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radcliffe s1m 882 edinburgh folkfestivallodged on 19 may 2000
harding s1m 882 edinburgh folkfestivallodged on 19 may 2000
882 roseanna cunningham edinburgh folkfestivalthursday 22 june 2000 9
of craigmillar opportunities trust craigmillarfestivalsociety craigmillar partnership and subsidiary
agin the scots leid edinburghfestivaland fringe the group notit
could send over an edinburghfestivalprogramme possibly a fringe one
international festival or the bookfestivalthere will be a fringe
performed at the edinburgh fringefestivalthirsty lunch event 2006 the
will be a fringe bookfestivalthis year though wi slots
into which the glasgow internationalfestivalof contemporary visual art has
arrival of the glasgow internationalfestivalof contemporary visual art is
across scotland now glasgow internationalfestivalof contemporary visual art throughout
event 43 in the doricfestival2002 breenge bubble breenge bubble
doric festival the aberdeen alternativefestivaland the burns federation group
north east and the doricfestivaland what have ye ye
group the charles murray doricfestivalthe aberdeen alternative festival and
scots content in the internationalfestivalor the book festival there
in celtic mythology the harvestfestivalis dedicated to the god
calendar it paralleled the celticfestivalof samhuinn a time of
the celtic connections traditional musicfestivalon achieving ten years of
demise of the aberdeen alternativefestivaland calls upon aberdeen city
hamilton s1m 1282 aberdeen alternativefestivallodged on 25 october 2000
1282 brian adam aberdeen alternativefestivalthat the parliament regrets the
parliament notes the stevenston millenniumfestivaland its varied and extensive
millennium celebrations and wishes thefestivalevery success over the coming
886 irene oldfather stevenston millenniumfestivalthat the parliament notes the
glasgow art fair the newfestivalembraces galleries large and small
piece of the edinburgh internationalfestivalon five occasions since 1948
reading punch on the edinburghfestivaland feeling disoriented before going
venues outside edinburgh following thefestivalcontinue to support arts development
first award at the edinburghfestivalin 1985 the knicht o
to read at the edinburghfestivalin 1988 this friendship has
don t know a footballfestivalin e- in edinburgh er
crowds whether at the edinburghfestivalor in a small country
being a ten hour drinkingfestivalround the streets of edinburgh
success of the edinburgh bookfestivalthe recent city of literature
whether national arts culture andfestivalbodies should receive funding directly
of folk there s thefestivalcommittee wi dr rowland at
can still rely on folkfestivalsaturday for a nice seed
both cities also the folkfestivalshould be fun did you
at the annual hawaiian scottishfestivalat kapiolani park ick said
and notes that this annualfestivalthat takes place in january
have organised the annual deiĆ festivalwhich attracts musicians from all
was running the national burnsfestivalhad only one phone in
part of a glasgow widefestivalrunning throughout the year supported
launch it at the bookfestivalwhich is a sign that
last saturday i attended afestivalat eden court theatre in
know we had the blossomfestivalon on saturday an sunday
stop press the west endfestivalcomes to gibson st that
of february marked the springfestivalof st bride patron saint
already planning next year sfestivalis confident that the city
otago junction the west endfestivaldirector michael dale has met
join in the west endfestivalthis year council permission will
exhibition during the west endfestivalwhich has still to be
finale of this year sfestivalthere will be some small
coming from the earlier romanfestivalin honour of februa mother
tut anyway f958: during thefestivali would imagine that would
was perhaps mankind s earliestfestivaland was thus a repetition
people in context perhaps thefestivalwhen there is something worthwhile
of the first galloway foodfestivalheld in wigtown on 27
proposal which emerged from thatfestivalto establish a local food
lest year at the lenternfestivalthe flouer buiths war bricht
jo anither year the samefestivalthe muin an the lenterns
durin this year s youthfestivalwe hae a veesitin pairty
donald gorrie s1m 853 marymassfestivalirvine lodged on 12 may
marilyn livingstone s1m 3659 muslimfestivalof eid al fitr lodged
very popular one day nationalfestivalfor young competitors i understand
mm f978: yes the firefestivaland ehm so we were
was at ehm the leedsfestivallike like me and my
on where what was thefestivalpark area now ehm in
the main part of thefestivalthere we had privileged seats
its work in organising thefestivaland involving the whole community
scottish community drama association sfestivales wikk an the irish
away frae that place thefestivalhadna startit so it wasna
at the head of afestivalcommittee accompanied by two footmen
to sing at the sidmouthfestivaldown on the devon coast
fasting through ramadan a moslemfestivalwas practically ill at night
the curator of the newfestivalyou have only to look
check this oot hawaiian scottishfestival2004 highland games and athletics
day s celebration of thefestivalof the sun as usual
for the puppet and animationfestivalall those are examples of
the value of celebration andfestivaland simple fun in the
everything possible to resurrect thefestivalin the near future and
mmhm oh that s thefestivalisn t it the mm
gonnae say the cherry blossomfestival[laugh] that s exactly what
weekend of the aberkinnie harvestfestivalneared john was scared he
o it aa the sidmouthfestivaltune the lincolnshire poacher when
poet of the scottish winterfestivalwinter was his favourite season
f746: i d imagine thefestivalwould be really exciting i
ve never been to afestivalor anything but i can
aunt have gone to afestivalin inca but pero is
tae come alang tae afestivalo plays an sang an

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