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the saumon soumed awa fellfestan here did he no
blyth man that day fellfestthe saumon soumed an i
flew up the stairs asfestas hir legs wad cairrie
gaed the broun princess asfestas hir legs was cairrie
made for the shore asfestas his legs wad cairrie
the gray whunstane castel asfestas his legs wad cairrie
a ship cam sailin skiffinfestowre the wattir an it
cum it wes stuck tharefestas fest sae he said
wes stuck thare fest asfestsae he said this is
o the gled wes thatfestat the ei gruppit it
steikit the dure ticht fellfestdid she no whummil awthing
o awthing an thare haudfestforaye fed frae an endless
o the sie an sailedfestawa on the wunds o
for tho he wes afestrinner he wes nae match
intae the hoose fester anfestthe golf match are you
ah no trraivelt ferr anfestti be wi ye morag
ah hae traivilt ferr anfestti cum ti be wi
o his ain place fellfestcallum traivelt throu the derk
deid on the fluir fellfestthe auldest lassie lockit the
back til hir ship asfestas she cuid rin an
rin oot yeir houss asfestas thay dow whan aw
he sichtit hir lyin tharefestasleep he taen out his
him the ettin is cumminfestthrou the deep wattir in
stertit ah stoured hame asfestas ah coud whan ah
grace ah rade here asfestas ever ah coud whan
night s near perfect nostalgiafesta generation of punters became
suin an ah im afesttraivlar an awa back hame
ye for ah im afesttravlar ai ay an mynd
at an unco spede saefestat we canna ein sei
an gaed intil the culturefestcad meikleburgh langsyne the andersons
the siller fish intil thefestrinnin river an as he
thay snuve easylyke in thefestcurrent from the chinese of
blog as a political bitchfesti have made one big
tyme piece is seivin meinitsfestay ah m fair worn
for the wee fowk asfestas she micht but the
a verra fyow generautiouns geyfesti byological tairms the fowk
he thocht no maitter houfestthai ging thair ghaist gings
the gowden wyne but asfestas ye lyke the kimmer
twa o them true anfestjonsar eck smiled tae himsel
tae be deen an affafestthere wis a wid doon
if only for a cheilfestapproachin the allotit span i
fun syne fan a dittyinfeststoapit we kent thit we

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