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the latest year for whichfiguresare available s1w 15107 mr
were welsh speakers the latestfiguresare from the 1997 welsh
look forward to the latestfiguresbeing announced later this week
national post office network latestfiguresindicate that 18 post offices
are on the latest availablefiguress1w 13091 alex neil to
the light of the latestfiguresunderstaffing and sickness levels lead
nursing posts each of thesefiguresrepresents broken down by health
in scotland each of thesefiguresrepresents s1w 15023 richard lochhead
collected nationally each of thesefiguresrepresents s1w 15036 richard lochhead
each force each of thesefiguresrepresents s1w 15038 richard lochhead
have more up to datefiguresthe housing association programme represents
to have the level iiifiguresas early as possible to
cannot promise that level iiifigurescan be provided in the
then ross finnie level iiifiguresfrom your opening remarks convener
where scots is used seefiguresiii 11 iii 12 iii
laugh torphins social networks seefiguresiii 5 and iii 6
importance of including level iiifiguresin the budget document we
question on the level iiifigureswe have been asked to
we have the level iiifigureswhich were not available earlier
three financial years for whichfiguresare available and further to
most recent year for whichfiguresare available and how many
recent three year period thatfiguresare available and what percentage
most recent quarter for whichfiguresare available and what the
most recent quarter for whichfiguresare available and what the
the last year for whichfiguresare available how many deaths
the national scottish publication neverthelessfiguresare available however disaggregating them
last five years for whichfiguresare available in each of
last five years for whichfiguresare available s1w 13140 mr
last 10 years for whichfiguresare available s1w 15092 mr
last five years for whichfiguresare available s1w 19428 mr
most recent quarter for whichfiguresare available s1w 20837 richard
in each year for whichfiguresare available s1w 24781 mr
most recent date for whichfiguresare available s1w 33558δ mr
last five years for whichfiguresare available s1w 34740 phil
last five years for whichfiguresare available s1w 34741δ janis
the last years for whichfiguresare available s1w 7148 mr
the last years for whichfiguresare available s1w 7151 mr
the last year for whichfiguresare available s1w 7679 mr
year since 1994 for whichfiguresare available s1w 8770 fiona
of the period for whichfiguresare available the incidence of
will to ensure that thefiguresare available to us even
it will ensure that separatefiguresare made available s1w 15161
17 april 2001 why separatefiguresare not available for scotland
the most up to datefiguresavailable for staff turnover are
to some difficulty the otherfiguresthat were available to us
s earnings believes that thesefiguresclearly show that legislation in
the information and statistics divisionfiguresfor 2000 show that nursing
388 households and that thefiguresfor scotland show an increase
388 households and that thefiguresfor scotland show an increase
people smoke more cigarettes somefigureshave been produced to show
the convener the letter saysfiguresshow a substantial reduction in
do they i mean thefiguresshow it no we need
pleased that the most recentfiguresshow that steady progress is
in scotland speak gaelic thosefiguresshow that the language is
opportunities fund as well thefiguresthat i have show that
local government muir russell thefiguresthat i have show that
developing world do you havefiguresthat show how much of
prisoners i could show thefigurestoo few officers the figures
that projections show that thefigureswill remain relatively small in
are firm planned figures thesefiguresare simply a snapshot that
minister dispute the local authoritiesfiguresdoes she dispute the figures
on these figures unlike thefiguresin the top half of
figures does she dispute thefiguresthat her colleagues have quoted
table which are firm plannedfiguresthese figures are simply a
cannot rely greatly on thesefiguresunlike the figures in the
figures too few officers thefigureswould shock even you no
expenditure based on demand thefiguresare only indicative and the
can have neither if thefiguresfor revenue and expenditure for
4 million 18 bringing thesefiguresforward would give direct expenditure
not from the exchequer thefiguresrepresent the annually managed expenditure
what change in expenditure thesefiguresrepresented in real terms s1w
the comparison of the spendingfigureswith baseline expenditure because those
according to the most recentfigureshandles well in excess of
primarily at the most recentfiguresproduced by the scottish council
table based on the scvofigures107 000 total social economy
middle of the table thefiguresare for march 2001 only
those estimates of 90m totalfiguresare shown in table 1
authorities [note: table here in original] table 4 collatesfiguresfrom local authorities in dundee
ideal in which all thefiguresin that table are zero
i am aware that thefiguresin the table relate only
are we likely to havefiguresby then ross finnie level
the prison estate review variousfigureson the level of reoffending
to be increased substantially ourfiguressuggest that the level of
million sometimes i complain aboutfiguresbut that is quite a
12 10pm 10 write infiguresfive million two hundred and
within the 434 million thefiguresfor the department of health
million are there any specificfiguresfor the health service or
5 million comparison of thefiguresis an inexact science brian
from advertising bans those illustrativefiguresare not based on any
reason to challenge it thefigurescome from telephone interviews based
are they based on currentfiguresplus 10 per cent or
we must say that thesefiguresare just estimates and projections
when ye get into thesefiguresbut th- ye know the
annual variations 3 therefore thesefigurescan only provide a guide
its inception and how thesefigurescompare to pre launch projections
antiquarian enquiries it is thesefiguresfrom the 1820s which were
in the light of thesefiguresfuture visitor leaflets will be
1999 points out that thesefiguresneed some adjustment before they
straight to the point thesefiguresof yours aren t good
obtain a breakdown of thesefigureson a month by month
decision in these matters thefiguresought to be in the
and what percentage changes thesefiguresrepresent compared with previous years
be difficult to update thesefiguressalmon netting and therefore the
financial memoranda is that thefiguresare not fully quantified we
members will see references tofiguresfor the financial year that
the financial memorandum the onlyfiguresin it are budgets that
presume we should have somefiguresin the financial memorandum otherwise
but there are hardly anyfiguresin the financial memorandum the
the committee to debate thosefiguresand to suggest amendments to
seriously is that all thosefiguresare estimates and they may
as to how reliable thosefiguresare it is important however
publications also exist but theirfiguresare more delayed than those
as was recently reported thosefiguresare sadly among the lowest
result of fire damage thosefiguresare taken from a study
tobacco advertising has challenged thosefiguresas being too low those
regular volunteers those are thefiguresfor the scvo for some
will we improve on thosefiguresi will finish by making
we do not play thosefiguresinto the formal returns it
whether it will provide thefiguresnow for those slaughtered from
about 750 000 given thosefiguresonly an ignoramus would spend
are taken according to currentfiguresthe majority of those people
back to you with thosefigureswe have real problems with
the audit reports on thosefigureswill flow out over the
full investigations although behind thosefigureswork was being done by
the most up to datefiguresare regarding the number of
beyond five years the comparativefiguresat the back of my
russell i have given youfiguresbrian adam i am not
been published given that suchfiguresfor england and wales were
scotland is 658 when thefiguresgiven for each local authority
exchanges there are given thefiguresof 67 and 54 quoted
today s demonstration that thefiguresthat are being given exclude
members can see from thefiguresthat they have been given
systems the calculation of thefiguresthat we have given was
shotts lab the facts andfiguresabout the third sector are
reflection mr mcaveety the percentagefiguresare accurate they will be
the budget document so thefiguresare an understatement of how
in scotland if the 1988figuresare brought forward to 2000
for animal welfare 35 ftefiguresare calculated on the basis
north of the border iffiguresare coming out tomorrow why
we know what the underlyingfiguresare for scotland mike flynn
injuries and what the totalfiguresare for the scottish prison
gaelic development body while precisefiguresare hard to obtain it
committee of the regions thefiguresare improving but they are
that that is so thefiguresare laid out on pages
inclined to believe that hisfiguresare mair lik the truth
which dancing on ice viewingfiguresare more commonly discussed seeing
the way in which thefiguresare presented means that if
what is happening the sciehfiguresare published regularly in a
the system has accelerated thefiguresare rising more quickly than
local authority records but thefiguresare rough and ready we
tobacco products whatever the officialfiguresare they are just the
government confirm whether more detailedfiguresare to be disclosed before
are succeeding in reducing thefiguresfor delayed discharge i look
or do you dispute thefiguresfrom south lanarkshire council are
convictions what are the roughfiguresi do not need exact
of care dr simpson thefiguresin the letter are for
of the numbers and thefiguresin the paper are rather
strengthened the possibilities for localfiguresmay increase however they are
v are brief discussions offiguresof speech or ornamentis to
republish the bill if nofiguresthat anybody can quantify are
sure malcolm chisholm the onlyfiguresthat i have which are
quite so much there arefiguresthat might have been entirely
how can they justify thefiguresthat they are trying to
south lanarkshire council are suchfiguresto do only with areas
letter does not contain newfigureswell they are relatively new
we are considering the legalfigureswhat is perceived to be
have nice friendly shapes unlikefigureswhich are used for sums
with a succession of arbitraryfiguresas each case might result
be better to have separatefiguresfor each category of land
for each authority giving separatefiguresfor interest charges paid and
necessary wastage he entered thefiguresin a ledger and each
the way in which thefigureshave always been presented however
disconcerted however when two furtherfiguresone cone shaped and the
followers of english hunts howeverfiguresprovided by cobham resource consultants
to kill the hare howeverfiguressuggest that around 600 hares
night however some of thefiguresthat have flown around have
in which we presented thefiguresthe convener however do you
private mounted hunts in scotlandfiguresderived from other studies give
give us the facts andfiguresdo we expect that every
from other studies give differentfiguresfor indirect employment associated with
can you give us comparablefiguresfor scotland and tell us
others will he give usfiguresof what that spread of
when you give us thefigureson the workers who you
of a blunt set offiguresthat give a rough idea
will publish the farm incomefiguresfor 2002 s1w 33559δ cathie
of publishing individual local authorityfiguresshould be followed s1w 28580
for three year council taxfiguresand welcomes the executive s
for three year council taxfiguresand welcomes the executive s
fisheries council including any estimatedfiguresfor loss of income and
to judge highland council sfiguresif it is talking about
of the population so skewedfigureswill result from council tax
of the year we receivedfiguresfrom 16 local authorities including
autism in local authorities wherefigureshave been suppressed due to
authorities would depending upon whosefiguresyou use have covered between
fines have had on thefiguresin the past year or
billion less than the encouragingfiguresin this year s budget
process we will have thefiguresthis year when the new
originals and copies of hisfiguresamong which the three wise
g metaphors personifications and otherfiguresof speech which all combine
2000 01 some of thefiguresto which we refer today
for personal care the onlyfiguresthat have been presented in
shocked when i read thefiguresto find that only 50
brigade pensions to examine thefiguresfor the three yearly spending
baith as the three cauldfigurestraivelled slaw aboot the tinkers
if you do not havefiguresat the moment will you
parties and will have thefiguresbefore it we should be
we do not have authoritativefiguresbut the issue seems to
correct to say that thefiguresconcern charges that have been
have also recently been recordfiguresfor business start ups in
why a individual local authorityfiguresfor scotland have not yet
colleagues the survey notes thatfigureshave declined since the second
5 per cent the absolutefigureshave shown a 13 per
scottish executive s accountants thefigureshave to be represented in
get our hands on thefiguresi have heard anecdotal evidence
think that we have somefiguresin one of the papers
larger scale prescribing would thefiguresnot come down governments have
no i have read aboutfiguresof between 3 500 and
wise enough not to endorsefiguresthat i have not seen
and come up with somefiguresthe convener i have a
have quite rightly identified thefiguresthe evidence suggests that typically
i do not have thefiguresto hand hugh flinn may
were always difficulties with localfiguresbut did not say whether
otherwise dennis canavan mentioned politicalfiguresand his point was quite
government committee who quoted thefiguresthat you mentioned quite a
executive whether it will publishfiguresfor 1997 1998 and 1998
other consultants and whether thefiguresinclude any provision for site
executive whether it will publishfiguresregarding the numbers of scottish
executive whether it will publishfiguresregarding the numbers of scottish
but whether we got thefiguresright is an open question
wait and see whether thefiguresrise in england the first
recognised some difficulty with thefiguresfor the weights and dry
morgan s concern that thefiguresmay indicate some reductions but
in other sectors yesterday sfigureson some business failures in
some justification for picking thefiguresthat it did we hope
borders economy some of thefiguresthat we were consulting on
result of any miscalculation offiguresby the office for national
overseas tourists according to visitscotlandfiguresfor 1998 the top ten
we should try to obtainfiguresfor all groups we need
is no central collation offiguresfor allotment provision in scotland
macmillan adjusts the psg surveyfiguresfor direct employment by followers
accurate therefore to adjust thefiguresfor employment attributable to fox
detail on the forecast budgetfiguresfor energy efficiency a breakdown
choose from a range offiguresfor example wales has chosen
for the discrepancies in thefiguresfor its staff employed at
if you look at thefiguresfor road improvements and winter
course do you want specificfiguresfor scotland brian fitzpatrick yes
and to determine the proportionatefiguresfor scotland supported by fergus
improper of me to revealfiguresfor specific newspaper titles because
required i can get thefiguresfor the committee we will
scottish executive to specify thefiguresfor the cost of ending
they do not set outfiguresfor the newspaper industry there
provide on a weekly basisfiguresfor the numbers of animals
we need up to datefiguresfor the over 65 and
what we would use thefiguresfor they would be indicative
do we know the backgroundfiguresfor wildlife mike flynn four
is he satisfied that thefiguresfrom the scottish centre for
for voluntary organisations and keyfiguressuch as jean mcfadden although
underspend and what the respectivefigureswere for a and b
organic area to use yourfiguresmight be right i do
until we do all thefigureson the student drop out
do not need to quotefiguresproducers in the far east
as i do in thefiguresthat sam galbraith announced yesterday
too young m811: yeah f812: figuresthough f814: he man do
to use two different inflationfiguresselecting the lower to work
calculating what contributes to theirfiguresthe scvo use the phrase
about the department of healthfiguresevery other group of people
of the other senior politicalfiguresin europe who seem to
regions cor and other corfiguresto enable the committee to
were swept past and otherfigureswere washed from rafts his
hunting in scotland he usesfiguresderived from the psg survey
of scotland tourist board reportingfiguresdown 20 from 1998 4
with quotes from major politicalfiguresextolling the concept of a
be able to calculate thefiguresfrom the 2002 survey in
of a scene with humanfiguresin it cut out from
the eu in 2007 12figurestaken from the final report
concerned uptake we should seekfigureson vaccine uptake among health
were introduced and how thefigurescompare with sales in england
was not sure that thefiguresat the time gave enough
not deliberately trying to withholdfiguresmy understanding was that we
did not say that thefiguresrepresent pfi charges the point
spend that amount because thefigureswould not then relate to
appropriate vocabulary the fourth withfiguresof speech such as comparisons
with a range of seniorfiguressuch as heads of state
and want to include suchfiguresthere is no difficulty about
executive official who compiled thefiguresalthough there will be a
will fall out over thefiguresthat the number of gaelic
watch helplessly while white jacketedfiguresin the water were swept
also been much better growthfiguresthan were predicted by the
an accurate estimate of thefiguresthat were agreed in advance
know the assumptions behind thefiguresalthough we very much welcome
that we can get thefiguresexact alasdair morgan if the
historical artefacts ceramic tiles porcelainfiguresweapons and coins finally we
more diffident towards successful malefiguresin the public world she
wanted to pull out thefigureson the executive s policy
time trying to work thefiguresout the convener that is
paper ehm than be gregariousfigureswho go to parties and
and the current total employmentfiguresin scotland 2 415 000
rabbits scampered around the animatedfiguresalong with puppies and kittens
as a whole giving thefiguresalso as a percentage of
morgan considering the real termsfiguresand regardless of where the
paintings showed golden haloed saintlyfiguresand the bringing of an
he had compared the crimefiguresbetween 15th april and 10th
progress to stage 2 thefigurescan be played with it
and scattered as the weirdfiguresclaimed the plaza in a
low and often in singlefigurescompared to the large number
second seeing the black gownedfiguresflit to and fro john
looking at the current budgetfiguresi welcome the evidence that
in the various regions thefiguresillustrate a national increase in
mitchell one of the outstandingfiguresin scottish literature world famous
i should stress that thefiguresin the report that refer
with a breakdown of thefiguresin writing bruce crawford mid
the coastline s star crossedfiguresinclude chopin and george sand
welsh household interview survey thefiguresindicate an increase in the
the difference between the twofiguresis within what i would
ask the scottish executive whatfiguresit holds on additional costs
rich but strangely unexplored rabelaisfigureslarge in the critical writings
the history o scots [inaudible]figureslike burns scott eh stevenson
responsibility is to quantify thefigureslindsay manson the executive has
back and check data andfiguresmr macintosh you raised the
the hunted hare 42 soaefdfiguresnovember 1998 43 masters of
legendary and mundane the mythicfiguresof artemis aphrodite apollo and
the ninth the dimly discerniblefiguresof star crossed lovers walking
industry north east of englandfiguresof the number of borders
rather like the shellfish thefigureson pages 22 and 23
spread the word 6 influentialfigureson the european stage the
in 1999 as highlighted infigurespublished by the information and
aircraft or whatever the agenciesfiguresreflect the cost of that
by 1995 according to thefiguresreleased by the kincardine and
both women one of thefiguresrepresented the part of me
parliament notes with concern thefiguresrevealed by the registrar general
a cursory glance at thefiguressuggests that around 10 of
along the lines of thefiguresthat shelter has identified until
consumed or the greatly expandedfiguresthat take into account the
bungled the job and thefiguresthirdly does he agree that
to mislead people on thefigureswas rejected i was trying
is honest about their circulationfigureswhat is the truth it
conditions and with medium incomefiguresrising by 19 per cent
t realise you could getfigureskids f814: yeah f812: that
and all that but itfiguresmister blaikie working class kids
i am told that uptakefiguresof 60 per cent and
elegantly dressed and groomed theirfiguresby and large trim they
a collection of facts andfiguresby professor richard hudson 6
of relatively crude analysis offigurespublished by various pro and
allow it to produce soundfiguresi am a member of
special effects phonology subsumes variousfiguresof speech or tricks of
at a different set offiguresthere is no argument against
to bring them together asfiguresworthy of our continuing admiration
incoming revellers girls flaunted theirfiguresdecked in tight fitting fashions
brother andy thinks writes hisfiguresvery very fast and they
gives due prominence to scottishfiguresand issues and teaches young
98 appendices pages 99 147figureschapter 1 i 1 a

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