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dwam a haun outstreikit wifingirslik cleuks an tuik the
oot gruntlin he steers hisfingirstae his face an manages
up ane o hir weefingirsan raened at him whit
wabstar lass blaws on hirfingirsasyde the derk winnok back
yeirsell ah felt yeir impiddentfingirson ma breist the nou
syne a can snak mafingirsat the lees that is
see ye pit yeir chappitfingirson yeir wuzzent lips ye
at him pyntin thair weefingirsat him an shakkin thair
for ah aye weit mafingirswi thaim the better ti
aw see whit smert weefingirsthair new mistress haes mysie
bunnet slaw lik rinnin hirfingirsthrou hir hair the sojers
an thay aw wat thairfingirsthe better ti draw the

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