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body that will lead tofewerrelaxations i have not had
that there will be farfewerrelaxations we are moving the
there are fewer nurses andfeweracute beds in the nhs
a logistic difficulty in thatfewerand fewer teachers may be
parliament notes that there arefewernurses and fewer acute beds
corrupted by it and sofewerpeople speak it correctly perhaps
difficulty in that fewer andfewerteachers may be sufficiently familiar
speak it correctly perhaps evenfewerthan gaelic murison s concept
firms and b firms employingfewerthan 50 people since the
that there are 3 000fewerbeds in the nhs than
up the chain wholesalers stockfewerproducts a retailer might stock
there were less there werefewersort of f718: chain shops
nine weeks and 12 700fewerelective in patients were seen
that the nhs is treatingfewerout patients in patients and
in march 1999 83 494fewerout patients were seen than
march 1999 21 per centfewerout patients were seen within
now than in 1999 thatfewerpatients are being seen within
to power and there arefewerpolice officers on the streets
lib lab coalition there arefewerpolice on the streets of
record levels and there arefewerpolice on the streets under
service hospitals need to usefeweragency nurses and to stop
concerned that there are 900fewernurses than in 1996 and
today there are 1 000fewernurses working in our health
s report more and notfewertemporary agency nurses are being
my constituency employ 50 orfeweremployees and that there is
of the problem is thatfewerthan 50 per cent of
gordon yes however there arefewerfull time wildlife liaison officers
aware that there are 400fewerpolice officers in fife than
employers had work forces withfewerthan 10 per cent of
matter is that there arefewerbirths than there were 20
disposal unfortunately the parliament hasfewerfinancial powers than any other
gallery now the parliament hasfewerfinancial powers than any other
and declares that it hasfewergreater priorities than the protection
posts of which there arefewerin scotland than there are
to know whether we havefeweror more small businesses than
does decide that it needsfeweroutlets than at present in
highlighted gaelic 78 there werefewersubmissions received on gaelic than
remain in class sizes offewerthan 30 at least until
poems of burns now nofewerthan 42 clubs were engaged
liberal democrat executive and nofewerthan 53 tax increases many
harry ferguson eventually developed nofewerthan 65 implements to fit
to limit their speeches tofewerthan four minutes 15 47
issues relating to poverty todayfewerthan half of people of
that she expects will takefewerthan seven days is a
those countries are probably ratherfewerthan those applied here fish
than the third option asfewerwarrants would be granted unlike
are more scottish projects orfewerscottish projects but i do
but we should not acceptfewerpowers the deputy presiding officer
and upper deeside northern scotsfewerscots words were used as
there would seem to befewerwords for grandpas or seanair
m1008: there seem to befewerwords you see i think
words they get jobs havefewerperiods of unemployment and so
is one of the reasonsfewerwords for a grandpa f1009:
scotland and europe now havefewerfarmers who have less income
policy yet europe now hasfewerfishermen and smaller fish stocks
s supporting literature suggests thatfewerpeople will present as homeless
organisations working with children meanfewersafe environments for children and
grandmither deed there were geyfewercakes on the table for
leave so there are normallyfewerclerks available to handle all
the north now there arefewernortherly gales and the garden
know from the statistics thatfewerof our young people especially
denuded of professional expertise withfewerpeople entering the labour force
an era in which farfewerpeople in their 50s will
or travelled on foot asfewerpeople lived in the countryside
because folk on farms neededfewerwarm clothes because of cabs
suppose we we we havefewernon standard expressions you might
ehm you know we hadfewerinfluences to to influence our
good offshore sites that havefewersea lice problems we need
press the quality button thefewerunits we will get for
can read and write itfewerstill i expect that is

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