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a donkey stood in afieldof hay a donkey stood
of hay field of hayfieldof hay a donkey stood
a donkey stood in afieldof hay eee aw eee
a donkey stood in afieldof hay field of hay
in a field of hayfieldof hay field of hay
we were passing a hayfieldthis summer when a man
left to dry in thefieldto make hay it was
powers to halt the scottishfieldscale trials and restrict future
powers to halt the scottishfieldscale trials and restrict future
a full evaluation of thefieldscale trials has been completed
a full evaluation of thefieldscale trials has been completed
planted as part of thefieldscale trials of genetically modified
plot trials and the currentfieldscale trials with no decision
plot trials and the currentfieldscale trials with no decision
planted in any future gmfieldtrials and whether it will
of air travel 4 gmfieldtrials fiona mcleod moved s1m
the announcement of gm cropfieldtrials in aberdeenshire he may
consulted during the experiments andfieldtrials just as we recommended
executive not to licence furtherfieldtrials of genetically modified crops
maclean s1m 268 robin harperfieldtrials of gm crops that
not permit any further gmfieldtrials or commercial growing of
s1m 3153 fiona mcleod gmfieldtrials that the parliament believes
compared with in the gmfieldtrial at roskil farm on
the gm oil seed rapefieldtrial at wester friarton newport
there was a level playingfieldand that the private sector
rooms at the school playingfieldand the early morning aroma
to achieve a level playingfieldandy kerr doubted that local
on the same competitive playingfieldas their counterparts in central
part of the academy playingfieldcross mcmaster s road and
to ensure a level playingfieldfor all community fishermen integrating
there is a level playingfieldfor justice when individual national
considering a more level playingfieldfor support for organic farming
any kind of level playingfieldhugh dignon i have to
not been a level playingfieldif the differences in prices
there is a level playingfieldin the marketing promotion and
recognises that this uneven playingfieldleaves the scottish industry at
should be a level playingfieldlet us go back to
you re just playing thefieldm1108: and [censored: forename] f1107: [censored: forename]
to create a level playingfieldon cfp enforcement the council
on appropriate standards for playingfieldprovision do we agree to
the appropriate standards for playingfieldprovision so far sportscotland has
and profile any level playingfieldsupport payments in the same
closer to a level playingfieldthan we are at the
outlined in levelling the playingfieldthat review must also be
do to level the playingfieldwith other professions and to
be a more even playingfieldwith regard to the way
that but that level playingfieldwould take even longer to
oil seed rape in thefieldscale trial of genetically modified
the farm ran through afieldand the gate to it
as they sclimmt ower thefieldgate ah think there s
a high hedge with afieldgate in it you switched
it seemed as if everyfieldgate on the road was
look over that gate thefieldwas enormous and empty and
in a green field thefieldi sucked like soda one
out a coursing field thefieldis laid out with markers
treading eggshells in a greenfieldthe field i sucked like
to set out a coursingfieldthe field is laid out
stooks then stood in thefieldfacing the direction of the
words from a particular semanticfieldeven at this simple level
three hauf wey across thefieldah can juist mak them
d start away in thefieldand they d go across
s universities across the energyfieldendorses the policy of support
s universities across the energyfieldendorses the policy of support
s universities across the energyfieldendorses the policy of support
an rin across this snawyfieldi ll niver ken tae
s somebody comin across thefieldi strained my een peerin
across a cooled and setfieldof lava a once crystalline
black worms writhing across myfieldof vision while a distant
its grief across the stubblefieldsome long long grief that
hell for leather across thefieldtae the road we had
by people walking across thefieldto be coursed over the
and drifted across to thefieldwhere jimmy panted summer sounds
o them tore across thefieldwi the wee dug trottin
but someone working in thefieldcarried on without knowing of
detachment working together in thefieldnot everyone considers linguistic change
working for it in thefieldof education s1w 13114 linda
voluntary organisations working in thefieldof social inclusion s1o 416
for physicians working in thefieldof tobacco control andrew wilson
some advisers working in thefields1w 27468 irene mcgugan to
relevant groups working in thisfieldshould consider how best those
aw up working the bigfieldsnatchin time hidden ahint the
ever seen working in afieldsupposedly gathering stones reading a
of economists working in thefieldwe rang all of them
previous research studies in thefieldeach of the following sections
much more research in thisfieldfinally as has already been
o the leid as afieldo academic research baith in
of the language as afieldof academic research both in
decent investigatin fit ey caadfieldresearch for masel an ma
done er in this particularfieldbut er i personally feel
with expertise in a particularfieldcan annul a statutory instrument
to a particular topic orfieldlexical sets often also have
can recognise that a particularfieldof meaning or more importantly
had a stint on thefieldit was unspoken policy that
s policy initiatives in thatfieldwe could not do so
were spaced out down thefieldand a runner often his
aff bit nivver on thefieldo play it s often
evidence from professionals in thefieldthat people often give up
then along still along afieldand then up and away
go away back to thefieldbeside your mummy f1112: why
school that was in thefieldeh a few fields away
have 3 cars but thefieldis so far away that
kept watch oot ower thefielda wee bit movement caught
ken the bridge ower thefieldf643: she pulled they cables
first in 63 in thefieldjist ower the back frae
me cairryin me doon thefieldower the burn s ruckled
a gadgie nashin ower thefieldwi a gonnie gaun spare
alone in a big mucklefieldan frae the winter winds
cauld they didna seek yonfieldtae fecht tho no frae
fifty yairds frae the paddyfieldwi her thrapple cuttit frae
pooskie jock frae yon neddiefieldyon gadgie wis nashin rubbin
report on indicators in thefieldof poverty and social exclusion
can co operation in thefieldof social inclusion the environment
make any improvement in thefieldof social justice further notes
social economy organisations 2 byfieldof work table 1 breakdown
class was out in thefieldan she said she came
lifting james out of thefieldand back onto the train
newly put out to thefieldand still had to learn
and also out in afieldat west doura i believe
open fecht oot on thefieldhe goes out thorfinn to
he s escaped from thefieldhe pushed his nose out
still born lamb in thefieldits cold caw spelt out
we were out in thefieldmy class was out in
of my trip round thatfieldprobably we got out and
the air out of thefieldsure farr s he going
the piece out to thefieldtea with sugar and milk
haill see forhooiet on thefieldthey gaed out an niver
he strode back up thefieldagain for some reason your
whan he got intae thefieldan luikit back there wis
start off with the abstractfieldand move back to whatever
doonfoot and then along greenfieldback to the rugby club
ball boot it up thefieldhe s on your back
move back to whatever concretefieldis suggested most searches like
mynd on um plooin yonfieldit the back o oor
and back to the showfieldjust in time for the
set up in the bigfieldbeside the school which is
sent me a big scottishfieldcalendar which was good of
no just in a bigfield[laugh] f814: for this for
of content and vocabulary thefieldand also of text organisation
also has responsibilities in thatfieldapplications for planning approval must
contribute his expertise in thefieldit is also right and
fast and free on floddenfielda king lay still and
or highest point of afieldhill etc and we still
even job of sowing afieldin order for him to
a wee school in thefieldand she said to me
and sleep see and weefieldhere scene and croon are
siller grey o the stibblefieldwis a wee bleck speck
people who work in thefieldand in the administration of
of number of organisations byfieldof work for voluntary sector
he speculated as to whatfieldof work she might be
day s work in thefieldright f1073: mmhm f1074: and
guidance what with all thefieldwork and the house pause
they were gathered from thefieldas required and the balance
picnics were held in thefieldbeside the manse garden when
nests were and the bestfieldof neeps dodd middleton s
were held annually in afieldon arbuthnott estate sometimes referred
as we crossed the stibblefieldtae get there we were
its hardest games in thatfieldthe players by name were
tatties were lifted from thefieldthey were stored in tattie
circumstances on that hare coursingfieldwere such that people were
and we had a afieldwhich i think we were
we were allowed into thefieldwhich is now i think
d be workin in thefieldall day you re maybe
hae loundert thaim in thefieldan sent thaim packin hame
segton who played in afieldbelonging to the redstone farm
of the house to thefieldbeyond which in daylight is
used him no in thefieldbut as a servant in
a large literature in thisfieldcall root or conceptual or
well after this the claremontfieldcame in to prominence and
1911 xvi in the deesidefieldclub magazine 1925 58 grant
speech of deeside in deesidefieldclub magazine vol 2 graham
are you doing in myfielddo you think m1092: uh
playground but maybe in thefieldf963: mm mmhm f965: and
been a leader in thisfieldgave evidence to the committee
an meet thaim in thefieldgin what he says is
these distinguished experts in thefieldhere i wonder in my
the change in the darkeningfieldhighland cattle stand loud laughs
when we arrived at thefieldin front of the stables
reached the top of theirfieldin nursing to remain in
more localised activity in thisfieldin some areas the formation
23 flints found in thefieldin the angle between the
progressive development in the enforcementfieldkeith raffan will know that
garments in a late summerfieldlike many idealists he had
in the yallaein mulberrie bussesfieldmyce skelters reddin thair holes
fuit coud cuiver a haillfieldo aw the ettins in
dishes like flowers in afieldof dead grass the door
paid development worker within thefieldof dyspraxia in the uk
worked for it in thefieldof education during this scholastic
worked for it in thefieldof education in the last
is highly respected in thefieldof language learning it has
number number one in afieldof one f606: yeah [audience laugh]
of case studies in thefieldof sociolinguistics and it may
which in gaelic means thefieldof the hangman wherever the
metrication for use in thefieldof weights and measures and
picnic was organised in thefieldopposite the east lodge however
people are experts in theirfieldor in any other the
spring lamb time in thefieldrough tongued and tender mothers
game was played in thefieldround at the butts and
or or not in thatfieldso a thriving range o
why james is in thefieldsure m1092: uh huh f1091:
the rams in the nextfieldthe shepherd at drumnadrochit is
fortune s weakness in thisfieldthen surprisingly explains that man
f1121: they re in thefieldthere f1122: where i can
an experienced practitioner in thisfieldtogether with other wildlife officers
lie together in a cemetryfieldwe come and we meet
restrict police activity in thatfieldwhat we hope to clarify
in one part of thefieldwhere i dimly discern the
people as experts in thefieldwhich they are that fact
went to projects in thatfieldwill she outline either today
firstly most writers in thisfieldwould agree with hasan that
a serpent crawlin in afieldye hae nae suiner sichtit
you now know where thefieldis we could all go
she could past the showfieldwhere frantic last minute preparations
blair road and through thefieldwhere the hospital now stands
which when pulled through thefieldcaught up the tattie shaws
finches and warblers through hisfieldglasses at the end of
dressin rooms banned fae thefieldo play an him nae
laid him down from thefieldof his fame fresh and
him from the lot thisfieldof stone and blood now
they chased him round thefieldthey stung his nose and
rab gaed strecht til thefieldwhaur tam haed telt him
bank and intae the openfieldwi rab rinnin ahint him
effort of screeching down thefieldat jimmy later when gi
up over there down thefieldf1109: that s the map
and he went into afieldnow what s happened now
of unparalleled cowardice fled thefieldand left the minister to
picked to be raised fromfieldbondage to a position of
on either side of thefieldf965: yeah f963: and so
carry from suffering s battlefieldhere like drowned wreaths of
elements of register for examplefieldis the language sufficiently technical
of yours right round thefieldit must have been at
on the fencepost of afieldm608: mmhm m642: and here
post pinto next to afieldof cabbages they camped grandfather
so the ehm [tut] thefieldof commerce and industry wasn
1998 survey 17 the observerfieldof dreams 9 4 2000
s1w 9712 14 the observerfieldof dreams 9 4 2000
on indefinitely and a fascinatingfieldof enquiry it is but
o odin on the bloodyfieldof flodden f1011: [inaudible] m1013:
of james iv on thefieldof flodden [inhale] and it
many words transferring from thefieldof physical vision to that
major project covering the wholefieldof scottish lexicography carried on
you then go into thefieldof slang of course which
eich dalneigh dail an eichfieldof the horse on the
matter building knowledge of thefieldof vocabulary and of ways
of the chase the britishfieldsport society bfss for example
for the end of afieldtop and bottom well i
at the edge of afieldup to the early 1960s
play moved off up thefieldmuttering curses under their breath
own situation building up thefieldthe need for a balanced
up an doun the plouedfieldthe twae brithers syne cam
an cam trottin up thefieldwi it badger saw there
beaters and driven into afieldor are raised by people
off the flock into afieldbefore it pinned me to
on a palfrey surveys thefieldbruce come naggie we ll
dirtier mindit can huv afieldday expoundin on whitfur kirsty
brother producers would have afieldday making a politician look
a many hauch n lowfieldhaud v hold haurlie adv
bird and its ascending thefieldis a mandala for death
m811: it s not afieldit s like they re
pool football pitch or sportsfieldlike a mother duck leading
tractor the tractor wis afieldmarshall pom pom we landed
well they had like afieldnae a nae a garden
deid an cairrit af thefieldsic a brawlyke lad he
registrar general to appoint censusfieldstaff to proceed without a
or at least a visiblefieldsuch as texture or light
estate gamekeeper would net afieldsurrounded by trees called the
some corner o a foreignfieldthat d be forever england
a complete transference from onefieldto another i e we
went on to a footballfieldwith a cigarette brand name
this involved rifle drill andfieldtraining manoeuvres they are reported
daily or farmers possessing thefieldand stream names mountains have
neuk i the greenbanks fermfieldanenst the howcleuch burn stands
as much success on thefieldas we possibly could the
are useless on the joustingfieldboth break their spears one
the fence an the openfieldbut i made for that
aboot the middle o thefieldclashin weet an roarin mad
know the wall at thefieldf963: mmhm f965: and you
stint the flouers o thefieldhaes daibilt thair pouthert chowks
trailer hurtled past the showfieldheading for the post office
the bank an intae thefieldlichtit the strum threw the
the hills tae fer thefieldprayer meetings that s the
o rabbits mang the neepfieldshaws we ve brocht braw
conservancy trust hampshire 21 britishfieldsports society hunting the facts
summer light cross cross thefieldthreading the air the hum
new light on the recipientfieldthus the metaphor i ve
men flocked to the claremontfieldwhen they knew allan was
the mountain ahint the topfieldyou an yur rosie cheeks
to looking at the footballfieldyou realise that i have
exploration and extraction on fallowfieldsites for which licences have
force again with extremely rarefieldpost office markings and franks
lerwick i reckon that thatfieldused to be covered and
skill o ploo an pasturefieldan hill an awthing that

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