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the chemical excesses of thefestiveseason the grey matter is
fowk in festive mood infestiveclaes sae braw as tae
stone entradas displaying antique furniturefestivecurtains of mallorcan cotton and
war thrang wi fowk infestivemood in festive claes sae
tune jingle bells jingle bellsfestivesmells turkey s on the
cat trailed in on thefestivelist tanka in the trossachs
where lorries thunder on apacefestivedeliveries to meet and in
and mental preparation for thefestiveseason and beyond why does
do try to relax thisfestiveseason give my best to
it s been a busyfestiveseason marked by news of
tackle drink driving over thefestiveseason s1f 1465 5 andrew
clementines weel hanselled by thefestivechimes as mither kirk bells
baked into turron that deliciousfestiveconfection and other cakes and
bit mair so in thefestivesizzen an whiles theatricals ludged
to the truth on thefestivelist half a pound of
a cassette of solemn andfestiverussian overtures from kropotkinskaya we
winter weather over the lastfestiveperiod and beyond and if
king lear and hamlet veryfestiveshe wants pascal to play
will be done during thefestiveperiod we will be pushing
turrones catalunya s marzipan basedfestivetreat pael s stall was
to be a colourful andfestiveprocession coming down the carrer
like that f940: [laugh] quitefestivem939: right m941: right and
dinny want to look owerfestiveit s to be a
nae even rowed wi afestivebow reindeer sleigh s here

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