see what the strength offeelingis it is important to
aware of the strength offeelingof the conveners liaison group
that demonstrates the strength offeelingon the island whose total
committee underestimates the strength offeelingthat exists in our local
plain cold and raw andfeelingas if it was polluted
having only one blanket andfeelingcold despite the stifling heat
to just say i mfeelingcold or and if it
might wake in the darkfeelingcold the moon and the
streaming head cold and isfeelinglow we arrange to meet
catch cold but i mfeelingthe cold now and my
imposition there was a strongfeelingamong many teachers that they
made we got no strongfeelingfrom our consultees that anybody
under the category ardour strongfeelingin toe one finds such
hours there is strong localfeelingon this issue my primary
mid day and [censored: forename] wasfeelingstrong hunger pangs so three
classroom without pupils or teacherfeelingill at ease secondly we
i spent half my lifefeelingill because my body was
he- i think james isfeelingill he s all dirty
for it would create illfeelingin the toun if ye
caused a bit of illfeelingmeat was also rationed in
good ehm unwell f1006: illfeelingsick m1004: mmhm f1006: i
october to awake this morningfeelingdoped and lazy pottered around
left bar bosch that morningfeelinglike a liberated captive my
the morning woke with afeelingof extreme nausea not a
scotland and fife snp thefeelingof the parliament this morning
on a hot summer morningfeelingthat it was like looking
me as i am notfeelingtoo good this morning i
went home early to bedfeelingtotally exhausted so thursday morning
are drifting away i mfeelinglonely again and rather tired
[laugh] [laugh] f1037: i wasfeelingrather fat [laugh] it was
not really doing anything justfeelingrather sort of [sigh] what
the fact that she isfeelingrather wonky today i welcome
via university is there afeelingthat companies would rather put
year ahead i shared thatfeelingutterly i would rather that
come i hope you refeelinga lot better now i
to think clearly i mfeelinga lot better this weekend
[censored: forename] and i were bothfeelingbetter and so we had
to belyaevo where [censored: forename] wasfeelingbetter and we went out
that s good he sfeelingbetter m1096: uh huh f1095:
enjoyable christmas that mum sfeelingbetter thanks for the letters
cocky but i wasn tfeelingcocky pyjamas are better than
lot better this weekend afterfeelinglow all last week dizzy
for a while i mfeelinga lot stronger now i
lot f718: mmhm m734: offeelingin it er mainly or
a lot of young folkfeelingspring hunger a longing for
national cultural strategy the generalfeelingexpressed was that little had
to work hard the generalfeelingis that people were more
am sure that the generalfeelingis yes we support the
s now a more generalfeelingof of course there should
games it was a greatfeelinglet s not wait too
health care there is afeelingthat too many pet projects
i m not really notfeelingtoo good so my gran
it was odd too thefeelingwhen we watched the semi
is a symptom of citizensfeelingfrustrated and left out of
left ricky with a gutfeelingthat it could be his
reader is left with thefeelingthat probably some other course
about i m not reallyfeelingany happier inside myself i
you can really beat thefeelingof just like going to
best if you re reallyfeelingreally bad about something i
during this conference society wasfeelingthe social pressures of really
the church hall peggy wasfeelinga bit off colour it
were two heartbeats within herfeelingcuriously flustered she pulled off
to help him but thefeelingis wearing off to be
m734: other people who arefeelingpissed off with the world
er and when you refeelingpissed off with the world
difficult to shake off thefeelingthat the european union s
you the way i mfeelingat the funeral i might
of anything i might befeelingpretended to relax into a
comments including that about thefeelingthat we might sometimes get
tests on me i mfeelingvery well but i might
just feel that jazz lacksfeelingbut er going back to
on the edinburgh festival andfeelingdisoriented before going down to
going in there and thefeelingis that there needs to
you you do get afeelingof of something going on
jackson earlier i have afeelingthat phil is not going
f1101: i ve got afeelingaye that it s missin
f1102: you ve got afeelingf1101: i ve got a
the stage of so notfeelinggot at so feeling supported
th- i ve got afeelingit s in the bag
fit wis handy and thefeelingof having got a bargain
not feeling got at sofeelingsupported by someone s opinion
right hand i got thefeelingthat he was more at
ve i ve got thisfeelingthat i won t read
whether margo macdonald got thefeelingthat the difficulty in doing
weekend at dunblane and arefeelingfit healthy after a wild
slept very badly i wasfeelingpoorly after tea so i
stay with him after thatfeelingthe way she did wha
thing the way i mfeelingi could have it in
me then anyway i mfeelingquite well i ll let
overcome all if i amfeelingmonosyllabic a simple love or
and if i am notfeelingparticularly witty i ll just
further i am getting thefeelingthat members favour option c
very good and a greatfeelingof freedom nae doot yes
all combine to create afeelingof tension and fear good
first week cause i wasfeelingrubbish i thought i had
there cause she ll befeelingsick f1095: no i dinna
i i went to herfeelingvery kind of down cause
f1100: no cause i wisnafeelingvery well f1099: fitt was
there you go i wasfeelinga bit tired and miserable
an orgasm what i wasfeelingabout you there by the
by this time i wasfeelingboth tired and unable to
into his stride he wasfeelingbuoyed by the experience of
f1103: nae wonder i wasfeelingcauld that s right f1104:
it was erudite and hadfeelingcompassion and gentleness the quality
which was an odd disquietingfeelingi don t have much
it wasn t an unpleasantfeelingin some ways it was
it it was like fantasticfeelingm608: uh huh f643: erm
was in bloom my earliestfeelingmemory apart from a kaleidoscope
for four days and thefeelingof cleanliness afterwards was welcome
and always there was thatfeelingof utter desolation of utter
he was bound to befeelingon his own account struggling
force of this was afeelingthat scottish culture was under
grade and there was afeelingthat we should get higher
sunday and there was afeelingthat you should be more
ken but he had afeelingthe luck the brewer was
and byre and flesh andfeelingthis distinction was well established
s not dead he wasfeelingup my girl graham heard
one menu card notelet thefeelingwas that the bulk of
waiting media my only personalfeelingwas that there weren t
and [censored: forename] that was naefeelingwell m1098: that that full
the committee have said myfeelingis that we are largely
s goin on and myfeelingis why i feel is
t v channel 10 andfeelingmy brain cells rot away
bushes fennel and asphodel myfeelingof being safe protected even
my telephone f1113: [laugh] youfeelingokay f1114: look a big
my 3½p into the bagfeelingquite a sense of loss
confidence there is still afeelingamong pupils that if teachers
to be home still faintfeelingof oppression and tension 24
i i still have afeelingthat there s somethin slightly
mind you we were stillfeelingthe effects of the change
and they were playing forfeelingand sometimes the more successful
turning as he did sofeelingannoyance more than fear i
be more of a communityfeelingaround the osborne village area
all i ve put m1017: feelingguid f1054: like the pronunciation
but occasionally i ve beenfeelingold you know sometimes [laugh]
their shoulders there is afeelingamong the nursing staff to
there is much the samefeelingin several faculties mark for
anything else so there isfeelingin there but i just
question but there is afeelingthat the advantages of including
area this response reflects thefeelingthat there are significant localised
a great deal of badfeelingthere is a view that
edinburgh it s the queerestfeelingand as i walked home
and nevertheless i get thefeelinger that i know what
learn i speak with somefeelingeven though i recently spent
to stop myself moping aroundfeelinghomesick and missing carole i
i said unoriginally but withfeelingi didn t want him
gawky theatricality rested on genuinefeelingi felt sure of that
or elsewhere i have afeelingi have already mentioned this
hold to its original viewfeelingisolated like the convener i
an hour and woke upfeelingless happy later i went
exhausting and i leave themfeelinglike a limp rag but
betrayed me i had afeelingof him in the dark
which provided evidence of afeelingof pressure as i said
probably did that is afeelingthat i have picked up
them i have a horriblefeelingthat the same thing could
deid they must i sayfeelingthe word deid like a
in silence neither of themfeelingthe need for conversation the
scope of the bill withoutfeelingthe need to bring them
is important to them withoutfeelingthe need to use someone
they worked in silence notfeelingthe need to yap ralph
consultation she had the ridiculousfeelingof being opaque as if
the rural population react tofeelingthat they were being spied
the public petitions committee andfeelingdissatisfied if they do not
must say its a nicefeelingnot having to pay rent
almost universal disgust and afeelingthat the resources are not
the event of either partyfeelingthat they have not received
a widespread although not universalfeelingthe relationships between local authorities
so he crawls under queenfeelinga disturbance whit ir ye
and failing to so jimmyfeelingthe mass of his belly
ideas such as thinking andfeelingand finally to social ideas
that created with such artisticfeelingthe cornice and enrichment on
of tone such technique suchfeelingwe feel proud to have
way to preventing anyone fromfeelinglike a stranger in their
of little concern now thefeelingof panic that had inhabited
expensive did you get afeelingabout the problem of retaining
that doesn t speak aboutfeelingunsure of oneself the voice
mind forced him intae thefeelingof relaxation that had come
and we had to leavefeelingthat the night had somehow
bean salad if you refeelingbrave time 5 minutes uses
hot tuna seasoning chillis iffeelingdoubly brave in a frying
year when we are allfeelinga bit down and are
fella wis fou are youfeelingall right you could lie
henry mackenzie the man offeelingand all that kind of
steel rail of the escapefeelingit go all soft and
it seemed to be thefeelingthat all these beautiful things
haein a few bob andfeelinga bit lucky ah purchased
to the seb and afeelingof its quality stretching back
historian tells us when afeelingreaches its highest pitch even
the ache of the oceanfeelingthe weight of its ancient
tunnel what is the mainfeelingyou get from reading the
industry goods and services thefeelingis that that kind of
much of the 1990s thefeelingled to the view that
his own words gives thatfeelingof satisfaction felt by the
implementation the reasons for thatfeelingrelate to the culture within
are discussing today generally thefeelingremains that it is difficult
overcrowding of the curriculum thefeelingthat an increasing number of
they can be excused forfeelingthat apparent add on luxuries
scottish cringe a sort offeelingthat f718: mmhm mmhm [laugh]
fuzzy headed hangover and afeelingthat he should force himself
executive recognises the depth offeelingthat surrounds the status of
in the upper secondary certainlyfeelingthat their pupils in modern
that would give people afeelingthat they have a right
hopefully gives you the thefeelingthat this if- is a
sees as purely altruistic reasonsfeelingthat this state of rule
author of the man offeelingwrote that the ladies of
of form and design afeelingfor apollonian beauty but the
deal of resentment and badfeelingin arbuthnott when the novel
known with a certain fatalfeelingin the depths of her
in ayrshire the depth offeelingin threatened local communities compels
of fifth years the holidayfeelingis creeping in class numbers
edifice a weak sound echoedfeelinglike a fish out of
fate one can trace afeelingof acute uncertainty in every
english one usually has afeelingof apprehension in winter in
startled mountains carrying on thefeelingof apprehension which itself is
but mingling it with afeelingof divine and human pity
for granted contributes to afeelingof isolation and social exclusion
students a lack of afeelingof real achievement and confidence
musical phrase to create afeelingof tenderness and intimacy it
natural rhythm and instinctive warmfeelingof the original but blessings
destination and laboured slowly uphillfeelingthe effects of the high
light box people were obviouslyfeelingthe lack of light because
brandy he s well stokedfeelingrough here s plum duff
what happened peggy she sfeelinga wee bittie funny will
a nice break and arefeelingrefreshed no doubt you are
varies from co operation tofeelingthreatened as a result services
tomorrow it s a strangefeelingto be working on saturdays
at home on maternity leavefeelingconstantly sick and queasy for
and he refilled the glassesfeelinghis heartbeat quicken and the
with them to the universitetskayafeelingrelaxed and content monday 3rd
holding hers tools skills andfeelingsmall andy tries to copy
pleasant normal child standing outfeelingexcluded f963: yeah mmhm f965:
wee sook frae ma bottlefeelinghis gorge rise mr jones
minister will know an uneasyfeelingremains throughout the voluntary sector

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