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me ti the chaumer theferrend o the langest lobbie
binna juist the ane theferrend o the langest lobbie
wad binna the chaumer theferrend o the langest lobbie
gaed ti the chaumer theferrend o the langest lobbie
quynes in the chaumer theferrend o the langest lobbit
touer nou thay haedna riddenferrinti the forest ayont the
strangir she haedna gaen thatferron hir road whan she
wey but he haedna gaenferron his road whan he
awa but he haedna gaenferrwhan the feather in his
waw heid throu the crennelsferrablo a wie seicret postrum
that leeves in thair pailacesferrablo the swaws ah hear
o this unco place ferrferrablo the warld s wattirs
wes yammerin ablo the staneferrdoun anaith the grund she
licht o this unco placeferrferr ablo the warld s
sklim the heich brae theferrsyde o the wattir an
fyne simmer mornins on theferrsyde the castel the war
a kerr bade aince theferrsyde the glebe the language
houss that stuid on theferrsyde the trees an the
wuids ower yonder on theferrsyde the wattir bang bang
faither s houss an gaedferran ferr an ferrer nor
houss an gaed ferr anferran ferrer nor ah can
muisic sumwhaur hyne awa ferrferrawa an gin ye coud
wyfe s houss wes ferrferrawa an pompitie wes no
nou he wul be ferrferrawa but gin ye wad
oot ma sicht til theferreasin awa at the ferr
ferr easin awa at theferrend o ma warld from
braw muisic sumwhaur hyne awaferrferr awa an gin ye
tea wyfe s houss wesferrferr awa an pompitie wes
bi nou he wul beferrferr awa but gin ye
on land or sie fraeferror frae near it is
frae laund or sie fraeferror near ai wad ah
abuin the sie an vissieinferrower the lammermuirs the ruims
throu the closs at theferren o the houss bot
sayin gang you ti theferrend o the houss an
ae day whan thay warnaferrfrae the houss a gentilman
in a puddok stuil noferrfrae yeir houss wutch but
the wae days war noferrahint for whan the queen
thair yowls o rage noferrahint him he kent weill
an ah l no beferrahint ye for ah im
say ah d no beferrahint ye here ah cum
ah d no be thatferrahint ye here ah cum
flicht bedein an left meferrawa ahint masell wha sal
that haed gaen til aferrawa kinrik whaurever that micht
precious bairn ye r awaferraheid o me ah l
up til the aistern yettferrawa ah see the graff
nearer it wadna be saeferrawa an as it is
here ma haudin is noferrawa an it wadna tak
me frae this dreich landferrawa an thare whaur we
on claes even on fraeferrawa an the back end
o queen it is awaferrawa at a place cawed
be fund it is awaferrawa at a steid cawed
sayin oniething andrey ah wesferrawa for a meinit the
again it s never verraferrawa here in the hielands
ah hae tint ma myndferrawa in the jungle rouks
the lang dyke he kythsferrawa in the nairrae wynd
an as it is saeferrawa it canna be nearer
ah ken it s awfuferrawa needle stert fliein pompitie
the spring canna be verraferrawa nou eilidh re enters
hir freins cryin hir nameferrawa owre an owre again
o hir mortal bairns anferrawa she soumed singin wi
kelters in bands o skaumferrawa the river rins on
speiak wi thaim weill syneferrawa the war an island
that the tyme is noferrawa whan the licht wul
awa oor dowieness macduff shuirlieferrbetter we soud tak up
begin again he played awaferrinti the nicht or i
sent me awa til aferrkintrie til the dottilt keing
awa blyth lyke on theferrwattir tods lowp on the
the nicht wesna owre yitferrfrae it for the listenar
queen howt man ye rferrowre blate dinna you be
quaet but this steid sferrowre cauld for hell a
wadna suit you at awferrowre damp the r snails
am feart yeir naitur isferrowre fou o the milk
leuch our hether yill isferrowre guid for teuchtars lyke
it on hir fuit wesferrowre mukkil but she nippit
ye for ye r juistferrowre prood awthegither sae ye
for t but ye areferrowre sachless for it what
cam ye ve cum owreferrpompitie turns round desperately pompitie
queen no yit no asferras ah ken no if
til the guid endin yitferrfrae it for this ettin
thane macbeth no yit asferrs a ken macduff he
bi unco drogs better biferrti waucht guid wyne an
forfochen for ah hae traiviltferran fest ti cum ti
an the wather isna guidferrbetter cum back ti ma
man is whusperin at theferrend o the warld an
butterflies an pouin wyld flouersferrbetter nor sittin kempin at
nicht fleggit wi gruesum dreamsferrbetter ti be deid nor
its wey ye d beferrbetter wi macbeth nor sic
dochter is bonnier nor yeferrbonnier the queen coudna credit
lairnt sensyne that they kenferrmair nor mortal leir whan
wurkin but thay nou kythedferrmair ugsum nor afore an
thay cam oot at itsferredge ti see fornent thaim
no the laest o thirferrfrae it for didna thay
the mukkil derk forest anferrathort lanesum muirs bi day
ah ve whyles blethert onferrower mukkil forgie me for
daith sae beatrix wes taenferrinti the wuids an hir
staig chiel an nou asferras oniebodie kens ah m
ah belang a nobil faimlieferrben nou at the court
m an auld man geyferrdoun the brae nou a
aw afore dawin nou noferrfrae whaur the auld ferm
the first tyme dishes saeferrfrae the toun want fantoush
o tyme for greitin anferrmair for ti greit aboot
tyme langsyne in a landferrthe the north o here
think banquo at least asferrma lord as wul uise
an ye maun hae happitferrthe day ye wul be
an ye maun hae happitferrthe day ye wul be
dae wul ye be rydinferrye think banquo at least
haed been brocht in fraeferran wyde but nane o
ah fairlie envy ye thatferrfrae sturt an clash ir
bloom simmers thrie he stravaigsferrfrae thee whaur nichtingales sing
ti be sindert aye saeferrfrae ye ma goun hauds
ti me whyles til theferrben turn aboot issa dew
aw the wey til theferrbens the page loun lykit
philosophisin an speakin in aferrback lyke wey wi boul
wycelookin fallae ye d gangferran finnd waur whan aw
m gaun ootby it sferrower guid a day ti
an ye l no gangferrwrang juist dae a guid
she sets oot an gaesferrin amang the trees whaur
ma heid ah gaed owerferrit wes a mishanter hae
dinna you push me owerferran it wesna for ma
better no push me owerferras lang s ye hae
a massielyke besom she sferrower forritsum ye said ah
at tak sic friedomes owerferrthai cry thaimsells internaitiounaliss the
l try ma patience owerferryou speak back ti me
the faiorie luikin lyke theferrend o a fiddil ah
jennie an she wesna saeferranaith ma statioin ah wad
chancie wi be in saeferrben an in fawin in
day ti bring ye saeferrmaister rintoul rintoul ah ve
faimilie at a hivna saeferrmentionat an ye l can
skreives haes taen me saeferrootby masell a ken the
for hae ah no trraiveltferran fest ti be wi
for aw ah care asferras ah can mak oot
aboot this wi you asferras ah ken ee ve
angry ah regret naething asferras ma bairn is concerned
taigil on bodie or saulferrhae ah wannert throu the
assist fur thai wes taeferrawaw thai pit by gallowa
bodie hingin on a threidferrabuin ma laddie an his
divertin this is on theferrbank the burn ma auldest
wattirt ma naig at theferrbens ma flags an culors
n abundance fell a ruthlessferra far feinish v finish
n companion ferm n farmferra far finnd v find
a weak fell a greatferradv far fesh v fetch
a haena seen banquo houferris t cryit ti forres
lang whyle the selkies traiveltferratowre the seas an aince
mr gobbs that they wurferrmingin mr gobbs goes ye
ye lest see him ormferroot in the bey ootby
is reserred for oor descendentsferraheid a pause onie road
castel that stuid ayont theferrrink o the forest for
hear the soun o aferrvyce the laich leims o
the inglish airmie is noferraf wi malcolm his uncle
ho hsun 5th century theferrtraivlar the traivlar wi his
as a stick a cudferra went a wee drink
he haed onlie wun asferras the wee est buss
fair tred thon is asferrup the ledder as is
puir burds do 10 theferrtraivlar ho hsun 5th century

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