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of the woman viewer whofindsin me she has drowned
forms of anglo saxon englishfindsits ancestor in west saxon
critical establishment in beloved shefindsa voice that is suitable
now so i hope thisfindsyou and arthur very well
news for now hope thisfindsyou and arthur well is
all well and hope thisfindsyou and arthur well too
cost of construction the studyfindsthat both preferred passenger options
the hero of this testamentfindsa peace and beauty in
leaves show delight as hefindsa spider and lets it
century scene 1 the henfindsgrain the sheep refuse to
london dear joan hope thisfindsyou well and not gadding
wyfe s lost hen pompitiefindsthe hen on the gangril
battle whaur herd lads noufindsspear an sword as sweet
the power of flight whofindsa needle on the common
he loses it and pompitiefindsit the needle forces pompitie
to be angry when shefindsout that me and beastie
instead he runs away andfindsa quiet spot round the
the darkening leaves a heronfindsa parking space to sit
week well i hope thisfindsyou keeping well and if
for now i hope thisfindsyou well cheerio for noo
for now so hope thisfindsyou well love from madge
is something that the snpfindsdifficult to understand but we
one or more categories societyfindsit difficult to accept the
use a particular word orfindsit difficult to understand a
january when scottish literature oftenfindsa place in the curriculum
his fingers still hurt hefindsnow that he has nothing
tone of voice when shefindshis nappy soiled but where
copy from the encyclopoedia isafindsthe page well done sinclair
hysterically about something only hefindsfunny my old dear rubs
which scotland s farming communityfindsitself and in particular draws
but jist wait fan shefindsoot he s ower aul
which is lost until hefindsit and when he has
and knees for damage butfindsnothing to alarm her she
finnd v find finndsna vfindsnot flain n arrow flauchtert
as soon as my grannyfindsout i m going to
and find the place andyfindsthe right page puts his
an empty place my handfindsit every time i climb
ensuring that the voluntary sectorfindsits place in partnership with
scottish national identity moira fergusonfindsin little s poetry both
and seek diligently until shefindsit and when she has
and today that he nowfindsit impossible to strike a
done everything right youth scotlandfindsthat decision inexplicable i invite
she starts to cry shefindsa tissue in a pocket
rubbish asks fiona when shefindsme dozing upright in my
if she wakes up andfindsme gone preferably with that
age of twelve she alsofindsthat they do not use
receives and he who seeksfindsand to him who knocks
the number of houses hefindsin a certain village is
yet prof [censored: surname] says hefindsit eminently acceptable so far
under a sofa cushion hefindsit his armless faceless doll
lead tae trouble gin hefindsoot he ll be richt
be at feart his wifefindsoot he winna breathe a
looking at him hard hefindsthis embarrassing i ve got
in the name of godfindsthe label who ur they
category 06 mind where onefindsimmediate traces of michael reddy
time limit where the courtfindsin favour of the person
strong feeling in toe onefindssuch examples of this as
as a simple mating techniquefindsthe conclusions of this book
moray has reached crisis pointfindsit unacceptable that residents of
accordance with paragraph 4 andfindsthat a member has made
un website in which onefindsenormously detailed and completely transparent
of metaphor the more onefindsit popping up in the
languages were spoken one immediatelyfindsoneself dans le bain in
more tangibly confirmed by severalfindsfrom the area dating to
question of a reserve thatfindsits way into the executive
in an oral tradition thatfindsus using words that were
these countries the oppressed negrofindshis freedom is scotland alane
it thence so that itfindsno rest quhill to the
see here and see fafindsthe puppies oh it s
scotland and the audit committeefindsit necessary to censure mr
and that that natural lawfindsslavery utterly repugnant the herts
inert gases and the classfindsthe work absorbing although rather
former king of the cosmosfindshimself with thoughts of death
the course of alteration invariablyfindsskips filled with walls that
investigating that problem the ombudsmanfindsother types of maladministration the
wi the muckle mou actfindsher bra on another hook

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