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me and the grey miasmafillsmy skull to bursting point
up from the scrub sigiryafillsthe landscape a cubist square
seekin oot flouers whas parfumefillsma sleeves but aye wi
in the harem wuthert flouersfillsthe courtyaird in the mukkil
in his pram which almostfillsthe tiny slice of a
to a nail a kettlefillswith rain behind the nettles
a secret and their laughterfillsthe carriage as it rattles
the lesson continues my basketfillsand so pleased is he
into the nicotine fog thatfillsher tiny dark brown hallway
tree stars cast aff trockfillsup the till can ye
in this dark socket blearilyfillswith stars creeping night is
billboards rising a slag heapfillsthe horizon just sitting lungs
know the sea comes infillsthe swimming pool tide goes
ward their short forced floweringfillsthe room with scent red
sky and a terrible sorenessfillsthe world the whole universe
hush a by loch thatfillsthe valley how kind the
crunch of walkers the voidfillsup with sky and road
wan carolanne no thanks beerfillsme with gas sadie as
2004 north sea rig moonpoolfillswith moon north sea crinkles
atwein the spring wunds thatfillslo ceitie on hearin this
very breath o spring itfillsyer hert an gars ye
you a practice which stillfillsme with unease it shows
fill it up f1097: [censored: forename]fillsit up m1098: my bottle
that cradles the earth thatfillsits belly with leaf with
at a disadvantage but elianefillsin the gaps i haven
isnae elk or eland thatfillsthis bag o mine but
dae that the tea wyfefillsthe thimble with tea from
back and your dry mouthfillswith brine watcher here in
afore the soond o clokbeesfillsthe gloamin air a fell
hawd oan ti the silefillshur lugs lori lunges forward
the air round about himfillsup wi lead i agree
a snell wund gethers anfillsme wi dowiness ah try
the flask from the princessfillsit up with water and
in silence in the cornerfillsthe committee with such glee
cools us and refreshes andfillsthe reservoirs my guess is

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