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executive to make a clearfirmand unequivocal commitment in principle
to make a similar clearfirmand unequivocal commitment together with
is now giving a clearfirmunequivocal commitment to free personal
that the executive make afirmcommitment not to introduce private
year and by giving afirmcommitment that in future years
and we are making afirmcommitment to back that vision
scottish executive to show afirmcommitment to digital hearing aids
the parliament to make afirmcommitment today to implementing universal
were employed in the samefirmand people came through apprenticeships
rates further notes that thefirmhas additionally employed over 100
game the ne erday oldfirmgame and we ended up
to get to the oldfirmgame on january the the
on january the the oldfirmgame was still on er
understand that we have nofirmproposal on the idea that
as yet there is nofirmproposal we will monitor developments
whether the eis has submittedfirmviews on the proposal but
of the table which arefirmplanned figures these figures are
inappropriate that the executive hasfirmviews however many of the
to dae is show thefirms books to mak clear
such attacks on non oldfirmclubs in the scottish premier
facing the 10 non oldfirmscottish premier league clubs following
review were to fix afirmdate for completion and make
and come forward with afirmdate for its implementation after
withdrawal of support if afirmend date were not established
so fin their feet hitfirmgrun they wid stop an
he s sharp and lucidfirmon his feet with a
prison said the flower heldfirmby the earth i like
tibby sherpened hooves tho heldfirmon the skyty ice the
the route and bringing forwardfirmfunding proposals the minister for
were taking advantage of thefirms two monthly free travel
a move alright employ afirmand leave them to pack
to move to a betterfirmwi bigger work and more
concur to take measures tofirmup that view for the
i have not reached afirmview on that and it
is difficult to make anyfirmjudgement as to how much
prolonged we should make afirmrecommendation for the measure to
in the same industry eachfirmbenefiting from the proximity of
and furst the same investmentfirmthat financially backed viasystems s1w
office boy in the samefirmwhen queen victoria was in
task however i must befirmand just go and someone
to a national theatre remainsfirmhowever it will not be
services of a private lobbyingfirmor public relations agency to
gas stove at home onefirmthat i phoned said no
s fashion designer for afirmwhich supplies british home stores
the macdonald marital home stoodfirmwhile all around others crumbled
biccy he is polite butfirmlaws such as biccy following
am unable to give thefirmassurance that i might have
s government to give afirmundertaking that policy in this
got mysel taen into thefirmbut that didny work oot
work to come to afirmconclusion on the matter but
his chips in neil whichfirmdoes he work for loretta
need a gweed lick taefirmt up bit if ye
included and we need tofirmthat up the voluntary sector
the price of a ukfirmwhich would need to obtain
it was a family butcherfirman they had this big
a reference which the printingfirmmade a big thing of
weegin sae thing tal anfirmo itself wud dae baith
over the farmyard shook afirmno i dinna like shelties
think it was a chinesefirmthat took over pringles aye
to hand i am afirmadvocate of the protection of
am writing too in thefirmbelief that scotland s dialects
tried to phone the taxifirmand the international courier each
than lilacs their buttocks arefirmas a chaise long their
wi a new pairtner hisfirmhooiver likit their executives merriet
correspondence expressing surprise that afirmof their standing has not
position and made a finefirmbinding the rings were made
swerve and moved to thefirmthat said yes we are
a great asset to anyfirmdolly replied haughtily they bring
in any of the submissionsfirmevidence on the economic impact
benefit and serve as afirmfoundation on which to build
not you know quite asfirmas as as it should
wilson there should be afirmstatement in our report about
gas fitter i gave thatfirma distinct body swerve and
sicker an savendle foond afirman secure foundation sindrins parting
concern is to introduce afirmand effective ban on advertising
a fermer bocht it afirmcut e trees fit ye
taed fork wid tak afirmhaud o the peat an
a salesman fae a feedfirmhe wis sellin feed for
wait fiona s voice wasfirmnow commanding there was a
buckle fa soundit like afirmo advocates raither nur a
by 1871 the edinburgh publishingfirmof messrs a and c
disability agenda s becoming afirmpart of the community planning
one of mr [censored: surname] sfirms mugs from a rubik
a fiona s with afirmskeleton beneath the warmth and
group a representative of afirmthat makes a well known
etc then there is afirmthat will undertake to maintain
e saft grun wis asfirms e rock o gibraltar
o time to save thefirmand whit did i find
to see if it wasfirmenough the book by helen
week to the venture capitalfirmhicks muse tate and furst
1 tblspn oil till pinkfirmremove add 1 more tblspn
well because i ve gotfirmbeliefs i don t have
society in this case standsfirmagainst this attack and the
name of the car hirefirmand had no note of
and blood and quickly becamefirmfriends my grandmother had her
educated and have my ownfirmi employ six people whose
and the round would becomefirmthis is very different from
sma thanks tae the taxifirmfa blam t the crashin
maybe wouldn t be thefirms decision it would be
indeterminate puzzled soul behind thatfirmfront in forgiving you i
mining survey the f- thefirmthat it was then it
binnin stane tae clink aafirmgainst time an storm an
is doubtful due tae thefirmhauld standard english hus oan
away with some of thefirms money mrs laing really
the workforce of the electronicsfirmof signum circuits of selkirk

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