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sentences with gaps to befilledwith nouns or noun phrases
sentences with gaps to befilledwith nouns or noun phrases
was filled with whisky m642: filledwith whisky m608: so how
our sponsors m608: it wasfilledwith whisky m642: filled with
he filled in [laugh] hefilledin aw these wo- daft
bellahouston ye know an hefilledin [laugh] he filled in
in clarty hole he sfilledhis share o reamin hutches
a hole needin ti befilledthe human race is in
card until the hole wasfilledthe wool was then carefully
sigh because of his geniusfilledhim better than any meal
each half when you hadfilledthe meal kist aye that
recall in a large pailfilledwith dry meal and used
wid a bin she wizfilledin tae be used by
dry dock s aal binfilledin wi eh buildin o
so ma haert hus binfilledwi wrath for the injustice
enormous soap bubble that halffilledhis kitchen was that the
ingredients half packet of freshfilledpasta garlic onion tin of
ingredients half packet of freshfilledpasta two large tomatoes drizzle
a half pint and yefilledtheir jug in the mornin
stare the scent o aippleringiefilledthe air ___ his lane
hijacked plane and air andfilledtheir sides with fire and
its right the air wasfilledwith drumbeats and the shrill
to greet the air isfilledwith incense sweet pearls to
on the land the airfilledwith the voices of children
m1098: that s that sidefilledhey [inaudible] side full f1097:
right that s that sidefilledm1098: that s that side
m doing i ve justfilledin an application form right
form so got the formfilledit in that was took
a book barn a barnfilledfull of 2nd hand books
auld shoe polish tin andfilledit full o dirt f640:
not a bird s itfilledmy memory s pockets full
intae cairnryan and then theyfilledthem full of eh all
wednesday getting more together ifilleda big bag with old
a spider on hairy stiltsfilleda sink with screams on
for 1707 having his bellyfilledand his head bedulled with
younger than salvador who firstfilledhis master with enthusiasm for
behind the wedge with levelledfilledin by rubble and concrete
were there which i thenfilledin m608: yeah m078: with
like a clothes peg bagfilledit with clothes pegs and
with which it was firstfilledmost singhalese still cling to
to edinburgh in 1970 andfilledseveral pages with notes about
bed i absorbed the starfilledsmall hours and grappled with
and scones and cake andfilledthe boiler up [laugh] with
from plastic binder twine andfilledthem with little chocolate eggs
loads of dolls that youfilledthem with water so they
the cup was absolutely totallyfilledto the brim with the
i mean it is truefilledup aberdeen with wheelie bins
f963: mm mm m762: completelyfilledup with you know other
job and the car wasfilledwith a stones track that
teachers and i am absolutelyfilledwith admiration f963: mm mmhm
[laugh] f965: but i amfilledwith admiration m964: [cough] f965:
the back of the counterfilledwith aniseed balls 4 for
9 inches by 4 inchesfilledwith boiling water would be
the museum is not onlyfilledwith burns memorabilia it is
but formal west end streetsfilledwith buses cars and traffic
aye m642: the table wasfilledwith cans of the sponsor
and the food included cookiesfilledwith cream and strawberry jam
sea beneath as a cauldronfilledwith drift nets gently stews
they had the cup ayefilledwith eh the famous grouse
to a gleaming metal dishfilledwith gentle lukewarm antiseptic water
had emerged on a shorefilledwith indignant walruses who bellowed
intrigues me now i mfilledwith intuitive certainty that to
s obviously hollowed out andfilledwith lights an the lights
were baking empenadas hot breadfilledwith melted cheese tomato and
year i hope 1990 isfilledwith much joy and happiness
centre reveals a prosperous placefilledwith outdoor caf├ęs tourist shops
the alleys resembled unlit funnelsfilledwith people thronging from square
unadulterated state now floodlit andfilledwith sentimental music gondolas plying
carried ashore his eyes arefilledwith shards of sea debris
a jar along to befilledwith syrup or treacle from
those days the soles werefilledwith tackets but he had
a carefully chosen little vasefilledwith the freshest of flowers
tumultuous mob of brothers werefilledwith the same contradictory feelings
got his head and mindfilledwith the tune such is
covetous child and was immediatelyfilledwith the urge to possess
or another most people arefilledwith the urge to ride
but turned out to befilledwith vegetable cabbage we thought
conspired my consciousness has beenfilledwith views and senses similar
coaches of the ferrocaril companyfilledwith vips out of the
of alteration invariably finds skipsfilledwith walls that are not
a drawing book which wasfilledwith watercolour pictures snares boys
rose or a rotten mushroomfilledwith worms and mould yet
but the knowledge of assurancefilledyou with righteousness the elect
ladle and with this youfilledyour bowl the daily routine
muckle cabbage that jist abootfilledthe hall een o the
theikit ruif ma een irfilledwi maimories lik wyne from
keing s dochter s eenfilledwi saut tears but she
days in edinburgh the flowerfilledgarden that bordered the water
mmhm f965: and i mfilledthese are not even teachers
man seed at two hefilledmy lap my little dough
case the licht went afffilleda lantren wi paraffin an
gas works and ye g-filledit up wi the shinners
intae ma haert but ahmfilledtae burstin wi love for
room an the hoose jistfilledup wi smoke hanna wis
awa an the wash hoosefilledup wi steam it was
lift the tyke that sfilledwi flocks mind the bed
mattresses and they re awfilledwi lice and everything and
fair fu o happiness afilledwi mirth an joy kin
petrol cause i ve justfilledup f643: oh right m608:
the slaps an holes werefilledby that wee canny man
bowls looking like poisonous filthfilledlochs the man stood up
space behind him had beenfilledby another two men noo
these are expected to befilleds1w 7697 trish godman to
a runner often his wifefilleda pail from the sacks
assassin hunger pangs assuaged thefilledcat sprawls and purrs his
the bundle of his nappyfilledpants startled for he has
greedy back his echt pounfilledthe ten bags o sticks
an that they re kindafilledup doing that there s
outskirts of keswick petrol stationfilledup hundred yards down the
somewye but the beddin thatfilledup maist o the kist
gush o oiyley black waaterfilledeh boat an she disappeared
forenicht or the fawin petalsfilledthe faulds o ma goun
the machine and then yefilledall the bottles and stoppered
much as possible then backfilledand let sit for a
socks he and peggy hadfilledfirst by a black leaded
buses well their headlamps wasfilledin and ye just had
lion still dominates a sunfilledworld sineu s medieval plaza
of wheels into the starfilleddawn it was almost five
the lady was late wefilledin time by showing part
market was a narrow stallfilledthoroughfare and true enough amongst
no the coal scuttle wasfilledto overflowing because my idea
purple blotches your unsteady breathingfilleda long pause while my
into its yellow glory yellowfilledmy iris to the core
carried from the well andfilledinto a big iron pot
a sponsor sheet that wisfilledeence or twice ower fin
it out or whether hefilledit that i can t
we all know he hasfilledthat position for the last
saw on that terrible terrorfilledday the consequences if your
supermarket on millburn road butfilledin during the 19th century
measured in a bushel measurefilledto the top and smoothed
that 80 of the jobsfilledby the new deal would
dubious looking meat whose stenchfilledthe room we made our
seats to venus are allfilledthe story in the corner
droves an dizzens yokit cairtsfilledbynes an barras an fettled
yin day they dae guidfilledrolls an aa hame baked
an eyewitness report aince fountainsfilledthis avenue an myrrh ten
steps leading to a lightfilledhall where they serve you
dod i bet she niverfilledit like that angelica mae
impact of vacancies not beingfilledthere is strong concern about
crenellated walls crusting the fountainfilledpie of sunken gardens pop
friend count when dancing queenfilledthe flat aunt pol s
view sean harris might havefilledpsychopath brady s shoes convincingly

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