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look at her feet muddyfeetall over the place and
f1091: that s dipsy sfeetand laa laa s feet
feet and laa laa sfeetand what s that m1092:
slipping shoes on beth sfeetbe prood ae yer feet
swish slubber and swish sixfeetdown and dropping six feet
feet down and dropping sixfeetdown dissolving shards of sea
watch your feet watch yourfeetf1112: i m holding onto
and legs and and thefeetf1113: and feet f1114: yes
s feet f1114: and anotherfeetf1113: thank you very much
what f1114: here s hisfeetf1113: that s feet f1114:
right [inaudible] f1114: catch thefeetf1113: touch feet that s
his feet f1113: that sfeetf1114: and another feet f1113:
make his feet okay bigfeetf1114: oops i dropped one
and the feet f1113: andfeetf1114: yes here s some
neat black stockins and dirtyfeetf638: look at her feet
neat black stockins and dirtyfeetf640: look at her feet
feet round by about 7feethigh as a rule they
15 feet round and 18feethigh in fact they were
hold onto to your saddlefeetin the stirrups oops feet
feet in the stirrups oopsfeetin your stirrups on your
stone and sighs examining herfeetir ma feet no sair
and sh- look at herfeetmuddy feet all over the
to three feet nine threefeetnine that was wee bits
cut the wuid to threefeetnine three feet nine that
big tree that was threefeetnine three feet nine three
was three feet nine threefeetnine three feet we d
examining her feet ir mafeetno sair she takes out
the beat o yer deidfeeto yer deid feet o
deid feet o yer deidfeeto yer deid feet ticking
and i ll make hisfeetokay big feet f1114: oops
rucks were more like 15feetround and 18 feet high
were quite small say 5feetround by about 7 feet
feet f638: look at herfeetshe thinks she s neat
feet f640: look at herfeetshe thinks she s neat
it right put feet tofeetthat s it and roll
catch the feet f1113: touchfeetthat s it now can
lorry ken it was sixfeetthere and six feet there
six feet there and sixfeetthere so the middle o
crass or any kind offeetthey re proper feet ye
deid feet o yer deidfeetticking clock this poem is
we roll it right putfeetto feet that s it
t w- f1111: watch yourfeetwatch your feet f1112: i
nine three feet nine threefeetwe d left aw the
of feet they re properfeetye get by workin an
feet be prood ae yerfeetyou walked oot oan them
use do i wear myfeetbare or this strap button
self conscious about the barefeetfiona insists upon indoors i
to run about in barefeetin the winter if the
by tramping with the barefeetmrs brown who lived there
middle o it thair barefeetslappin doon hard on the
o peace on twa barefeettaj mahal it reigns all
s back wi his barefeetthrou the teir in his
high heels and her barefeetusually [laugh] f631: yeah i
those eerie aquarium windows myfeetwere bare so i didn
would be maybe nine tenfeethigh you know they weren
was pallet wood m642: threefeetnine m608: mm m642: we
we d tae cut threefeetnine right o that big
a few weeks time sixfeetabove contradiction though we have
partit back a good sixfeetan sister josephine wis staunin
seated myself very properly sixfeetaway and with my back
[laugh] m642: six or sevenfeetaway from the bikes going
get it loaded m642: sixfeetf643: mmhm m608: [?]that's some height![/?] m642:
seventeen he was about sixfeetfour and aboot seventeen stone
ship s less than sixfeetfrom the bank a world
a wire mesh fence sixfeethigh was erected from the
viewing the port the sixfeethigh wire fence is now
and falling at least sixfeetin the rough seas he
mmhm m608: [?]that's some height![/?] m642: sixfeetlike ye re loadin the
them six m608: aye m642: feetlong m608: uh huh m642:
stick john they were sixfeetlong we used tae cut
right ye pit the sixfeeton the lorry go to
so he landed on hisfeetsix snippets fae ither fowk
young man had been sixfeettall but a healthy open
an she ll be sixfeettwelve an armed tae the
takin three thoosan six hunnerfeetup loch morlich wis a
danger then it leapt sixfeetup the ladder and managed
f1039: they run aboot sixfeetup the wa an turn
m642: so that bit sixfeetwas where you re workin
of the door about 2feet4 inches high by 1
grass and sorrel at myfeetbeyond the grove high on
like ey stood aboot fivefeethigh an aboot as thick
be between 4 to 5feethigh and as boys we
the walls are about threefeethigh and that s all
soo stannin still a fyowfeethigh bit it hid been
a muckle crock aboot threefeethigh eence mabel wis asked
the alien corn is tenfeethigh i lie in a
seam a working about 6feethigh it was wrought in
still running up to fiftyfeethigh made it impossible to
000 tonne colossus once 60feethigh now scattered in the
with access by two feethigh steel doors in the
jubilee the steeple is 100feethigh to where people can
dinnae get it oan yerfeetan tek it intae schuil
seein ye re oan yerfeetcoffee d just gie me
o poverty in ye yerfeeteased tae sherp rocks yer
branch or twa a feowfeetfae yer nose and the
wis seein baith anaith yerfeetit wis at deep ye
with s up wi mafeetkeep yer voice doon says
ye hid tae get efeeto yer horse ready tae
a minnit bit mind yerfeetoch there ye re in
the warld s at yerfeetsae lichtsome the road hapt
yer heid tae gye yerfeetsame s ye mith dee
ay an ithers at yerfeetskyscraper faimily dis yer washin
would say well stamp yerfeetthings like that just somebody
on by on weel heeledfeetwid ye teem yer pooch
again an again haadin yerfeetwis chancy wirk bit e
the time an watch yerfeetye re no tae get
eh m642: right if itsfeetcaught in the rope it
f-f- bottomless m642: twenty fourfeetlong i couldnae get the
o the lorry was eighteenfeetm608: aye m642: so that
big artics john m642: threefeetnines there john and they
huh m642: so it- itsfeetwouldnae catch the rope and
cross the wooden bridge threefeetabove a water course apprehensive
to have a hole threefeetdeep dug in the centre
tiber pretentious piddling puddle threefeetdeep where jean stepped in
maitter o gey near threefeetleavin its bonny trackie an
ling was two or threefeetlong and mabel and her
this thing s aboot threefeetlong m815: [laugh] m816: you
that a bing of threefeetnines there a bing of
chain harras were aboot twelvefeetsquare made up o three
[cough] f637: that wide threefeetwide and because it was
drain e water aboot threefeetwide bit nae fully sae
anes banged up onti thairfeetan jyned in the daunsin
baith bang up onti thairfeetas gleg an weill as
up thay lowpit til thairfeetas gleg an weill as
play an hing aboot mafeetat nicht thay sleep thair
awbody juist uisin thair ainfeetfor traivellin an thair ain
staun nor it thair cobbledfeetnae king tae reign ees
thumpin an scrapin o thairfeeton the ruif ye d
charm you richt aff yourfeetan ithers torment you an
own way and your ownfeetand do it so you
the gentle dust beneath yourfeetand when you step from
than you did on yourfeetbut but eventually you know
the air is at yourfeetbut i m still enjoying
here oh you'v- watch yourfeetcareful careful come here you
wi a prod o yourfeetcos it s fu up
on your socks so yourfeetdinna get cold right one
you know it stamp yourfeetf1113: stamp stamp if you
off f1135: mmhm watch yourfeetf1136: i want it off
s a bit at yourfeetfor the dog i think
you are unsteady on yourfeetgadgie bloke greet grat cry
just little f1095: watch yourfeethere look m1096: aye f1095:
the gentle dust beneath yourfeetholder of honey milk and
moment you leapt to yourfeeti can t believe it
neck a cold steeping yourfeetin a basin of mustard
so you can keep yourfeetin f1136: ach hmm f1135:
[inaudible] f1135: right push yourfeetin there f1136: i can
round and put in yourfeet[inaudible] no sit doon on
the gentle dust beneath yourfeetjacob s ladder inspired by
are just dead on yourfeetm815: i m a i
kelly it s at yourfeetman gi joe was level
yeah f1105: is it yourfeetnice and clean m1106: yeah
sweetie tae suck dae yourfeetno get fired up mibby
careful tripping over your ownfeetnow m1096: let s go
you had to lift yourfeetoff the pedals and keep
a kaff and put yourfeeton a pig a stone
removed you could heat yourfeeton this mabel s favourite
myself f1105: right on yourfeetone that s your right
f1113: too tickly for yourfeetput back on your socks
yelled you jumped to yourfeetran to the gate and
your knees please nae yourfeetright fitt do you fancy
face come in if yourfeets clean she commanded waving
your feeties go f1113: myfeets tickly too oh tickly
whose tears will wash yourfeetstrange converse conversing with strangers
slide [?]run.[/?] oh up yourfeetthat s a lad i
you re sitting on yourfeetthat s what it is
the gentle dust beneath yourfeetthe hatchery of history older
it s stuck on yourfeetthere we go f1114: [splutter]
are you gonna sand yourfeetthey re a state m942:
and out from under yourfeetthought archie still a wee
the way home is yourfeettickly f1114: yes it s
daein no ow keep yourfeetto yoursel you think [censored: forename]
other as well if yourfeettotally fit it does that
the gentle dust beneath yourfeettouch me i yield take
push you here put yourfeetup there f1136: that s
t dae that wi yourfeetwalk properly look at aa
have to dae wi yourfeetwell done and she used
without skidding or hurting yourfeetwhen taxes went up and
going touch f1121: oh yourfeetyour shoes [laugh] right come
hoping he had given hisfeeta good wipe on the
an cuil an at hisfeeta troot ringed puil while
been keen to stamp hisfeetabout in the past indeed
the bedclaes taigled aboot hisfeetafore he can think himsel
and was gettin on hisfeetagain and he came eh
her ears pointing to hisfeetah can kick wi thir
bleck goun jumpt tae hisfeetan cried my lord how
number twae clam ti hisfeetan gaed aff like a
he stuid up on hisfeetan gruppit the haunil o
clerk zhao gat ti hisfeetan he spak ae thing
story todd stauchert tae hisfeetan hirplt back across tae
roog o stanes at hisfeetan mair i da borroo
lang o gettin ti hisfeetan peyin his respecks sayin
auld maister gat ti hisfeetan presst them ti a
fooshty orral hytered tae hisfeetan reesed oot standard english
supper ronald bricky shuffled hisfeetan says weel it s
wad hae lowpit til hisfeetan stoured aff hame frae
wee white shoon for hisfeetan syne he ll grow
o bawsent blue on hisfeetan thae monie luggit strae
wang jin gat ti hisfeetan thenkit him the mither
wis gey licht on hisfeetan young mick wis no
was he got to hisfeetand braced himself against the
on a cushion curling hisfeetand legs under him reads
had my uncle shuffled hisfeetand looked away as if
malcolm rises uncertainly to hisfeetand stands with his weight
with samual smiles at hisfeetand the minister at his
baseball cap was on hisfeetand wrestling a white polythene
legs begude ti fail hisfeetbegude ti stound an he
push himself back to hisfeetbut discovered frustratingly that he
rowed at his faither sfeetbut syne the auld ane
smush o saandiloos aroond hisfeetchastin froad alang da shoormal
f1104: that horse wi hisfeetf1103: oh aye f1104: up
tummy f1112: and do hisfeetf1111: and it s a
f1114: yes here s somefeetf1113: oh is that his
what s happened to hisfeetf1114: [inaudible] stick it f1113:
okay i ll make hisfeetf1114: [inhale] [exhale] f1113: his
f1113: his head and hisfeetf1114: yes i ll wash
i got one of hisfeetf1121: oh well done that
the green gress anaith hisfeetfelt as saft as a
he stared down at hisfeetfor a moment then stretched
should he sprang to hisfeetforeseeing that a brawl would
in his position ding thefeetfrae yon heid bummer was
laddie loun clam ti hisfeetgaed for a stuil at
craw black an on hisfeethe d a pair o
brocade owre it on hisfeethe d buits o hollin
reid twiltit jaiket on hisfeethe d lang buits turnt
wi strae shuin on hisfeethe ett his lentren mait
an it landit at hisfeethe spied it comin an
da an getting ti hisfeethe stuid in ahint the
war lyke gress at hisfeethe wes that braid that
hands and on his uncoveredfeethe wore a faded often
silk belt an on hisfeethe wure buits o barkent
weir belt an on hisfeethe wure fleein phoenix buits
horseman an kis o hisfeethei hed tae aye bide
f1114: look [inaudible] stickin hisfeethe's- [exhale] f1113: what s
his wife sae at hisfeeti gowl i canna even
someone can t clear hisfeetif he has nae ca
road hame he stamps hisfeetin a tantrum of vexation
suit of grey clothes hisfeetin cracked but polished boots
came up he dug hisfeetintae the grun an growled
his fauts gat ti hisfeetliftit his heid ti look
he had one for hisfeetm804: mmhm m805: and also
as he struggled tae hisfeetmakin sure that he wis
that malcolm struggles to hisfeetmoula faither whit dae ye
f1091: right and then hisfeetnow that s bob made
doun frae his chafts saxfeeto lenth an ten spans
o his kintrie syne thefeeto the callants an the
the slammin o his doorfeetoan his graivel path the
statue depicting vyborni at thefeetof an angel to his
dry his legs dry hisfeetoh this little piggy went
[laugh] can he put hisfeeton here f1103: no cause
suiner haed he set hisfeetowre the dure or the
and assists him to hisfeetpompitie flinches cowers and guards
better daniel rose to hisfeetpoured another beer and his
frae the howes o hisfeetricht up ti his croun
wad cairrie him but hisfeetsank doun inti the wat
a spit o coortship hisfeetscarce skiffin the grun frae
of the road so manyfeetso [censored: forename] got his big
bedroom was a pit hisfeetstank he hated getting up
gull and scrambles to hisfeetstartled mother holds on to
entered he came to hisfeetswiftly and remained standing until
f1113: oh is that hisfeetthank you f1114: yes f1113:
for the sergeant shifting hisfeetthat s what it sounded
him up to his shaggyfeetthe carter gi ed me
they pit them ontae hisfeetthe leddrach jyner hid ay
hand warm candles at hisfeetthe shrine cloth coiled beneath
dressin goon his lang thinfeettint in twa muckle bauchles
that he is on hisfeetto announce that the executive
ti faw asleep an hisfeetturnt as lourd as leid
war aa its ain hisfeetwar destined tae wauk at
he wis juist liftin hisfeetwhan he heard ahint the
and lucid firm on hisfeetwith a healthy head of
the frost has touched hisfeetwith fire the shivering robin
on the balls of hisfeetwithout a backward glance at
d feenish up wi mafeetan at e eyn e
in here an rest mafeetan hae a wee drap
time i wis on mafeetan ma thick socks on
tak ma shoes aff mafeetare aa fired up i
door i got on mafeetbut she was awa i
her dallies at ma sfeetfin da pued a hauf
raisin thing powkin aroon mafeeti ll sweer it jist
were just totally doin mafeetin f631: mmhm f689: ehm
auld ma da got yokeyfeetither faimlies i kent gaed
wiz sumhing wrang wi mafeetjinty a cried jinty ma
ho luik doun at yeirfeetma bonnie ane an ye
ho luik doun at yeirfeetma bonnie ane an ye
hae a keik at yeirfeetma lassie an whan he
intill e car watchin mafeetnae tae disturb em back
pit the skids aneath mafeetnor yet the dreich september
a kan warm ma caldfeeton yeir warm hint end
teirant s heid anaith mafeetor hank it on ma
as a feather on mafeetshe trips around lightly ah
me nae wey nail mafeettae the flair furst sooner
petticoats cleekit up atween mafeetthen her mother came and
jinty a cried jinty mafeetther pure dead white jinty
a lukked doon at mafeetthey wur danglin aw my
cauvin bit kennin it mafeetur sodden yit thurs nae
waukened up ma beak anfeetwar yalla an noo i
haurlie byde on ma twafeetwe maunna lat the vershinins
yird ti hear ma quaetfeetwhat wey they walk for
the reid stigmata upon mafeetwid ye gie me a
chilblains on ma hauns anfeetwir sair eneuch tae gar
rod an there juist twafeetabune me wis the butt
yirth a thousan twa hunderfeetalowe sea level wi nae
the leafy fen twa smafeetcam steppin ben humbled noo
a twa edged sword herfeetgyang doon tae daith her
wes nae mair nor twafeetin hicht an she wes
ruggin at the claes twafeetraxin ower sideweys till there
tail twa black slimy glisterinfeetstickin oot a kinna crossed
wee shrew moose twa thousanfeetup blackcraig hill a wee
dropped one you got goodfeetf1114: it s hatched it
me morag rising to herfeeta pikkil wattir frae yeir
shoes then he cuts thefeetaff her carolanne mine was
beth agnes struggles to herfeetagnes awa an get oan
her she springs to herfeetai but yeir glower nithers
bruce hid chilblains on herfeetan chapped fingers forbye it
had muckle beets upon herfeetan her legs war unca
them lily staggered to herfeetand began dancing unfortunately there
then she struggles to herfeetand into her coat this
she dragged herself to herfeetand tottered next door to
an saw her on herfeetawa ye go ye daft
her buits an swung herfeetback an fore aneth the
she tried tae hide herfeetgordon wis richt she s
lyfe morag rises to herfeetguidman ah l hae ti
and put them to herfeethe drank more water mitchel
puakenikini passions back on herfeether toes looked braw anyway
and command struggling to herfeether voice is strong and
leggit at her faither sfeethowkin the intimmers ooto her
she gets hurriedly to herfeeti m just coming gladys
yon fine set ahin herfeeti widna they re fit
the puig over five thousandfeetin her garden louis worked
that the san aneth herfeetis rael gritty like an
the dubs lappit ower herfeetlike broon furlin lips near
pointit toes look at herfeetlook she s neat black
but she stays on herfeetnot comfortable sitting teenie i
willing to sit at thefeetof her history linen straw
like barbie seaweed rests herfeeton a chair a drying
fists screams and beats herfeeton the ground in a
tae her heels come onfeetor i m leavin ye
t allowed to indicates herfeetpause he has to take
at the shoes on herfeetsadie damn it tae hell
the verandah she felt herfeetsink in a spiderwebbing of
is slowly coming to herfeetstaring at bessie in horror
ower lang forenent her bigfeetstey still haud a meenit
berna berna stumbles to herfeettess better thin mine berna
guides beth to hold herfeetup beth i make people
nicht syne on wearie fleggitfeetwi her caunle gutterin in
of cherry stones at herfeetyou know and the dirt
look for pooh bear sfeetf1121: are you gonna look
looking for pooh bear sfeetf1122: i m gonna look
she haes kynd o riddiefeetlook oot for the riddie
mccoll were rushed off theirfeetlook where you re going
look oot for the riddiefeetthe hen wyfe goes in
and look at toffee sfeetwhat a what a mess
with a handle about fivefeetlong at the foot were
was a rectangular girnel 8feetlong by 2 foot 7
a metal container maybe 3feetlong by 9 inches by
up to just over twofeetlong coming together at a
f638: [cough] f637: aboot fivefeetlong f638: [cough] f637: and
i the grund thousans ofeetdeep frae doun the hole
a whyles suffer frae sweitiefeeteilidh mercie that s terrible
that measured at least fiftyfeetfrae its heid tae its
is paced oot fer humanfeetfrae larach tae cliff tae
forby saicontlie it cowps thefeetfrae mr john palliser yeates
it toppled doon a hunnerfeetfrae the clock tower dome
frae ane o hir frontfeetsae he taen hir til
was haein him under myfeeta day when he was
a state m942: leave myfeetalone m939: [laugh] m941: for
i ll regain my culinaryfeetand be a little more
i actually rose to myfeetand climbed upwards for a
mummy stands me on myfeetand i sit down again
he had to wet myfeetand kiss them yes i
to kiss one of myfeetand my sandal is still
put the stones at myfeetand the dirt you know
able to rise to myfeetand walk him up and
now a handspan from myfeetburned charcoal black beneath the
have to rise to myfeetcautiously and brush my teeth
ve got sandals on myfeet[censored: forename] f1103: have ye f1104:
a prayer shawl round myfeetfrayed edges set aside when
all over them with myfeeti d just kill them
i mustn t drag myfeeti mustn t tell a
around the controls at myfeeti peered out uncomprehending into
and yanking me to myfeeti saw a star or
the sea fiddle at myfeeti struggle to remember sitting
then going home planting myfeetin granda s prints in
just let me find myfeetjack hurray don t worry
tak the weight aff myfeetloretta the toon busy gladys
through the eyes of myfeetmoor grasses fork and splay
each stop looking at myfeetmost of the time inwardly
lounge and tripping over myfeetmost were intent on hacking
o my shoes but myfeetmust be two sizes smaller
i might hae rubbed myfeeton him cause eh just
i might hae rubbed myfeeton him i wouldnae help
saft bed nae mair cauldfeeton my bum since the
i force myself to myfeetre light the gas under
golden leaf fall at myfeetsunlight felt soft and diffuse
feel the sway under myfeettaste salt not soil pause
fissure waves rush to myfeetthick with the silt of
i m rushed off myfeettrying to get a batch
that piggy snugglt at myfeetwad shuir be sairly misst
a bit says he myfeetwere fairly chorkin inside my
brain said rin bit myfeetwere rooted tae the spot
white linen laid before myfeetwhere dancers whirl to rhythmic
horse skliff and lose itsfeeta big big horse sprachle
f1117: she s got bigfeethasn t she f1118: that
but they still used theirfeeta great deal and came
sides an violets at theirfeetan deep in the fir
doon they fa a thoosanfeetan leave their wives and
ettled sair tae rest theirfeetan soum or paidle in
spring creeps oot on cripplefeetbeech branches in their timmer
companies were run aff theirfeetefter a day or so
everyone s up on theirfeetexcept me and grampa dan
advantage too of having theirfeetfirmly planted on the ground
cherry blossom wets their ponderousfeetfish on a tree i
in their muckle ashets ofeetfur they kent he likit
steve throws himself at theirfeetgrabs both their ankles steve
s here with chipped brownfeethard years have left their
a steen so fin theirfeethit firm grun they wid
as they embraced moving theirfeetimperceptibly to the strains of
they liked to scuff theirfeetin the dust of the
then swayed and stamped theirfeetin time to the music
farm workers bring their dirtyfeetinto mrs thane s aggressively
dew drookit flooeries at theirfeetkeekt up at them wi
littlins war still duntin theirfeeton its steeny banks ettin
most were on foot theirfeetprotected mainly by light sandals
will necessarily be finding theirfeetthat leaves simply the outstanding
unco clack they ramp theirfeetthe buttons that they weirs
dubs wi their muckle hairyfeetthe doctor wisna a gweed
want to stay on theirfeetto keep their kids going
o day fae their foonertfeetvillage fires war lichtit rikk
lady all struggled to theirfeetwhile the sheriff entered the
het watter for washin theirfeetwi the auld maister gaed
blaik skinnt fowk tap theirfeetwid ye agree shift ben
toes f1095: mm no theirfeetwould get burned if they
a heich bank aboot aichtfeetabune the ruch watter are
it gae wis aboot treefeetextra [laugh] in de in
they re safter tae thefeeta dauner doon the common
kneelin doon at adam sfeetshe cried oh hoo did
lyke ti move hinnerlie onfeetas quaet as the nicht
the fester thay daunst thirfeethaurlie seemed ti tig the
he cud staucher ti sfeethe says guidsakes a wis
a gliff lowpin ti thisfeethe seen aa about him
he cud staucher ti sfeetlift the censer an stert
prince lowtit doun at thefeeto the yungest princess ti
nerve ti come strampin yirfeetowre great jupiter s grund
fog drifts in at mahfeetthen puffs up ti mah
whyle ye r on yeirfeetye micht finnd tyme ti
horns an a hantle ofeetan a forkietailie at s
haed he luikit at hirfeetan wes he no richt
exaggeration marcus thedepthus records sevenfeetat most bruce s spider
thing like the rubbits warninfeetat the stank o daith
gazed at me from tenfeetaway then down at the
been mair n twinty fivefeetdeep at e centre bit
is ancient at its ricketyfeetdragons and skinheads sleep palaces
ran waves lickin at oorfeetif neptune threw a wobbly
at the city s passinfeetin mony s the door
battle axe at messenger sfeetmessenger ye ir strangir nor
a rosy future at thefeeto the bonnie fite haired
alone and vomited at thefeetof a white coated doctor
eb s liking of burnsfeetof clay perhaps at the
s azure cloak at thefeetof its compelling coastline elements
in the morning with coldfeetshe leaves for work at
white cat asleep at ourfeetthere was little music to
a girth of forty twofeetand a diameter of fourteen
which is about two thousandfeetand you can see f122:
stand on its own twofeethowever we are fortunate that
there s another one twofeetm1094: [laugh] what is that
two m1094: two f1093: twofeetout that s a boy
engineering two perfectly carved stonefeetremain above the stone latrine
sea floor despite the twofeetthick posts that had been
paintin o the hands anfeetan f606: mm f1039: aromatherapy
grund ablo young malcolm sfeetan thole the curses o
the pitterin patt o feeryfeetguisers thrangin the lane the
it was nothin shuffle ofeeti can t understand why
the pitterin patt o fairyfeetin ghaistly claes or rain
taen wi the cuddy sfeetithers wis o the consait
tickle the soles o yurfeetkrista splash splash bad as
first yin thae kind ofeetmicht be aw richt for
a doot thae kind ofeetmicht sink intae the sand
was e pammerin o efeeto a cattle beasts et
aicht fuit bankin intae fowerfeeto foamin white watter an
cock niver crew an thefeeto maiden niver niver trod
for nane are here thefeeto mony men trod oot
or dog or else thefeeto ony stranger tae stop
anither till thir s fifteenfeeto snaw 2 ach ah
feart afore the muckle hairyfeeto the horse an the
near invisible in only fowerfeeto watter diseased saumon are
doun here ah ve tenfeeto watter juist ahint me
an doun wi thae mukkilfeeto yours ir ye here
we heard the scliff ofeeton the grevel road vyces
wee pronged tridents o birdiesfeetower bi the gean in
heard the soond o shauchlinfeetthen the door opened an
o a thousan seevin hunderfeettil the strath whaur its
the cauld thrill o soddenfeetwi shouts o delighted grief
are put in 2 sqfeet7 divide 7 6 between
wee short legs an mucklefeetthe shoeshop man says aw
wee ones that s doucefeettogether backs straight looking twee
runawa peenie on pure mentalfeetwee quine faain like a
wellington buits never aff hirfeetae day he l up
trees planted up to tenfeetapart the prospect of the
whyle efter meg ramsay sfeetcam up the stairs on
ch- poo [laugh] m1106 : cheesyfeetf1105: stand up then m1106 :
e d waldies on eezfeetgalluses haadin up breeks an
why then we went 500feetup the 550 foot washington
is definitely the last onefeetup then f1136: [singing] [laugh]
a siller rack wi curlyfeetan aa happit in a
nur yon shelt wi braiderfeetan heicher aathegither she cud
r gey guid wi sairfeetanaw meg archly sae that
ah can kick wi thirfeethe gives a demonstration kick
oot stravaigin ony craw sfeethur face glowers wi heuchs
horse wi the fower whitefeetthe chestnut tail an mane
wash the auldest lassie sfeetwi thaim be in taigilt
gley een an pirn taefeetgot sheen that wallop wide
an beautiful fae heid taefeetoh had he paused an
he minet tae pit eezfeeton e brake an e
fowk maun hae richt foolfeetquo da tae hae a
start tae blaw an oorfeetthey get fair platchin as
an soggie aneath the laddiesfeetthey peyed nae mind tae
ye d maybe be fourfeetye d tae load fae
fancy ah hae haunds anfeetan a heid mebbe ah
e dried dubs aff foolfeetan e antrin mummifeet flee
happenin got s ontae wirfeetan intae wir clyes an
wearie days trauchilt anaith hirfeetan the wearie days raxt
an old man about tenfeetaway and eventually realised what
seed aniseed drummer s belledfeetcinnamon tamarind jasmule an jute
here only much higher twelvefeetf606: aye mmhm m691: an
see nae mair nor twaefeetforenent ye an aa that
think in britain twelve hundredfeethonestly an it was c-
verra yird dirl anaith yeirfeetthat means the r an
full rigged evenin dress elephantfeetumbrella stands nearhaun rifles an
boots to wear an ourfeetwere always so cold an
sand an that wey thefeetwinnae sink sae faur in
the tap hoose jimmy sfeetwur camshach deformed an hei
some lads d got weetfeetcaain in if ye hid
swollen sel grief s mucklefeetd soond i wes a
d sold about 10 millionfeetof albums so when someone
down i cannae fix hurfeetstands nae mair than i
then like paw get itchyfeethe disappears away to see
aghast to see so manyfeettrampling the adopted landscape he
of sorts its pages likefeetendlessly exploring as the reader
enlarged or small microscopic tenfeettall through its landscape when
the council kept dragging itsfeetthe excuse being that so
morning painting green paul bunyanfeetall over campus paul bunyan
have driven over 2 000feetdown a snaking road to
road to leslie get sorefeet4 sunday communion day not
you ll only get thosefeetby working hard in [censored: company name]
dulesum abuin ye trauchilt yeirfeetwhan ye gaed oot bi
then thump señora ortiga sfeetwent thump thump on the
the tape [censored: forename] has scabbyfeetm942: they re not needin
change it or beth sfeetor agnes ribs they re
past swept by on bleedinfeetfor the sang wis cruel
on infant legs swinging sandaledfeetabove a drop the paint
problems landing on all fourfeetafter a jump [inaudible] ended
back to the gangplank twentyfeetof metal dropped on the
drookled weet gansey cot cowldfeeton lyin winna alter stivvenin
the consait that the existinfeeton the prototype cuddy haed
bad habit of cutting offfeetor heads later on when
celtic year on frostit meenlichtfeetower the quate parks the
the grass on twigs offeetthe grass parts and shuts
toast rack that hid curlyfeetthe teapot sat on a
a wraith on silent slipperedfeettries to interfere and make
f1089: mummy s got itchyfeetm1090: mmhm [sniff] [swallow] f1089:
[laugh] you ve got sweatyfeetm1094: yes [inaudible] f1093: [laugh]
a drop of about 12feetand was distraught and probably
about it as 50 millionfeeti have no idea how
circle of stones about fourfeetin diameter set into the
room principle rooms about 15feetwide and stoops to support
route through everybody s outstretchedfeetback to the chair i
she tickling tickling somebody sfeetm1092: uh huh uh huh
flour this was called thefeetwashing farm lads were often
or such like the horsesfeetwere sometimes washed in persil
more to do with thefeetwhich were of clay 30
clappit dir haands staampit dirfeetdan billy s wyf fae
and the snow s 2feetdeep i m making a
maybe that s mam sfeetm1092: uh huh f1091: is
warrior s lion rock 600feetof fortress hornets heat last
s good f1154: er nofeetsorry no tha- f1155: [laugh]
with indigestion or athlete sfeetwas proof positive so they
strides while little david sfeetwent pit pat pit pat
either because they cause flatfeetmiss jennings told us that
neat black stockins and dirtyfeet[laugh] f640: [laugh] f637: [laugh]
[laugh] m1094: [laugh] f1093: cheesyfeetm1094: can you take this
sea level just under 14000feetwe rested with the other
f1121: that was nearly ourfeetwas it f1122: can i
was greeted with stamping offeetand a few cheers but
the monday the snow wasfeetdeep and it was freezing
of creative energy the 5x4feetfelted woollen sail was finished
said monboddo was scarcely fivefeettall and pinched and skinny
f1093: i ll pick thefeetm1094: [exhale] f1093: and there
thrappils clocherin hoasts brounkaities shachiltfeethingin painches lowpin ill ah
as we crept alang twintyfeetablow us we cuid see
to a height of fivefeetand covering the entire length
topic is disheartening the clayfeetare easier dealt with than
i must have landed twentyfeetaway from that wow what
lack whaur else suid icyfeetbe plankit nor a saft
the bottomless whirlpool a fewfeetbelow next day bill stayed
testicles simmer in stews cowsfeetbrew in soup papyrus gods
the sea now for thefeetf1089: fitt you seeing now
uh huh who is thatfeetf1091: i don t know
is where is the [?]here is a fe-[/?]feetf1121: [inaudible] okay if you
ur pause aw oor callousedfeetfree fi the work bits
l gk gout in thefeetgeneralised to gout anywhere common
lochranza une het plowtin ourfeeti the jeel caul burn
invited us to bathe ourfeetin coca leaves and massage
lochranza oven hot plunging ourfeetin the ice cold stream
no claws slashed from thefeetno tail flicked the flies
own small pain like thefeetof chinese girls it wasn
naw naw you keep baithefeetoff the brig hurry hurry
happen ava henry had mairfeetthan brain cells i recognised
i think most people havefeetthat are slightly bigger than
wanderers joined hands and stampedfeetto bring in 2007 with
in a circle with ourfeettouching much in the manner
inspired by ramon llull whosefeettrod these same stones of
raffia matting frayed by manyfeetwallop the heat the indian

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