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yeah f1067: we ve gotfiddleclasses going chanter classes eh
and children who can playfiddleor chanter happily moreover for
the maine valley accordion andfiddleclub an they took colin
help promote the accordion andfiddlemusic of europe in particular
the accordion the melodeon thefiddlethe jew s harp or
culture cairrier booed laid hisfiddlean bow aside snod in
cairrier in the skeels ofiddlestorytellin an sang jude anderson
like the chopin prelude againfiddleslept one ear cocked in
still point of the headlandfiddleat my heels sit there
pirouetting terrier at my heelsfiddlebelonged to my neighbours he
the acquantance o the legendaryfiddleplayer sean mcguire fa died
m1092: mm f1091: fiddle m1092: fiddlef1091: the cow jumped over
the fi- m1092: mm f1091: fiddlem1092: fiddle f1091: the cow
the waiter heid playin thefiddlea pages 106 119 sei
old man there playin thefiddleand he was wearin these
you see girls playin thefiddlef746: right oh aye [laugh]
he heard them playin thefiddleinside that hillock ay he
a gift laek playin dafiddleor draain a picter some
bow wi rosit heistit hisfiddleaneth his chin duntit his
of words and meaning whilefiddleeats the ham and curls
that s andrey on hisfiddlehe s oor brither ye
git andrey an his auldfiddleti move inti yeir room
in billy lifted down thefiddleand began to tune up
twaa billy fyred up dfiddled tyoon wiz in g
a fyew bars on hisfiddleor skreich a pucklie sangs
played a tune on thefiddlein waltz time and they
is rough above the seafiddleat my feet i struggle
it brian wis hired taefiddletae them an tae spin
his haunds he plays thefiddlean he maks aw kynds
dey aa joined in dfiddlewiz fleein fauk clappit dir
you know traditional scots musicfiddlemusic f1038: yeah f1037: all
music wise it s allfiddlemusic on shetland f746: mmhm
was it always just thefiddlemusic or f978: ehm well
oh dinna press that dinnafiddlewi that buttons toots m1090:
fashionable thing to play thefiddlean f746: mm and especially
everybody seems to play thefiddle[laugh] mmhm f746: oh it
i ever heard was thefiddlemmhm f746: really oh right
read and to play thefiddlehe became a crack hand
come an like play herfiddlecause she s really good
and plenty could play thefiddlemabel smith had a memory
fa play t the hornedfiddlenoo in a nursin home
play on them like afiddlethe donor wis tae be
or men that played thefiddlebut now you see girls
especially i mean the shetlandfiddleas well you always hear
guest artists matt mcgranaghan onfiddlean folk singer entertainer tom
gied him her faither sfiddlean learned him aa his
neist brian set doon hisfiddlean telt them in the
makk o ye an yerfiddlebrian waukit ower the gruns
lovie adam mcnaughton an glenfiddichfiddlechampion ross thomson taakin turns
from a long narrow boxfiddlea hand machine for sowing
burns always strummed upon thefiddletilll he got his head
sea terrace grows cold andfiddleis restless to return to
suggested teaching the clarsach andfiddleon top of ben nevis
i was fit as afiddleall year this year and
m as fit as afiddlei am sprightly an spry
anna was amazing at thefiddleso she got sent to
weer wid sing like afiddlefin ye wis deen an
tae the nicht the scottishfiddleorchestra on their twinty fifth
they willingly taught me howfiddlewith our ancient wireless to

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