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their own school to introducefeltmakingto gambian children the creative
pupils in ollaberry school feltfeltmakingappeals to children the results
hats in hatwalk 2005 shetlandfeltmakingcommunity workshops boat a textile
feltmaking like knitting and weavingfeltmakingis an ancient textile skill
in exploring shetland wool forfeltmakinglike knitting and weaving feltmaking
feltmaking techniques and held informalfeltmakingsessions for interested groups in
for weekend community workshops infeltmakingtechniques and held informal feltmaking
brae and olnafirth teaching creativefeltmakingto 200 pupils in classes
get such delicate items fromfeltmakingthe days were so pleasantly
techniques by combining knitting andfeltmakingand the exploration of wool
in the island teaching newfeltmakingtechniques and enhancing the textile
on her research trips onfeltmakingin central asia to an
was a special drop infeltmakingworkshop in the school studio
and jeanette led an extrafeltmakingworkshop towards the end of
the schools residency will addfeltmakingto shared resources for teaching
in the schools a specialfeltmakinglesson was given to some

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