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been staunin prayin jist afewseconds afore oh man whit
chowe anaw silence for afewseconds ah want a drink
she s back in afewseconds but she is finding
cut off after only afewseconds by arniston repeatedly pounding
moula and leaves after afewseconds eilidh enters moula this
countrymen maclaurin stood for afewseconds gangling and awkward yet
first mother and then afewseconds later just before her
toadstool he listens for afewseconds pompitie freezes broun ogre
cummin yeir hieness after afewseconds ringan enters queen sternly
holding the dog for afewseconds set the dog off
that ye ir after afewseconds she slips quietly out
anxiously after her for afewseconds she then pulls the
followed by eilidh in afewseconds the door opens and
there is silence for afewseconds then pepper lifts the
a condor only for afewseconds there it was drifting
an his cep for afewseconds there wiz silence ye
at it and take afewseconds to decide whether he
the bus and took afewseconds to get his bearings
ava she spins for afewseconds vigorously enter malcolm an
leaves and returns in afewseconds with a limping moula
and we accept that afewextra moments in the corridor
months george macbride said afewmoments ago that the sqa
robin harper you said afewmoments ago that you were
proposition is more debatable afewmoments ago you seemed to
with her sewing after afewmoments beaumont enters with his
over she lingered for afewmoments long enough for one
friendliness to deana after afewmoments she comes inside and
near to me for afewmoments so that i can
listen in silence for afewmoments then irena approaches them
gonna unpack this for afewmoments this one eh point
indeed he reflected after afewmoments thought he turned to
i will first take afewmoments to acknowledge what the
many text books and afewspare moments of every day
in great discomfort for afewbrief weeks during the winter
would just give her afewmonths a few weeks even
[inhale] she can have afewmore weeks of freedom before
be taken in the pastfewweeks a complaint was highlighted
the in the street afewweeks ago a great big
lips f947: mmhm m1161: afewweeks ago f947: uh huh
robin harper highlights only afewweeks ago i announced our
works for the organisation afewweeks ago it was forced
the nordic council seminar afewweeks ago south to the
the nhs i announced afewweeks ago that a nurse
for the first time afewweeks ago the man s
among the unb quebeckers afewweeks ago we ll both
has produced in the pastfewweeks alex neil has spoken
ootlinned vratch ower the nextfewweeks an months there was
will start within the nextfewweeks and be concluded towards
to me over the pastfewweeks and i deeply regret
be unravelled over the nextfewweeks and months the convener
with people over the nextfewweeks and months to ensure
flown around in the pastfewweeks and relied a great
bit fed up after afewweeks and she made me
in place in the nextfewweeks another advantage of using
full implementation over the pastfewweeks at least that has
her due date was afewweeks away so but she
our meetings over the nextfewweeks because of some of
and let sit for afewweeks before we build on
months but it was afewweeks doin it wi left
her a few months afewweeks even to be here
discussion in public the pastfewweeks have been extremely difficult
to people over the pastfewweeks have been limited the
susan deacon over the pastfewweeks her statements have been
individuals involved during the lastfewweeks hundreds of volunteers and
the bard in the nextfewweeks i ave told er
and bustle of the lastfewweeks i have at last
throughout scotland in the pastfewweeks i have met emergency
through only in the pastfewweeks i see a perfectly
the pace of the lastfewweeks i should finish in
each other in the lastfewweeks i tell myself i
you should know in afewweeks if the process has
those points in the nextfewweeks if they wish to
been elaborated during the pastfewweeks in most cases the
we met up then afewweeks into term i d
a very happy birthday afewweeks late peggy some quiet
like phew and then afewweeks later you re just
construct finally vanished in afewweeks [note: photo: 'this photograph, taken in september, 1945, shows personnel preparing one of the fleet of landing craft which were used for dumping deadly cargoes of shells, bombs and other surplus explosives from cairnryan after the war.'] the cairnryan military
of power in the firstfewweeks of a university course
experts say i guess afewweeks of discomfort are worth
of the committee after afewweeks of fluctuating membership the
are coming to the lastfewweeks of the current health
had to rest for afewweeks she is much improved
get the results in afewweeks she was so delighted
3rd april 1985 juist afewweeks short o her saxteenth
f1154: all within the nextfewweeks so i m basically
serious thinking over the nextfewweeks so i ve been
in this tenement this pastfewweeks tae me and tae
maggie roberta over the pastfewweeks thank auntie maggie for
my realisation over the lastfewweeks that my life in
i get on in afewweeks time chrissie sent me
but will return in afewweeks time six feet above
it s jist the lastfewweeks to pit up wi
s been birslin thir lastfewweeks tryin tae finish a
rds jack over the nextfewweeks we ll be examining
speakin under for the lastfewweeks we ve been talkin
in france for only afewweeks when he was killed
valldemossa for only for afewweeks yet that short stay
and important over the pastfewmonths a series of different
arrived wi her parents afewmonths afore david oh what
your faith in humanity afewmonths ago an idea came
which was published just afewmonths ago concluded that in
449 mrs ferguson died afewmonths ago hope you are
east scotland and aberdeen afewmonths ago margaret curran announced
representatives of the gnp afewmonths ago the gnp cannot
have scheduled over the nextfewmonths and advise the public
health care over the pastfewmonths as a father i
ramadan that was only afewmonths away erm so as
folk s home for afewmonths because an extension is
in northern ireland just afewmonths beforehand aideen and i
kept me sane the pastfewmonths but it couldna last
on the dole for afewmonths ehm and i did
last few months m818: lastfewmonths er i ve just
have listened in the pastfewmonths have raised the issue
that too over the nextfewmonths i m going to
every success over the pastfewmonths in the run up
uh huh m1163: so afewmonths later at this time
bishop lamberton recorded only afewmonths later in august 1306
home at sixteen then afewmonths later it became obvious
up to over the lastfewmonths m818: last few months
run down over the pastfewmonths more definite news to
white the first [laugh] firstfewmonths of the the of
could have had an extrafewmonths putting more details on
holyrood project over the pastfewmonths that information is urgently
have seen in the pastfewmonths that is what sam
funding council over the nextfewmonths the convener the analysis
during meetings in the pastfewmonths the convener yesterday the
flow out over the nextfewmonths the report attempts to
we get them in afewmonths time the returns will
strongly that with just afewmonths to go before an
at sea varies between afewmonths to several years the
house in balloch for afewmonths until they see how
john young in the firstfewmonths we all received a
have done over the pastfewmonths we could help with
from calmac over the pastfewmonths we have managed to
suggest that during the nextfewmonths we the clerks and
of the european economy afewdays ago the commission officially
so my theory of afewdays ago was wrong the
them they all disappeared afewminutes ago otherwise it s
rolled up no jacket afewnights ago it was 80
to imagine that only afewyears ago a day such
a guy in iceland afewyears ago a translator and
as a school teacher afewyears ago asking a child
of non standard english afewyears ago at an adult
the 2001 census moreover afewyears ago henry mcleish wrote
that momentum mr mcmahon afewyears ago i attended the
m1004: well i mean ifewyears ago i d have
that i escaped from afewyears ago i haven t
this uni before erm afewyears ago i stayed for
was living in brazil afewyears ago i used to
at one time only afewyears ago i was instructed
member of the cpsu afewyears ago it would have
managed its finances just afewyears ago the european parliament
bridges were removed a goodfewyears ago turn left on
the cbi kicked off afewyears ago what is your
trying to learn massage afewyears ago when i was
have there not been afewcases over the past few
the events of the pastfewdays but he makes his
here goes with the pastfewdays friday dawned bright and
a harsh world the pastfewdays have kept up their
of virus for the pastfewdays i feel dizzy and
s poetry over the pastfewdays in the case of
and forward in the pastfewdays trying to translate er
the exertions of the pastfewdays we thought we d
issue only in the pastfewdays when the preferred bidder
time to take in afewfilms in the past couple
in the past four yearsfewseriously argue that we should
done that over the pastfewyears and all the detail
not only over the pastfewyears but over many years
my life only these pastfewyears have i felt anything
business development over the pastfewyears i have also been
increased resources over the pastfewyears i hope that in
has changed in the pastfewyears in some areas housing
s grown over the pastfewyears in the early 1990s
been interested in the pastfewyears is that of scotland
per cent over the pastfewyears is there not a
in numbers in the pastfewyears it is led by
pointed out over the pastfewyears lottery funds have been
increased funding over the pastfewyears most of all it
them sadly over the pastfewyears older people have faced
of age in the pastfewyears people such as riddick
spent the summers these pastfewyears pero observed that the
be capable in the pastfewyears schools have been told
the events of the pastfewyears there are certain basic
few cases over the pastfewyears to do with leakage
been taken over the pastfewyears to encourage breast feeding
public purse over the pastfewyears we have heard much
available funding in the pastfewyears we want the parliament
and spices simmer for afewminutes 2 pour off liquor
ve felt like stopping everyfewminutes and i feel like
kettle boils in just afewminutes and is really good
to the boil for afewminutes and then leave to
me alone even for afewminutes apparently there is a
but i have only afewminutes as nicola sturgeon said
lasts for more than afewminutes at a time if
leave the chamber for afewminutes because of how late
together at night for afewminutes before bed and he
speak let alone stand afewminutes before revived like a
deacon i have only afewminutes but i will deal
into the sink after afewminutes comes the noise of
and stay silent for afewminutes della auld man mind
transaction was completed in afewminutes hortense possessed a bicycle
of an owner in myfewminutes i want to concentrate
complex to address in afewminutes it would be a
he picked us up afewminutes later it was good
accommodate everybody there were afewminutes of confusion with one
and pat spar for afewminutes pat stops suddenly pat
potatoes and sauté for afewminutes push potatoes to side
well to wait after afewminutes she starts to sing
but i have only afewminutes the only missing link
smith will speak for afewminutes then i will invite
door after him after afewminutes there is a quiet
round the room jist afewminutes till the taxi i
newspaper they are given afewminutes to study and discuss
the city with pauses everyfewminutes to take pictures there
them by taking just afewminutes to think about your
intervene dundas for the nextfewminutes was unstoppable again my
clear and beautiful for afewminutes we watched the full
here jack there s afewminutes yet i must see
thought i will allow afewmore minutes for questions bill
minutes i begin with afewwords about the convention process
hours like this for afewfrancs belly nipple arse in
at the desk for afewhours a week and the
at 12 35am just afewhours after the inauguration of
each other only for afewhours and his concern went
around the park for afewhours and then returned for
hung around mti for afewhours collected my passport my
to start working for afewhours each day drawing and
her grandfather he spent afewhours every day in summer
the woods after waiting afewhours in vain the three
perceived my distress and afewhours later wrapped in layers
[laugh] f809: home for afewhours [laugh] on sunday mornin
cheese leave in fridge forfewhours or overnight bake in
just have to study afewhours per day though and
the maggie this involves afewhours per week desk duty
afternoon too i spent afewhours playing baseball that north
dawn and stumble the finalfewhours to the portal of
the city one evening afewhours too late the weirs
is this morning in afewhours unlikely though it seems
it has flexible working hoursfewpeople work 40 hours in
strengthened by the announcement afewdays after the launch event
at this over the nextfewdays alice pulled out a
tests in there for afewdays and they decided that
very heavy rain for afewdays and yet we ve
situation but luckily after afewdays another patient alerted me
over arbuthnott house for afewdays as an army manoeuvre
always close down for afewdays at this time of
tax payments by only afewdays because they have not
d been rafting on afewdays before now it meandered
a sore throat for afewdays before that yesterday i
narrow for at least afewdays but kesson s point
collapsed into bed for afewdays cancelling lessons she d
been gey skeery the lastfewdays er would you like
staff i think inside afewdays f606: huh f122: [laugh]
it seemed to take afewdays for certain sections of
outside and in the nextfewdays go to valldemossa and
to return over the nextfewdays i forced myself back
i plan to enjoy thefewdays i have here we
statement today over the nextfewdays i hope that he
use them for just afewdays if people are concerned
i ve had quite afewdays in bed to cool
from jeanette she spent afewdays in the island teaching
crazy too however after afewdays inquiries the situation is
and britain in the nextfewdays large colour photos of
being nothing other than afewdays late in making their
got worse not better afewdays later i was awakened
dine together in palma afewdays later it was time
temptation and the disaster afewdays later she wrote again
envelopes on the mat afewdays later soon it became
going to need them afewdays later the weather changed
and even more cheated afewdays later when the temperature
knew that maybe eftir afewdays mair ay hunger ahd
up around me these lastfewdays my business affairs leave
the executive in the nextfewdays next monday we enter
nursing a cold for afewdays now but i think
it s been a busyfewdays on friday i showed
been deadly quiet for afewdays only a few people
mate i had for afewdays plans to do and
their majesties returned after afewdays security was very tight
down from shediac for afewdays so she brought a
across new brunswick for afewdays so weather permitting we
we ve had a busyfewdays socialising it s never
get there in the nextfewdays the announcement of the
clear of visitors for afewdays to maid of the
away from 10 for afewdays we are having gloom
been available for only afewdays we need to reflect
that i return in afewdays when he would have
back from ireland in afewdays with me banter me
husband arrived to spend afewdays with us on hogmany
in the clinic for afewmore days after which a
several days i watched myfewneighbours coming and going to
a few days only afewpeople are left however some
good place to spend afewquiet days of my holiday
four years there have beenfewbookings for dissent and no
understand an i spent afewi spent five years livin
company i can see afewwho were present 25 years
heuken daek aless in chinafewwir laek a hundir years
summer m830: there s afewyears a few years when
it s gonna tak afewyears afore it blends in
is only in the lastfewyears after the zeebrugge and
on it during the nextfewyears allan wilson in the
yet even in the lastfewyears an act o parliament
the area over the nextfewyears and a rail link
risen steadily over the lastfewyears at the time of
tongue an ah hud butfewyears ay sculin an hated
that knew professionally murdered afewyears back so is linda
you know it was afewyears back whilst holidaying in
ve known him for afewyears because erm we started
f829: lived there for afewyears before i came f606:
scottish borders in the nextfewyears creating particular challenges for
who had knighted him afewyears earlier was executed and
there is now quite afewyears experience of its use
ve been there the lastfewyears for a a couple
strengthened scots in the lastfewyears has have you noticed
spending plans over the nextfewyears have been determined by
drink so that after somefewyears he died of the
industry will be in afewyears i know that we
infrastructure developments over the nextfewyears i think that we
been in there for afewyears i was i worked
aware of over the lastfewyears is that the weather
mean for certainly a goodfewyears it was mainly classically
retire there s still afewyears left in me yet
teacher at inverey for afewyears n b miss j
victoria was in the lastfewyears of her reign there
robert burns lived the lastfewyears of his life in
me she was perhaps afewyears older than me her
both ways perhaps in afewyears once we have experienced
own that would in afewyears populate a schoolroom presided
programming completely over the nextfewyears so that you know
done properly over the nextfewyears that involves trying to
only now in the lastfewyears that it s become
rented housing in the nextfewyears the convener so given
rolled out over the nextfewyears the disability rights commission
or refurbished over the nextfewyears the disparity in opportunity
was needed over the nextfewyears the railway was to
and i was there afewyears till it closed and
and review this in afewyears time they knew that
i hope that in afewyears time we can come
were much more than afewyears too late and he
s environment over the nextfewyears we will need further
s a few years afewyears when i was at
know but there were afewyears when we were at
63 per cent in afewyears who do those increases
m608: mm m194: quite afewack ack guns and searchlights
that last point quite afewarguments have been made against
i ve received quite afewcards from aunties mary maggie
few there s quite afew[censored: forename] m1110: one two three
dies donald gorrie quite afewdo but they die at
aye there were quite afeweh m608: mm were they
quite we d quite afeweh midge ure was at
was there was quite afewehm aspiring bohemians [inaudible] you
i ve seen quite afewerm quite a few things
i ve got quite afewfriends help me and my
i have had quite afewgames recently just friendly chatty
print gey wheen quite afewgraith equip make ready grip
are however different quite afewhave changed unlike settlements whose
there there was quite afewi can remember one girl
suppose that s quite afewi want i want to
brussels drumnadrochit and quite afewin australia recently one of
i ve got quite afewm1013: isn t it lovely
so ye had quite afewm608: mm m194: boats and
ve had a quite afewmeetings and moved things on
emporium they employed quite afewmen and so ye aye
quite a few quite afewmmhm m1016: everyone in the
seems to be quite afewo them around a lot
no there was quite afewo us i was drivin
least be vocational quite afewof the courses outlined sound
you know and quite afewof them are not erm
m608: mmhm m194: quite afewof them didnae make it
mean there s quite afewof them in perth and
building that is quite afewof us as an indication
ve used it quite afewor you d probably say
ah they had quite afewothers f640: do ye remember
had brought brought quite afewpeople you know a few
big eh eh quite afewplanes there too and then
come across yeah quite afewquite a few mmhm m1016:
did quite well scoring afewruns they ve nicknamed me
m999: there s quite afewsna words i was thinkin
wanted to ask quite afewsupplementary questions petitions public transport
think there s quite afewthat i would maybe struggle
but there s quite afewthere s quite a few
i dinnae ken quite afewthey re sayin including me
f66: [tut] oh quite afewthings mmhm mmhm for instance
a few erm quite afewthings that w- hopefully will
panned in [laugh] quite afewtimes [laugh] f1150: [laugh] f1151:
ve heard used quite afewtimes out an about just
lit streets and quite afewwindows were lit in the
you gave me quite afewwords for attractive but you
yes i know quite afewwords there s toon for
summarise these theories in afewbald words that rather than
sendin em awa wi afewchoice words neen o em
words f1041: there s afewdi- aye bleezin f1043: [inaudible]
associations the flyting has afewlatinate words with negative associations
m hopin tae hear afewmixed words there f1143: yeah
beaumont allow me rowland afewmore words sir what you
the lofty poem has afewnative words with positive associations
words in gaelic and afewphrases ehm an a number
i want to say afewwords about consultative legitimacy an
finally i shall say afewwords about the amendment in
start i will say afewwords about the proposed appointment
i want to say afewwords about the scots language
f745: there was only afewwords and i covered them
tappin you up for afewwords are they george m1004:
have tended to use asfewwords as possible to express
mccabe i shall say afewwords before moving the motion
the opportunity to say afewwords before you go into
invite you to say afewwords by way of introduction
bleezin f1040: there s afewwords f1041: there s a
do likewise however after afewwords from the tories i
managed to blurt out afewwords in pidgin russian followed
would like to say afewwords in public about item
think you ve got afewwords in there that i
lunch i will say afewwords it will not take
s it gaun in thosefewwords members have experienced my
would like to say afewwords of congratulation mr george
tried to teach me afewwords of english but i
i want to say afewwords on the sqa s
i woudny mind saying afewwords on your behalf beaumont
place of ou in afewwords such as oot aboot
i couldn t believe howfewwords they seemed to know
here it was only afewwords to defer the signing
to [censored: organisation name] [censored: organisation address] just afewwords would make all the
into the bottomless whirlpool afewfeet below next day bill
next then everyone for afewmiles roon got a share
the public world she wrotefewformal critical essays and few
few formal critical essays andfewliterary reviews of a substantial
few people you know afewof the neighbours erm that
few recipe books f1122: afewre- has it melted yet
aye we ve got afewrecipe books f1122: a few
ford 1895 over the lastfewdecades scots has come under
cook over low heat forfewmins garnish with parsley bits
the ferries washes over thefewrejected concrete barges or beetles
bottomless pit that would leavefewresources over for reform that
gaelic names but only afewand their distribution is interesting
in 1922 bit only afewauld shepherds doon frae the
provision to name only afewbrought together clusters of people
the floor above there arefewdistractions the only book i
a shark was only afewdum dum dum dums away
only time to run afewerrands like getting copies of
there will be only afewfinal questions it is 12
only gonna touch on afewfirst of all it s
watson clement 1983 only afewfolk brought up west of
only kind of did afewi mean unwell and tired
their wholehearted support only afewkey areas arose in the
i ve only had afewm608: mmhm f643: but i
mean kyle s only afewmiles away in the car
led clinics are only afewof the things for which
or anglicised pronunciation only afewold people still pronounce them
sale and only left afewon the estate montgoldrum and
the external world only afewpeople now alive know how
slow process and buy afewpostcards the only slides available
nobly but produced only afewsqueaks from the recalcitrant instrument
single corridor away only afewsteps down from the blazing
would apply only to afewsubjects of surveillance when the
that it required only afewthings to go wrong for
system that requires only afewthings to go wrong for
turning looming up only afewyards away but the message
fèisean to mention just afewareas last saturday i attended
and i know the lastfewbits and pieces from unb
useful developments in the lastfewdecades in relation to scots
last hapsburg was one amongfewearly tourists but more importantly
was er i mean afewmemories like my last day
members look at the lastfewparagraphs of the fsa paper
just hare round these lastfewthen ehm m1015: right f1054:
back of the bus afewstops later on kinfauns avenue
photos in return for afewcoins after a pleasant dinner
the positive reports of thosefewcoming down after about fifty
in london that after afewdrams or pints a broader
well as ironic when afewlines after the encounter with
the more poignant when afewlines after the encounter with
well as ironic when afewlines after the encounter with
directly after the conquest afewmedieval towerhouses were constructed fortified
but giving up after afewnotes the shoulder not carrying
ask you to make afewopening remarks after which i
of squealing piglets and afewprotective sows after lunch it
book one of the veryfew1 this assessment towards the
suggested extending child care veryfewas they would all have
one however in reality veryfewdecisions as any excluded group
esoteric secret known to veryfewdon herreros presumably sforza certainly
very f- there s veryfewer m608: yeah m1174: er
f- v- very eh afewexamples from the very early
misconception there are certainly veryfewexamples of scottish writing in
of the responses including veryfewfrom organisations and institutions were
features except for a veryfewgrammatical expressions and vocabulary items
called relexicalised metaphors and veryfewinstances of type c thus
m1163: well there was veryfewitalian kids at that time
some very good portraits afewmodern paintings of noble workers
uh huh there s veryfewo them i gaed tae
there will probably be veryfewoccasions when that would apply
kailyards all but a veryfewof the roofs were thatched
o them are young veryfewof them are male f940:
an find out an veryfewof them come back knowin
reid james reid and afewothers who were very good
well one of the veryfewparties with a clear policy
pay for that representation veryfewpeople are likely to be
uh huh m1174: and veryfewpeople can actually understand pure
a a a a veryfewpeople f963: mm m762: erm
that it is there veryfewpeople have read it from
charging policy under which veryfewpeople paid and which looked
minimal there have been veryfewserious side effects from the
and some cattle but veryfewsheep mm f122: oh and
was one of the veryfewstock production cooperatives in the
of short sentences with veryfewsubordinate clauses or they could
project is one of veryfewsuch services in scotland if
some bright periods though veryfewtuesday fairly dull up to
we we did have afewvery famous er scholars erm
floors are spindly things anfewan them a grew fae
i m gonna cover afewdifferent eh things this mornin
and she goes through afewdifferent examples of things but
with string these are afewof my favourite things when
it through he puts afewof the things off the
things we saw except afewpaintings had anything to do
things you buy cost afewpesos to you this is
nae a mixture jist afewthings ma used to get
currie s report highlighted afewthings that we knew for
entity we still have afewthings to cover and i
ah i ve got afewthings to say on that
idea whatsoever just blows afewthings up and links it
and a curn are afewa handful syne is then
to say there are afewabsent who has gone to
the west indians and afewafricans and i had an
moment as it was afewalmonds encased in their hard
all right with just afewalmost disasters one minor one
think she s had afewalready hee hee said the
reid to name but afewalthough the snp is broadly
for children she bought afewand gave one to lena
matters are limited to afewareas is not surprising given
on aerial photographs and afewartefacts but when we reach
erm i d written afewarticles for previous to the
three or four jobs asfewas that will have a
a box o books afewauld claes sayin to be
s research showed that afewauthorities have altered the benchmarks
s gratefull mair an afewaye you wis victim o
intae a suitcase and afewbags i pit a note
ye know a lot ofewbands on an dancers an
lyke this he hums afewbars of the king of
cottar houses contained just afewbasic pieces of furniture in
ask or be asked afewbasic questions what is a
a blin maisician airnin geyfewbawbees in a bevvie hous
are points puckle is afewbeezer is a beauty or
operating companies and railtrack seefewbenefits to such a through
week when bread and afewbiscuits were bought the biscuits
tellt him thir wis afewbitches in the place the
i helped you wi afewbits didn t i m1092:
her meetin she undoes afewblouse buttons dod own voice
hunderd pound so haein afewbob and feeling a bit
ah d mebbe mak afewbob for the weans whaur
i have to spend afewbobees on buying slug pellets
tae mak it and afewbottles of ale would be
be seen and explored afewbrick huts still stand along
the opportunity to make afewbrief points as i have
s comments i have afewbrief questions first does richard
i will then allow afewbrief questions to be asked
lavvy where it makes afewbubbles which quickly disappear why
cars there were still afewbuses travelling through arbuthnott during
more than grass and afewbushes so flowers were another
there is there is afewbut i don t know
i thocht i had afewbut then when he came
s hut is obvious afewcars can be parked where
pose for photographs for afewcents we reached a point
stamping of feet and afewcheers but these were cut
sayin then they have afewchildren who ve lived in
f1122: can we make afewchocolate f1121: mmhm f1122: don
noo sir there were afewchuckles cullen smiled at the
mornin i sortit oot afewclaes i went back doon
but hissel wullie had owerfewclocks tae mend and a
he must have dislodged afewclumps of brain into his
sympathetic souls who offer afewcompassionate coppers would be reeled
herself there going to afewconcerts etc and visiting east
i was one of thefewconservatives who wanted a scottish
publication in 1804 however afewcopies of robertson s volume
to watch them and afewcouples would go and do
from that scene except afewdear bold sisters i wonder
of the earth in afewdifferent pits that surround my
of infrastructure there were afewdiscussions with loganair about whether
myself you d have afewdollars to call a taxi
born and brought up afewdoors from his i have
and even with a goodfewdrams in him on a
realising he d had afewdrinks already he accepted a
take him out for afewdrinks and get him in
personnel are invited for afewdrinks at tink s lounge
teachers or schools although afeweis members have said that
that there were still afewempty double seats on offer
french institute i brought afewexamples along ehm because i
c scotland to give afewexamples english spellings were beginning
let s look at afewexamples english the language is
services i will give afewexamples from recent visits that
bill will you give afewexamples of circumstances that you
a the continuous metaphors afewexamples of type b which
in this system with afewexceptions each vowel or digraph
is absurd except for afewexperimental pieces the language used
strange i m doing afewextracurricular activities to stimulate my
article angel had raised afeweyebrows in seeming cautiously sceptical
much [?]days will i do with it[/?] f1129: oh afewf1130: [inaudible] f1129: cause then
ve been gettin had afewf631: so is he is
of the rescue operation afewfacts put this into focus
a sign there were afewfalse alarms which turned out
saying that there are afewfellowships available for this course
in the field eh afewfields away there was a
back eh there s afewfirms that that have done
f1054: now a fe- afewfolk i ve spoken to
bees were kept by afewfolk to provide honey bread
hope we do attract afewfollowers to future games and
from the boarding house afewformer pupils and members of
could say you had afewfree periods that s where
a meal and with afewfresh ingredients it can be
deep i m making afewfriends mostly other international students
bet she s kissed afewfrogs in her time even
now started weeding out afewgems so i hope you
i want to ask afewgeneral questions as that is
would be dead within afewgenerations thankfully for world literature
as well or within afewgenerations you know like like
at wanst but efter afewgoes ah wis up an
sack if there were afewgoing in the same direction
redstone farm there were afewgood players whose names i
mainly bread but also afewgroceries they bought eggs and
tons of them but afewgroups of like older people
dunted we d had afewguid clamihewits tae the back
i was reading of afewgulphs that had been bridged
been a pity that sofewhad come to the meeting
rigid now there are afewhairdressers and beauty shops and
further concentrate it in afewhands calls on her majesty
opened before him and afewhands clapped his shoulders as
temptation to give him afewhearty thumps fiona is lying
were allowed to keep afewhens generally men saw little
have to wander round afewhills and glens but we
island f746: i know afewhills in the middle but
i ll gie ye afewhints get ye stertit aw
toilet downstairs there were afewhitches before it was all
stew s been in afewhospitals steve ah wanti melt
in it muir russell afewhundred companies out of 300
showers reduced visibility to afewhundred yards while at others
so i ve heard afewi decide that my son
can speak another language afewi suppose of those who
be done i throw afewideas to the minister for
just like to recall afewincidents relative to my old
by the actions of afewindividuals or carpet baggers seeking
the herculean efforts of afewindividuals that language survives and
language is generally spoken afewinhabiting the forest understand the
when there were just afewirish families in the old
2 i will address afewissues that members have raised
size but there are afewkind of bay window rooms
loads still outweighed ours afewled donkeys but most were
what it is just afewletters and a postcard telling
scottish national party and afewliberal democrat members i also
i think there s afewlike really distant it s
permission i will sing afewlines from a couple of
zealanders africans and even afewlocals i m moving rooms
her mother to open afewlocked doors but already the
john s bread with afewlocusts thrown in beyond the
folk would mind o afewloners in the halls they
plov pilaf rice with afewlumps of mutton is on
an as he sank afewmair pints his thrapple it
think i ve read afewmaybe aye bits and pieces
up hid wiz a goodfewmeenids afore somebody minded dan
ve h- obviously had afewmeetings in the time we
acid plumes of laze afewmeters from the shoreline a
early train at ellon afewmiles away but they slept
at the sineu market afewmiles from sineu mary s
toilet facilities it is afewmiles from the main campus
of nuwara eliya within afewmiles of deeside close to
brim we passed through afewmiles of poor box like
of course there are afewminor points that might be
2 pieces cook for afewmins then plunge in cold
ve heard it used afewmiraculous people around there [laugh]
modal verbs thare ar afewmodal verbs sic like can
an west o scotland afewmodals especially can also occur
huge blocks of flats afewmodern blocks of flats shops
that we have had afewmore amusing and pretentious executive
savings account to make afewmore cents on it before
mmhm m055: so wi afewmore o them an ye
around the city taking afewmore photos and then caught
auchterless and here are afewmore samples he had a
think there ll be afewmore sold now erm as
from him and from afewmore witnesses before we decide
a morsil malcolm has afewmouthfuls ah m shuir jek
yourself while i did afewneedle and thread repairs the
circus i ve learned afewnew tricks and clowned about
gaun ken or jist afewnice thoughts o yer ain
i ve slept for afewnights writing as diversional therapy
along the bench received afewnods and addressed robert cullen
leirnyng ch in rycht afewnot many of the vocabulary
tune for the hen afewnotes from the traditional tune
shauchled round she sang afewnotes to herself maybe it
nae wonder i broke afewo her rules for a
ill soden boiled thin andfewo them a hunger food
reckon there ll be afewo them won t turn
wheel conclusion there are afewobservations that we can make
to resubmit estimates on afewoccasions we were told that
i will touch on afewof our main concerns i
the vangaird afoir and afewof thair men ether hurt
as she slowly fastens afewof the buttons and then
the elders and a goodfewof the congregation got half
asked i ve met afewof the english staff now
mentioned the names of afewof the sportsmen such as
flourish by many people afewof the submissions expressed concern
houses built to acomidate afewof the workers i know
see and not just afewof them either eating chocolate
i will quote what afewof them say about joined
there ll be like afewof them that won t
but glad to say afewof these has been done
have probably stumbled across afewof those already the details
join in the activities afewof us have been caring
nearby rudimentary banho and afewof us sat chatting for
was alright there was afewof us there and then
f809: you ve got afewoh yeah for the summer
eagle and ark royal afeworiginal buildings still stand as
we drove round to afewother hotels and picked up
diamond to name but afewother info for vegas mixes
firth of tay and afewothers but this great gulph
on us and refusing afewothers offered us a lift
russell and no doubt afewothers who will be in
consistit o burns an afewothir scottish writers an scottish
sometimes it s just afewpages or maybe it s
willie wheedled her off afewpainted old harridans wanted to
fled the bus were afewpanic stricken passengers and the
end of the concrete afewpebble inscriptions can be found
first hushed and reverent afewpeople began to clap rhythmically
mmhm m762: and and afewpeople did actually drive from
for short there are afewpeople doing creative writing drama
would like to mention afewpeople from across the parties
ve inflicted this on afewpeople in this room erm
and you always meet afewpeople that don t like
recorder there may be afewpeople who do not manage
have been fluctuations of afewpercentage points here or there
the convener i skipped afewpetitions so i ask members
m1163: so i made afewphonecalls got the application form
camera oot an snapped afewphoties tryin different lens settins
plateau and rested took afewphotos and watched a couple
deid sowel vyces are lowfewpicters taen nearhaun a watter
time must have kept afewpicture houses open between the
home i ll get afewpictures developed and send you
is painted black and afewpieces of chalk kick around
ye sat and had afewpints whit were ye thinkin
is still grown in afewplaces bere bannocks from the
yet but apart from afewplaces i still don t
s supposed to be afewplaces m815: yeah m816: in
serpent i do have afewplans i continued when i
shelton i can add afewpoints about canada cage rearing
i will pick up afewpoints about the measurement of
but it nevertheless scores afewpoints against the king s
it i shall select afewpoints for comment and i
bute ld i have afewpoints of clarification i am
like to take up afewpoints that were raised earlier
mary scanlon i have afewpoints to make the reason
into the garden for afewpractice spins like all the
now olive was in afewprimaries above me f631: mm
before this there were afewprincipal wells 2 in the
byres then there were afewprivate wells and one i
if it was save afewpun bit ye re a
m1163: she was asking afewquestions about it m608: mmhm
consulting room was asked afewquestions and collapsed on the
is important i have afewquestions that lead on from
want to ask you afewquestions when they had finished
little honey add orange applesfewraisins boil a little longer
clumpy shoes except for afewrather daring pairs of pointed
thousand and pointed out afewreasons why it might not
concerts at a time whenfewrecitals took place outside palma
that now apart from afewremaining farmers villagers travel outwith
willie i mean adds afewreminiscences about his mither so
i ve been writing afewreplies one letter was from
there m815: there s afewreservoirs erm you re probably
a week until 1am withfewrestrictions believes that there should
the milk was there afewrich tea biscuits but the
speech varieties apart from afewrural ones are not worthy
erm but i think afewschools in glasgow now are
here and there with afewscotch idiosyncrasies e g an
to run through erm afewscots exercises to get the
be achieved robert brown afewscottish homes tenants remain they
english tae name but afewscottish standard english has less
she says giving him afewshakes andy continues to kiss
a true economist had afewsheep on longer tethers that
mercies there were even afewshots of the bulldozers taking
and the jetty renewed afewsidings were built and the
some sun and see afewsights tell me if a
helping teenie to drink afewsips of tea chrissie is
s to pick up afewsmall items she wouldn t
for the reward of afewsolas she obviously does this
some they ve got afewsort o nieces and nephews
and quheit there are afewspecialist sources such as the
i will comment on afewspeeches i add my support
with them he arranges afewspots for them to play
and climbed upwards for afewsteps but something made me
will be met and afewsteps farther on a break
he stood and took afewsteps in the gloom it
a thocht beth takes afewsteps stops i couldn t
so i ve got afewstories wi the kids you
women s aid refuges afewsupported the exemption of three
recall the names of afewswift men such as mr
[laugh] m815: set up afewtents m816: yeah m815: used
they can carry out afewtests on me i m
know he s had afewtha mise gàidhlig f746: [laugh]
on 19th march finally afewthank yous to bill [censored: surname]
m815: yeah there s afewthere s m816: and there
gave them a spray afewtimes and it seemed to
the west highland way afewtimes and that m816: has
they ve been in afewtimes in the summer especially
barred fae the place afewtimes luckly thay hudnae been
ve been called it afewtimes so just used it
just answer the phone afewtimes that s all i
able to say that afewtimes the evidence that the
to been tae millport afewtimes wi people m816: barassie
if you ve had afewto drink m818: aye yeah
fowl and it took afewto go round as there
table i even pin afewto the walls they bring
his discretion to allow afewto wear their own clothes
just give their team afewtough questions you know to
to a rag rug toysfewtoys are remembered except for
out and retiring with afewtrinkets and pictures and the
then stay home make afewturns of the ceiling watch
there are there are afewuniversities that do specifically scottish
quantitative detail there are afewvaluable sources of this type
a m ane o afewwarm in oor metal boxes
toon ablow him whaur afewweek back he hud been
fir hogmananay hud been afewweek back now it hud
whaur adv where whein afewwheipil v whistle whit pron
the old bridge by afewwho delighted to watch the
about but there is afewwho get a prominent place
just like to mention afewwho i reveared as descent
cùdainn indeed there are afewwhose location we do not
f606: you still get afewwild ones f823: mmhm m822:
tae explore in a weefewwirds bit if ye arenae
huh f1135: there s afewyachts out today as well
test a young guy afewyear aulder than himsel an
his ain diagnosis fir afewyear now an hud juist
to kind of break afewyou know erm stereotypes and
o nod er catchin afewzzzs or havin a nap
the dram drinkin lads saefewan faur atween we ve
really done before but thefewi ve been to i
shops and we ve seenfewof them so far and
here of course there arefewadvertisements the metro stations are
times in london there arefewcarswell letters from this difficult
1st world war there werefewchurch weddings as most working
about it but there arefewexamples of its working in
area in which there werefewjobs i therefore welcome the
size for instance there arefewlarge houses for large families
of sport there can befewopportunities to so positively affect
same time there must befewpeople out there that don
parish by 1843 there werefewpersons in the parish who
law generally speaking there arefewremaining disabilities on roman catholics
floatin awa there wis thefewstraggly tourists hingin aroond it
there are 2 500 toofewtechnicians and that the programme
may say that there isfewto the fore who wrought
matthew fitt states there arefewways in which scots is
matthew fitt states there geyfewweys scots is or can
beinn nimheis but there arefewwholesale changes to charge it
gender imbalance and there arefewyoung people there is an
there would appear to befewyounger writers who are choosing
young people but they werefewin number the employers said
are probably controversial nowadays andfewpeople are expert on it
it wasn t needed [inhale]fewpeople could read those who
tribute to his artistry thatfewpeople ever penetrated behind the
people outwith the central beltfewpeople in my constituency will
of them spoke latin unfortunatelyfewpeople speak latin the language
problems with transport links andfewpeople who are able to
eh these folk have beenfewand far between though and
statistical information referred to asfewexceptions which would have been
students checkered official taxis werefewin number and tended to
i was one of thefewenthusiasts who implemented higher still
so complex and confusing thatfewif any could assimilate them
the care home sector andfewareas have spare capacity bedblocking
upwardly mobile glaswegians emigrate andfewincomers have joined the community
i am determined that thefewindividuals who have for many
art or science but howfewlabourers in scotland have multitudes
name of this fine mountainfewother english substitute names have
throughout the nursing profession toofewresources have gone into training
in east europe then andfewjew folk like us could
manly and vigorous the selectedfewwho can survive 11 rls
to give support to thefewwho do maintain backcourts most
and the superiority of thosefewwho reach the goal for
the warlock presumably he hadfewclaims under guarantee against his
larger hmos in cities butfewif any authorities had engaged
serve vastly different functions andfeware built to the scale
off and stand erect forfeware helped by books what
where citrus trees are asfewas the almond blossoms here
wednesday sineu market tourists arefewbut i rein in my
familiar with it should presentfewdifficulties acknowledgements thanks are due
in those circumstances which arefewin number the service can
evidence available suggests that relativelyfewjobs are associated with mounted
year in the gretna areafewof the couples are local
is almost entirely london centredfewtelevision programmes are produced outside
indigenous scottish film industry thosefewtv features which are produced
it s jist samples butfewget as much insight or
working the herrin noo geyfewi m thinking but fan
dialect but thire ur geyfewscottish lexical items an e
texts became accessible but geyfewwi thi exception o burns
along linguistic lines so thatfewreaders for example now bother
sall again be drest forfewaloft may fortouns firmtie find
and scyld for instance showedfewclustering tendencies nevertheless taking the
watercress saute in butter forfewmins add little stock blend
why the opposition has sofewoptions for criticising the budget
else even allowing for thefewpassages in which ship synonyms
of the engineers at firstfewproblems presented themselves for most
m939: one of the luckyfewbastards [laugh] m941: it s
it was one of thefewgames at school i ever
this is one of thefewinstances in the essay where
box was one of thefewlocally that used female operators
m939: wow one of thefewm941: something new every day
it is one of thefewmatters that gave the committee
[note: photo: 'the end of the line. in the 1960s the rail lines which had served cairnryan port were lifted and sold. the last of the little engines which carried out this work was captured on film by the author.'] appendix one of thefeworiginal contributions dealing with the
character and one of thefewpretty russian women we saw
is probably one of thefewsimilarities between the first minister
block on one of thefewwisps of grass lingering in
wis siccar an predictable verrafewfock wuid bei i receipt
narrow path although i sawfewpurchases being made in the
i certainly hope that thefewremarks eh that i i
here i wonder in myfewremarks what i can possibly
device ends efter the firstfewhunner pages as the reader
room andy climbs the firstfewsteps slowly swallowing the spit
catherines wedding invitations coming infewrefusals so far not too
names of upper deeside showedfewdefinite traces of pictish when
inherited their rich parcels andfewcome in time to harvest
aw tae m m819: gottafewquid in your back pocket
cos ye ll get damnfewchances eence you re my
concordantly is foun oan comparativelyfewoccasions in aulder scots literature
the local authorities about exemptionsfewwanted any change in the
was accessible to an elitefewhere he advises writers to
defait on ether syde thatfewor nane was levand nother
could show the figures toofewofficers the figures would shock
the many while prioritising thefewthat would be most pertinent
castor sugar 2 large eggsfewdrops vanilla combine ingredients and
taxi money along with anotherfewpounds disappear down the stank
posterior we hope that thesefewhints will help the aspiring
region the place names showfewdefinite traces of pictish the
of organised crime which recognisesfewif any borders is required
within the space of relativelyfewlines this seemed worthy of
english much contemporary writing containsfewof the features which characterise
weemen that is an damnfewfir the men sae solidarity
it ll surely please somebodyfewfolk churn their own butter
mm f965: horrified at howfewgames the children initiated f963:
that that is far toofewhe cannot be everywhere all
wi uised tae girn beardiesfewkent it by name juist
oan git the gloves oanfewrounds uh ll dae us
could tell the tale thofewsurvived the slaughter lang raised
loss menskland fowk s geyfewtho says chen da an

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