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mining pe346 and pe369 playingfieldspe422 pe430 and pe454 telecommunications
agreed members indicated agreement playingfieldspe422 pe430 and pe454 the
in afghanistan pe426 school playingfieldspe430 scottish ballet pe433 protection
members indicated agreement school playingfieldspe430 the convener pe430 is
prepare for freshness of thefieldsin may the freshness o
may the freshness o thefieldso may mean less tae
striped rigs fields toons arablefieldsdey they could a could
bere barley strippit striped rigsfieldstoons arable fields dey they
for goes towards toons arablefieldswi with tengs o fire
the weemen worked in thefieldsit was a hat an
anybody wore them in thefieldsweemen did no men weemen
no baby s head ohfieldsneeding angels how much they
they ask for static gloryfieldsneeding angels keep yesterday today
labourers stack the bales andfieldsneeding angels will lash their
to ripe to harvest rigsfieldshunse rummage fur for whit
constitutes reasonable provision of playingfieldsalthough that matter is obviously
palestinian schools and universities playingfieldsand calls on the scottish
agreeing a sale of playingfieldsand designating them as suitable
the sale of school playingfieldsand pe 454 by mr
and make the national playingfieldsassociation a statutory consultee on
cause we did have playingfieldsat our primary school f718:
where part of the playingfieldshave been set aside for
that exists for school playingfieldsin scotland and how that
governing the disposal of playingfieldsin scotland are strong enough
ehm one of the playingfieldsor public parks f746: mm
the sale of school playingfieldspe 422 by mr james
the sale of school playingfieldspe 422 by mr james
on the sale of playingfieldspe 425 by mrs anne
on protection for school playingfieldspe 430 by mrs m
current guidelines on protecting playingfieldsthe committee may decide that
on the disposal of playingfieldsthe executive s response detailed
as owners of school playingfieldsto be able to sell
that the importance of playingfieldsto local communities for public
concern the disposal of playingfieldswhen the committee considered those
m1014: [inaudible] workin in thefieldsf1054: what s singlin m1015:
aye m1015: workin in thefieldsm1014: [inaudible] the plants m1017:
for singlin workin in thefieldss- separatin turnips aye m1015:
that workin in the paddyfieldsthey ve got the huge
me rin ootbye in braiderfieldsamang the kye e en
reist v roost riggs nfieldsrin v run rink v
richt a right riggs nfieldsrin v run rowin v
for specific projects in specificfieldsof voluntary work the money
from expenditure on those specificfieldsyou said to us this
white as cotton fill thefieldsa leaping flame rekindles sixties
when frosts are sair anfieldsare white wi rime it
a stone white horse tallfieldsof wheat seen from the
white as cotton fill thefieldsthe sentry s polished boots
winter time when dykes anfieldswir white wi rime the
fringe to an unnatural anglefieldshave been brylcreemed by recent
grammar but in more recentfieldssuch as stylistics and discourse
taken out of schools sportsfieldswere taken out of schools
been torn away for biggerfieldsand higher pay and japanese
they took away er sportsfieldsand they took away domestic
the field eh a fewfieldsaway there was a wee
are only seen in thefieldsajith explained that people see
for a walk in thefieldsand had seen many different
above its weight in manyfieldsand hosting and competing in
a notable scholar in manyfieldsand one of a line
by participants in so manyfieldscan find suitable expression in
many i ve even scythedfieldsof corn on our own
left him in the canefieldsin jamaica what else may
erm we were surrounded byfieldsehm in the housing estate
had to have ehm airfieldsfor their helicopters an so
left ti ligg i thefieldsma lane the mornin oot
this railway line and andfieldsand stuff and and then
ll be working in thosefieldsf1150: yeah f1151: but it
equal say but those distantfieldsof fury preserve anger that
needed oot there in thefieldsan wi the livestock pause
creation whether oot in thefieldsor in gran central station
pinchin tatties oot o thefieldstae roast on the gang
is yaised in numerous literaryfieldsin education diffrent schuils support
equality of opportunity in thefieldsof education lifelong learning and
pulled plough turning over thefieldsafter a short stop so
the farmer trudging over thefieldsand calling for his lost
sheared the wind over phantomfieldsof corn swaying golden on
system f1150: yeah the killingfieldsbasically i m the only
her life agatha wanted thefieldsof ireland only and a
breakin oor backs in theyfieldsan wi they bastard animals
arenae supposed to be infieldsare they m1092: uh uh
uncle sam they cleared minefieldsfor ayatollah and [inaudible] gas
for the people in thefieldsin case they missed it
when they worked in thefieldsthey had these uglies so
ll dauner doun tae thefieldsablow an stroan in the
milk cows tethered in thefieldsand having their baikies moved
that raises the question offieldsand levels of responsibility in
have multiple clients in variousfieldsand people who are employed
anything we liked in thefieldsbut f606: mmhm [laugh] yeah
hard labour in the sugarfieldsby which i quote he
in sang on tribbl tfieldses efter attendin a meetin
ll be crying in thefieldsfor him f1112: [inaudible] going
is in the ground troubledfieldsfrieda morrison man bit it
margins of or areas withinfieldsin which crops are growing
harmonise member states legislation infieldsin which the community is
is no cross pollination betweenfieldsinvolved in the programme of
british contributions were in thefieldsof phonetics and phonology already
economy s work in thefieldsof poverty relief care provision
horses pasture in the samefieldsso that the tufts of
give a hand in thefieldssometimes there were entertainments at
in one of the otherfieldsthere s an aafa lot
day in the daylight thefieldswere like patchwork and small
back there in the canefieldswha kens weel said maclaurin
metaphorical replacement occurs in semanticfieldswhere french borrowings were particularly
aye f637: was just awfieldsand we said tae my
face like cousin neil sfieldswhen the sun hid behind
or nettles and cautiously navigatingfieldsbooby trapped and mined by
from the everyday world byfieldsforests and the lack of
it is a question offieldsand levels of responsibility how
stertit tae walk back crossinfieldsat deid o nicht is
back door cutting across thefieldsfinding the note too late
go invisible and make forcefieldsand and and sh- and
more freedom to roam thefieldsand corners of the woods
darley looking at the fairfieldsand fine farms of the
crested cleft high above arcadianfieldsand ochre harled fincas graced
findings of power frequency electromagneticfieldsand the risk of cancer
to tap the grain andfieldsdemanding glory will howl until
genetically modified crop trials andfieldsgrowing non genetically modified commercial
is the corduroy of ploughedfieldslight and shadow ruffle the
concepts and terminology within thefieldsof grammar phonology meaning and
sun the gold and emeraldfieldspollockshields east koran ramadan pollock
take a laptop into elysianfieldstart and cream dress the
to scar hills moors andfieldsto such men conservation means
race fud flat patches offieldsat voe head nyggin tugging
had been a rearrangement offieldsbetween the home farm pitcarles
from their own kinsmen sfieldsduke of york tatties from
room which fell through thefieldsmy brothers cried one of
behind the panes lie ghostlyfieldsof trembling ruined grass office
application of sewage to neighbouringfieldss1f 1734 3 30 pm
deputes who deal with particularfieldsthus keeping the teams of
green children dance down wateryfieldsscraps from a wedding album
eggs gathered from the tilledfieldsteuchits or peesees or wallapies
that birl awa tae concretefieldso spacelessness gf 36 her
ye ye maun spray yerfieldstae kill the pests an
indicators which cover the broadfieldsconsidered to be the most
didn t depend on enclosedfieldsone farmer a true economist
meedae an twae or mairfieldsir i yon corner whaur
the west it gied thefieldsa rosy glow as hameward
to the summit the cultivatedfieldsbelow still preserve the shape
raxed its lang spine thefieldso cut stubble pierce cauld
och the view the bonniefieldsthe woods sae braw it
man winter comes sweeping oldfieldsbare leapfrog spring can reinvent

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