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eye of the cock afierysun blinks wide his timing
mony a cauldrife mony afieryalp rocks caves lochs muirlan
name will shine out infieryletters tonight the telegraph will
pair were dingin doun wifierywords an fiercesome froun an
than before deep down infieryshades of red and black
was a handsome man afierylad when he was younger
miller sheltered tween clood andfierypillar wi wives an weans
and light them at thefieryglow worms eyes to have
tae watch in awe thefieryflood the flecks o flame
as for me cried thefieryoutrageous pimento how rude to
piece done pit doun taefieryglaur hell the birlin tractor
wauchtin aff the tree nettlesfieryin the sheugh aathin fair
on the richter and thefierylake of halemaumau home of
my hairbrush and gave yourfierytopknot a brushing so comprehensive
tame mac ayes with nofierycross raging would not be
now if it was afierymustang skelping across the prairie
war aa like dragons thenfierycelts the english bi da

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