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in the foyer jabbing myfingerat it a harried desk
s eyes followed her jabbingfingerthe sheltie seemed to be
ti dee shona jabbing herfingertowards moula dinna you forget
that s finger puppets f1122: fingerpuppets do another book f1121:
t know f1121: that sfingerpuppets f1122: finger puppets do
to curl around their indexfingerand say what a fine
his hand extending his indexfingeras he did and pushed
top of his right indexfingerat work sunday 18 aberdour
jimmy with a squat indexfingerhamblin thought jimmy he s
old dear s jabby indexfingerstilettos my arm while she
the ithers follaed her pyntinfingerbit there wis naethin there
tho an pyntin wi hisfingerhe cries an ye dinna
wee stinch steeple like afingerpyntin tae heiven maist o
at arm s length betweenfingerand thumb glanced at me
makes a circle of herfingerand thumb maybe half a
between the thumb and firstfingerof her right haun twistin
rinsing the mouth d keepingfingernails and toe nails trimmed
all the same height herfingernails are round at the
in the plaster with myfingernails pretending i was digging
m gonna eat your littlefingerf1115: eat my finger ow
little finger f1115: eat myfingerow ow ow f1116: ow
my finger you pull myfingerf1115: where s your ring
you re gonna hurt yourfingerf1116: you pull my finger
finger f1116: you pull myfingeryou pull my finger f1115:
never be clean pointing herfingeras if at the banquet
you he said pointing hisfingerat me what the fuck
so it s like afingerpointing from the sky in
left side o e middlefingero ma richt haan bit
ah showed him the middlefingerof ma right haun which
one darling now hold yourfingeron the middle and draw
hold your fi- hold yourfingeron the middle do you
came up probed towards thefingercoming towards it it was
opened the door wet hisfingerran it along the top
opened the door wet hisfingerran it along the top
teeth that cud takk yerfingeraff as quick as luik
intill e side o yerfingeras ye vrocht awa wi
it widna even blaud yerfingerend nae a blissin t
watchin nae tae snag yerfingerif e coo gied a
back hiv ye checked yerfingerin a door recently does
an if ye pit yerfingerin they aa open their
an if ye rubbit yerfingeron something else it jist
taps her forehead with herfingera heid case she s
lost me krista draws herfingeracross her throat potted heid
to her show her afingeran she l lauch to
sitting up properly with herfingerat the place and her
fat knees and put herfingerback at the the place
atween her thoum an firstfingerbut in thon kinna wey
to clear it with herfingerhyuh she hands the invalid
mother came and stuck herfingerin the meal to see
her nicotine stained spit moistenedfingerinto her sugar bowl and
follow the fall of herfingerinto the barrel with a
immediately shuts it on herfingerjust to stop him from
and points at her ringfingermeaningfully this is behind dod
loose it wis on herfingerno long ago it wis
she she was prick herfingeron a spinning wheel f1103:
sleep on she runs afingerround her ear to illustrate
wad wrap us roun herfingershove us heid furst throu
my cushioned shoulder her boneyfingertakes my palm in hers
but ye could pit yourfingerthrough her hull the mair
quietly toozenbach holds up afingerto her show her a
because i stapled her leftfingerto the phone now the
sister chopped them and herfingerwas chopped off she died
feinish v finish fingir nfingerfinnd v find flie v
get itself left off myfingerlast night mother tells me
palm the imprint of mafingerleft sparkly wee trails a
atween e thoom an firstfingero e left han an
an i cannae pit mafingeroan it no here wait
this time to put hisfingerfirmly in a pretend place
stones can i put myfingerin f1121: ooh it s
you wanting to put yourfingerin the water f1122: to
i just couldnae put mafingeron it f631: yeah f689:
i couldnae quite put mafingeron it you know f631:
courant reviewer unerringly put hisfingeron that aspect of the
standard dr black put hisfingeron the problem self monitoring
doing here he put afingerto his lips and sat
wi air shae waggit hirfingerin hiz face a suppone
25 per cent is afingerin the air average figure
sae much as raise afingerin the air tae neen
at the door an naefingerthe remote control an nae
in the class has theirfingerat the place miss wood
the right page puts hisfingeron the place and turns
he forgets to keep hisfingeron the place miss wood
book across the desk hisfingertapping the place like the
sharp it ll tak yourfingeraff sae clean ye ll
wind him round your littlefingeragain you little manipulator i
dae did you bang yourfingerf1118: [sob] f1117: let me
she looks heavenward an yourfingergets cairriet awa wi the
the banister and shovin yourfingerin it which we never
too ye know if yourfingeris sore it is gowpin
aboot the thickness o yourfingerit wis a richt gweed
hospitals are closed if yourfingerwas beel t or had
this beep f1141: this littlefingeron the right fitt song
wi e pint o mafingeran fin i d cleart
a knife m1108: bleed mafingerf1107: aye it would wouldn
at e powkin o mafingerraxin eir bare necks heids
crackit shall i pat mafingertill em bit baith hid
try tae swalla ma veryfingertips a funny kittly feelin
my leg it s myfingeri ve hurt on another
ll i ll dip myfingerin to have a taste
dip the tip of hisfingerin water and cool my
weather cold i cut myfingernail goes in 28 saturday
my dagger my beadwork myfingerrings my bracelet with the
ye pepper pepper waving hisfingerah ken byde you here
half stood held up hisfingeras if for silence a
the stone ledge with hisfingercherry blossom blown from one
seumas huh malcolm points hisfingerthat wul juist dae shona
turns the pages over hisfingeruntil he reaches the last
case the fella pyntit thefingeran got us arrestit as
off for me mummy f1139: fingeron there i ll gie
pretends to cut off afingertucking it out of sight
stocking seam two old gossipsfingerwag belly sag eyebrows raise
follaed the direction a eesfingerdoon ablow us the hills
lord president was wagging afingerat him now now mr
to gesticulate now poking afingerinto graham s chest the
routine she gives a twofingersign to mrs scott as
more survivors to point thefingerstew she should take the
the tyme eilidh puts afingerinto the cradle juist luik
aboot aids offerin up afingerin turnabout tae test wi
on the bride s merriegefingerniver tarnish wi wae nor
kate tommy here tommy sfingerbetter he is cheerful monday
someone who has had thefingerpointed at them and been
d hate tae break afingerm816: erm umpteen fingers er
it biggin t roon afingersized branch tae gie t
fae geordie s gless afingernudged the tap o t
stookie he cuidnae move afingeror onie ither pairt o
silver filigree earrings every plumpfingeron both plump hands was
english voice i raised afingerand he muttered to himself
we ve made it aafingermarked m1110: i m cleaning
fifteen years without lifting afingerto stop it you re
granfaither an teacher the anefingerstill rock calloused lang since

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