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big mick mick workt thefermsan kent a thing or
ferm inverurie aiberdeenshire an charlesfermsthe middles ferm on the
an the wife the threifermsborthwickbrae burnfit whan a kent
o clydesdale draucht horses onfermsthe burnfit ferm horse pairk
excaise thai herried aw thefermsan burghs settin fyre ti
best o ma knawledge thefermswur selt saiprait frae the
wis made up o threifermsan the mansion hoose an
come and gaen on thefermshe d wirked on whyles
ane o jockie telfer sfermsefter staundin empie fur ane
fishwife that trampit roon thefermson a wednesday it wis
stallion that gaed roon thefermsservin the meers he hid
wes argil bargillin ower hamesfermsan laun it tirned frae
hoose an hei fermed baithfermscol fasson wis ae pow
war speecially bred in fishfermsfur the eese o the
ir twae ither sma sheepfermswolfcleuch heid an craik hope
affair atweesh elrig an philhopefermsis ee gan forrit an
thar wur juist the twaefermson the borth icksheils estate
ice an the dreich ramshacklefermsare nane the waur o
aw businesses m642: aw thefermsup there and that fermer
o ma knowledge aa thaimfermsir nou pairt o the

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