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given as caal the followingfigureiii 1 was constructed after
see figure iii 9 andfigureiii 10 70 of urban
apply with very recent arrivalsfigureiii 2 shows the mean
than scots population stability seefigureiii 3 and figure iii
see figure iii 3 andfigureiii 4 78 of urban
speakers known to pupils seefigureiii 7 and figure iii
see figure iii 7 andfigureiii 8 78 of urban
patterns and parental occupation seefigureiii 9 and figure iii
as it fit fa farfigureiii kin link scores and
east pronunciation in graph formfigureiii mean scores correct out
century see figure i 1figurei 1 a map illustrating
the early 20th century seefigurei 1 figure i 1
locally as the doric seefigurei 2 and figure i
2 and figure i 3figurei 2 north east dialect
see figure i 2 andfigurei 3 figure i 2
at the bald figure thefigureis not 3 per cent
not look at the baldfigurethe figure is not 3
coast of scotland 14 asfigure1 shows catches from the
systems for ndpbs paul martinfigure13 on page 30 shows
and the faroese fishery 9figure2 shows that catches from
and line 1952 98 [note: graph here in original]figure3 shows that the number
first drawing shows a smallfigureme standing in a cove
80 000 full time equivalentsfigure1 below outlines the main
000 last year is thatfigureas of now or is
lines i suggest that thefigureis about 300 000 in
governments have consistently used thefigureof 10 000 a year
is suitable mark hazelwood thefigureof 10 000 was used
was used in determining thefigureof 236 000 households in
the scottish executive how thefigureof 44 000 people employed
kids going what is thefigureof 7 000 per patient
flu richard simpson mentioned afigureof 78 per 1 000
manufacturers prices the 7 000figurereflects a change in those
for cases but now thefigureseems to be 7 000
poverty i too have afigure25 per cent of our
from 1996 to 1997 thefigurefell from 34 per cent
the 85 per cent targetfigureis being met in relation
per cent in finland ourfigureis higher than that of
cent across the categories thefigureis in line with the
although the 10 per centfigureis not far from the
rather than simply producing afigureof 20 per cent i
produce the best balance thefigureof 20 per cent is
been expressed that the targetfigureof 20 per cent that
wrong the 10 per centfigurerelates to the 49 per
put that in context thatfigureis about 0 1 per
based on illustrations using thefigureof a 2 5 per
steading accommodation at an agreedfigureper head regular meetings of
necessary to put the targetfigureinto its proper perspective if
the moment a percentage targetfigureis shown on the face
stage 1 report a targetfigurethat it considers realistic but
must be at a ballparkfigure1 5 million a day
million by 2004 should thatfigurebe 6 335 billion elaine
is 25 million again thatfigurehas never been convincingly challenged
fifty million was the latestfigurei heard er people corpus
5 february 2003 whether thefigureof 1 4 million lorry
interesting to note that thefigureof 25 million has been
1999 in relation to thefigureof 34 million quoted as
grace elder you mentioned thefigureof 7 million that was
nursing care when the realfigurewas in fact 25 million
it is 55 million thatfigurewill increase as a result
that we should increase thatfigureyet again to 60 million
from roads was an estimatedfigureif so on what basis
must have arrived at thatfigureon the basis that nothing
subtracted them from the originalfigurethat gave us the basis
so on what basis thefigurewas calculated and what the
i cannot remember the exactfigurebut it is of the
although at times a controversialfigurein the parish he cannot
index i agree that thefigureis puzzling but i cannot
demand i cannot put afigureon that yet as it
but i cannot put afigureon the investment and consequently
report paragraph 3 25 andfigure13 show the coverage of
god as a benevolent fatherfigureand of religion as a
god was a benign fatherfigureoccasionally moved to irritation or
religion embodied in the authoritativefigureof his own father as
elsewhere sforza played the fatherfigureuntil his death aged seventy
guideline rather than a scientificfigurebut sfha s view is
rather less than the rawfigureimplies i made a rough
also rather spurious when thefigureis as small as that
mention for a rather neglectedfigureone of the first to
assault a small slight terrifiedfigurerather like a lavatory brush
tae whaur we saw afigureclammer up the bank an
same time i saw afigurecoming toward me on the
and saw this dull drabfigureskin aw peely wally my
should be because the lastfigurethat i saw for this
andy tries to copy thefigure7 from the blackboard on
organisations in the sector howeverfigure1 also reveals that self
2 700 by 2010 seefigure1 below taken from the
taken from the above reportfigure1 changing employment levels in
scotland 1952 98 2 asfigure1 illustrates total catches of
innovation by social economy organisationsfigure1 [note: figure here in original] source scottish council
protection scotland act 1951 1figure1 number of salmon and
sea over a longer periodfigure1 uk tacs for cod
1 december 2000 why thefigurefor the whole of scotland
for start up costs thisfigurewould be closer to 1
scotland we think that thatfigurewould rise to about 1
approached it a small bentfiguredarted away down the terraces
to 65m 20 the 50mfigureremained the best available estimate
s efforts to improve thefigurehowever people out there have
guys can i can neverfigureit out because no one
f1023: well i couldn tfigureit out i didn t
you can sit down andfigureit out without askin anybody
absolutely minimal if anyone canfigureit out you guys can
go out ron tuck thefigureof 400 candidates would relate
even tried to fi- tofigureout any of the answers
i m still trying tofigureout how to exit from
difficult thing to try tofigureout i think we ll
old and i can tfigureout if he s always
yeah we are tryin tofigureout if this table s
is arbitrary to pluck afigureout of the air indeed
and i ll try tofigureout the cheapest way home
then you can pretty muchfigureout the grammar this happened
something that they couldn tfigureout what it was [inhale]
then about an hour tofigureout what ones she actually
s why i can tfigureout what s come over
but we can t quitefigureout what to do because
dan and i need tofigureout with sam because you
on that one couldn tfigurethat one out at all
out ma head i canfigurethings out and link them
that has never happened thefigurewas picked out of the
ogre is a threatening malefigurewho also turns out to
tell how this year sfigurewill turn out dr simpson
of the 22 surveyed nationsfigure2 [note: figure here in original] although it is
he s still a strikingfigurealthough overweight and silver haired
do not know where thefigurecame from it is just
do not know where thatfigurecame from the level was
and came up with afigurein the order of 120
how they came to thefigureof 18 they needed enough
tribunals and came to afigurethe judges will be independent
however i hear that thefigurehas risen to 725 that
kenny gibson referred to thatfigurehowever he did not draw
come up with an aggregatefigurehowever how each project is
high in 1998 however thatfigureshould be seen in the
males notes further that thefigurefor the number of children
cases brought in england thefigurefor the number of convictions
provided a much more precisefigureon the number of such
brazil russia canada and spainfigure2 breaks down the social
stocks has been effectively curtailedfigure2 catches of salmon tonnes
to some countries than othersfigure2 reveals that the social
call it the most recentfigurefor that was 2 920
at stage 2 when thefigureproposed by mr matheson was
success rod and line fishingfigure3 salmon and sea trout
o dell and macintosh 1963figurei 3 the dialects divisions
polls for survey samples thefigureis plus or minus 3
the forestry employment survey 1999figureof 10 700 jobs s1w
monday he explained how thatfigurebegan to decrease over a
about the accuracy of thatfigurehow accurate is it i
january 2003 how the 15figurein respect of possible future
have any idea how thefigureof 18 judges with which
ma heid but i cannaefigureoot how it s supposed
how it arrived at itsfigures1w 3403 kay ullrich to
is fiction how can afigurethat does not exist be
how much it estimates thisfigureto be s1w 34830 michael
decommissioning originated and how thisfigurewas calculated s1w 33023 mrs
line of table yin thefigurefor scotland o er aa
amending a percentage of anotherfigurebecause the latter has more
and harmony to adapt anotherfigurefrom our liturgy which is
the poorest children and thefigurehas fallen by another 5
another of myself a tinyfiguretucked up in bed with
hang my hat on thatfigurebecause it is a rough
were managing to reduce thatfigurebecause of the amount of
government did have such afigurebecause we are talking about
aafa sorry said the drippinfigurei trippit ower something and
had seen something a darkfigurelooming up behind weir on
if we could achieve afigureof something of the order
ll see that murdoch sfigureis muckler his maithodology wis
process last year and thefigureis well above the much
much changed from the mucklefigureof controversie i mynd as
is trying to put afigureon the amount of smuggled
their author was a heroicfigurea prodigious intellectual from a
like to hear where thatfigurecomes from it is a
watched excitedly as a voluminousfigureemerged from a nearby opening
writer and intellectual a heroicfigurefrom a noble family [someone in audience sneezes]
now clear partly from thefigureof the young farm housewife
to the recess period thefigurerose from 783 in 1999
care to my knowledge thatfigurehas never been seriously challenged
fingers lightly over the paganfigurea rowan to the left
highlands and for perthshire thefigureis over 14 similar evidence
hobgoblin he is a pookafigurea kind of demon puck
be removed by stating afigureand it is reasonable to
is set at the samefigureas for england and wales
that six is an arbitraryfigurebut the bill is arbitrary
capital charges what is thefiguredelivering it is unlikely to
no car whereas the correspondingfigurefor all households is only
is a tremendously important transitionalfigurehe is still a great
different here is there afigurein the financial memorandum that
the latter is a keyfigurein the town s story
you comment on that thefigureis buried away in the
have any evidence that thatfigureis changing due to the
but i think that thatfigureis low the convener five
fuel poverty and that thatfigureis rising ms curran i
knox obviously a key protestantfigureis that he actually blends
e programmes maybe wis afigureo a saint is wis
people have said that thefigureof 16 billion is fiction
is probably right about thefigureof eight houses there is
alasdair is a very kenspekkilfigureon the golf course these
to have that view thefigurethat i produced is the
the overall cost estimates thefigurethat is given for the
that is quite a substantialfigurethat we would be investing
feverishly drew a classic devilfigureas caricatured by our post
our comic [opening packet] a freefigurekimi fitt bookie s this
place as our leading literaryfigureshould not be in doubt
ourselves to ensure that thefigureapplies to 17 year olds
to include a health servicefigurein the report it would
to reach a more accuratefigurewe can have a good
1995 96 as the basefigureand broken down by water
i had always been afigureamong many now i wanted
to be told that thatfigurehad further been reduced to
lyndsay had been an importantfigurein the household of the
she has been the dominantfigurein the street for 60
been taken into account thefiguremight be slightly higher for
aspect to those agreements thefigurethat has been quoted to
i identified myself with thatfigurea woman in walking gear
star face and her ravishingfigureand her clothes that always
had a debate on thatfigureand lord lipsey s attempt
it graham agreed with thatfigureballater in 1961 the population
more breaking twigs when afigurefinally did emerge into that
sheridan agree that whatever thefigurefor potential job losses the
month i announced that thefigurehad risen to planned expenditure
need to set such afigurein the bill on that
ben arthur after an historicalfigureit s a pity that
which means that the realfiguremight be anywhere between 65
staring aghast at the retreatingfigureno i corrected her that
he was almost certainly thefigurethat had disappeared with the
the register hugh henry thefigurethat i have at the
impact would be huge thefigurethat struck me most forcibly
manifesto but in a percentagefigurethat would enhance the quality
explained that you had afigurethat you wanted to reduce
back to us on thatfigurethe convener i am sure
convictions mike flynn sorry thatfigurewas only for wildlife we
the fact that when thatfigurewas presented to the sutherland
interesting example of a transitionalfigurean educated woman the daughter
overwhelming vyborni cut a perfectfigureappeared above the luminosity of
long a suave don likefigureappeared it had not all
a proportion of the ukfigurebut in scotland we have
morning and a dark shadowyfigureclutching a bulky bundle was
on seeing a strange huddledfigurecurled up on the lounge
he waits a bearded piraticalfigureenjoying a splendid cigar sipping
mid twenties with a modelfigurefive undisciplined children a compulsion
not be comfortable offering afigurefor the amount of smuggled
seven the amendment provides afigurefor the definition of a
executive did not have afigurefor the possible loss to
towards the church a matchstickfigurefortunately i was well dressed
in some ways a transitionalfigurehe s the end of
you look at the spryfigurehoned like a bird and
the cow remained a powerfulfigurein egyptian symbolism the heavenly
restricted i will quote afigurein paragraph 29 b of
for sure was a keyfigurein the invention of scotland
repone i m a finefigureo a lad me zm
each other and perform afigureof eight in reel time
be done this gave afigureof eighteen days as the
issue the conservatives quoted afigureon fuel poverty i too
semi conscious state a shadowyfigureplagued me arms outstretched as
ugly toad s forbye herfigures like a tramp s
thomas cook himself a familiarfigureshuffled in daniel what are
an image of his lithefiguresoaring icarus like into a
a grand an maist imposinfiguresomethin like santa claus bit
desire to possess a motherfigureto compensate for his childhood
llull he had found afigureto identify with and he
edinburgh burns supper a strikingfigurewearing a black cloak and
in poverty exactly the samefigureas for 1996 97 when
discussing his situation with thefigureexperience as the young courtier
verse to use sumtyme thefigureof repetitioun as quhylis joy
setting 18 as the maximumfigurethe minister for education europe
would be allowable within thefigurefor delegated authority s1w 7182
negotiations for 2001 whether thisfiguretook into account the seasonal
now haunting him and thefigureof zaf and he keeps
cost estimates to 109m thisfigurecompares not with the original
falling not rising the significantfigureto which i draw the
not stretch the services thefigurewill be about 100 120
scottish executive where the 15figurein respect of possible future
2000 and when the comparativefigurefor 31 march 2001 will
centuries earlier llull was thefigureupon whom he would attempt
manoeuvred the car back thefigurewas some two hundred yards
fte multiplying this by thefigurefor demersal landings by uk
701 and whether the totalfigurefor the whole of scotland
right hand column of thefiguregives the total scores for
will he be the executivefigurewith responsibility for what happens
the first item on thefigure13 list the critical systems
the mirror at the glowinfigureafore me and ah smiled
he began to follow thefigurealong the gloomy pavements suddenly
organised the local scheme thefigurefar exceeded the most sanguine
the javans sichted the wingitfigureo the archangel michael wi
alibi here in the enigmaticfigureof llull salvador soon read
track the matter back thefigurerelates to the definition of
finger in the air averagefigurethe gross margin on tobacco
work of this major literaryfigureof local national and international
berwickshire ld i refer tofigure14 on page 32 which
he became an increasingly remotefigurein my life life became
e rape roon es corefigureo acht fashion till ye

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