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10 may 2003 the seafishprohibited methods of fishing firth
ssi 2003 118 the seafishprohibited methods of fishing firth
and community care the seafishprohibited methods of fishing firth
10 may 2003 the seafishprohibited methods of fishing firth
charges act 1999 the seafishprohibited methods of fishing firth
ssi 2003 97 the seafishprohibited methods of fishing firth
24 march 2003 the seafishprohibited methods of fishing firth
10 may 2003 the seafishprohibited methods of fishing firth
ssi 2003 97 the seafishprohibited methods of fishing firth
ssi 2003 66 the seafishprohibited methods of fishing firth
10 may 2003 the seafishprohibited methods of fishing firth
24 march 2003 the seafishprohibited methods of fishing firth
24 march 2003 the seafishprohibited methods of fishing firth
13 february 2002 the seafishprohibited methods of fishing firth
ssi 2003 73 the seafishprohibited methods of fishing firth
ssi 2003 66 the seafishprohibited methods of fishing firth
24 march 2003 the seafishprohibited methods of fishing firth
24 march 2003 the seafishprohibited methods of fishing firth
and community care the seafishprohibited methods of fishing firth
10 may 2003 the seafishprohibited methods of fishing firth
songbirds and private stocks offishand gamebirds 2 scottish fishing
and reduce the impact offishfarming on wild fish stocks
stocks and quotas for thesefishhave generally been kept at
sends our seal stocks andfishin a spiral decline while
150 000 tonnes of maturefishonce stocks reach the target
lead to the revival offishstocks and ensure a long
predatory birds on waders songbirdsfishstocks and gamebirds pe450 petition
and associated conditions for certainfishstocks and groups of fish
in an increase in migratoryfishstocks and in what rivers
eventually result in increases infishstocks and increase their opportunity
the historic decline in keyfishstocks and secure a sustainable
the historic decline in keyfishstocks and secure a sustainable
truly the current state offishstocks and the effects of
to ensure future sustainability offishstocks and thus the fishing
of industrial fishing on youngfishstocks and what representations it
fish stocks and groups offishstocks applicable in community waters
of salmon farming on wildfishstocks are not included in
of industrial fishing on whitefishstocks despite the fact that
in respect of scotland sfishstocks do members want to
aquaculture to protect wild riverfishstocks from cross breeding and
advice on the health offishstocks from fisheries scientists better
and its impact on whitefishstocks is one of the
has fewer fishermen and smallerfishstocks it is important that
property rights to scotland sfishstocks lie and take appropriate
property rights to scotland sfishstocks lie and take appropriate
of fish farming on wildfishstocks more effectively continuing work
the future management of allfishstocks notes that technical conservation
suitable areas for conservation offishstocks seek at westminster to
action to ensure that thefishstocks that are currently under
action to ensure that thefishstocks that are currently under
will be developed for threatenedfishstocks the council did not
has had consequences for wildfishstocks there have been several
affect their control to protectfishstocks this can currently be
power station seawater coolants onfishstocks whether it is estimated
[censored: surname] showed us around thefishand lobster processing plant which
study of the uk scottishfishcatching and fish processing sectors
of the uk and scottishfishcatching and fish processing sectors
looks at the changes infishcatching fish processing and the
supports vital employment in thefishcatching processing and ancillary sectors
the changes in fish catchingfishprocessing and the industries that
and constructive dialogue with thefishprocessing industry and b avoid
taken to assist the arbroathfishprocessing industry s1o 4927 21
is being given to thefishprocessing industry s1o 6368 18
of david davidson on thefishprocessing industry to be concluded
the parliament was on thefishprocessing industry which is an
they apply to the scottishfishprocessing industry will effectively close
they apply to the scottishfishprocessing industry will effectively close
and scottish fish catching andfishprocessing sectors glasgow university of
uk scottish fish catching andfishprocessing sectors one of the
bespatter reamin owerflowing guddlin catchingfishby hand kelp seaweed glaur
survive by catching and sellingfishin the market i belong
them think they re catchingfishwatch the washing f1136: we
boots one person remembers catchingfishwith a piece of string
leaves for tea guddling catchingfishwith your bare hands in
if no tae get freshfishan chips efter a day
a ll jist stick taefishan chips for pudding we
yon traditional fare wid befishan chips how come ah
please can a hae somefishan chips let cockneys keep
eclipse ma weekly feast ofishan chips let haggis on
we hae tae thank forfishan chips like rabbie burns
wi a big plate ofishan chips retribution yestreen when
nips it cannae beat mafishan chips the seaside toons
to the front to getfishand chips and failing to
m1078: consisting of erm oftenfishand chips f718: mm f1077:
pollensa boast wiener schnitzel andfishand chips on hundreds of
er a main course certainlyfishand chips would feature f1077:
an gang tae sleep againfishchips there is a food
on irn bru an shandyfishfingers an a puckle chips
tears tae yer eyes naefishor chips or a tasty
legislation statutory protection right tofishfor salmon permitted methods of
petition pe96 on sea cagefishfarming 7 committee away day
into the alleged link betweenfishfarming and asp could you
idea of the impact offishfarming and its nutrient inputs
the existing system of regulatingfishfarming and reduce the impact
june 2002 the registration offishfarming and shellfish farming businesses
the environment the registration offishfarming and shellfish farming businesses
evidence of a link betweenfishfarming and the development of
about the alleged link betweenfishfarming and the increases in
environmental effects of sea cagefishfarming and the regulatory failure
be used effectively in thefishfarming areas in that way
and pe96 on sea cagefishfarming business bulletin 137 2000
15 per cent therefore althoughfishfarming contributes to nutrient build
to assess individual sites forfishfarming des mcnulty i want
up the possibility of relocationfishfarming has modified the sites
programmes for mothers and babiesfishfarming in areas that are
fewer than those applied herefishfarming in chile is rapidly
stage of the development offishfarming in other species of
inquiry into the future offishfarming in scotland and what
fish species the future offishfarming in scotland may depend
mr gil paterson s1m 2257fishfarming lodged on 26 september
funding some modelling work onfishfarming nutrients that study will
reduced load precautionary assessment offishfarming releases into the environment
manage the environmental risks offishfarming should there be a
in most other areas wherefishfarming takes place we are
areas the factors other thanfishfarming that contribute to the
room 3 1 sea cagefishfarming the committee will consider
an inquiry 3 sea cagefishfarming the committee will discuss
pe 96 on sea cagefishfarming the committee will take
for example the contribution fromfishfarming to the total nutrient
of salmon farming on wildfishunder the nasco resolution under
required if louse levels onfishfarms are to become low
to show that effluent fromfishfarms directly affects toxins however
there examples of existing polyculturefishfarms dr black there are
would we be compensating thefishfarms for perpetrating a disease
establish an exclusion zone forfishfarms in such areas and
that water enrichment possibly fromfishfarms is causing lack of
industry they said that movingfishfarms offshore creates the problem
of farmed salmon from marinefishfarms often as a result
we get the people runningfishfarms to buy into the
improving the hygiene of thefishfarms to ensure that the
when i discussed relocation offishfarms with senior executives in
contamination has come from thefishfarms would we be compensating
five once i caught afishalive f1115: once i caught
f1115: once i caught afishalive f1116: one two three
f1115: once i caught afishalive six seven eight nine
fishing in scotland net caughtfishand some fish caught by
flung on the sea somefishare caught some fish escape
rod caught fish as manyfishare retained by fishermen for
the sale of rod caughtfishas many fish are retained
a subsistence fishery and thefishcaught are not marketed commercially
22 however the majority offishcaught by rod and line
net caught fish and somefishcaught by rod and line
line fishing the sale offishcaught by rod and line
held perpendicular to the coastfishcaught in the chamber are
some fish are caught somefishescape thin brown massage women
are caught along with thesefishfor the same reasons the
remember i caught aa myfishin the month o september
the sale of rod caughtfishneed for more information distinguishing
scottish record salmon is afishof 64lb caught on the
the sale of rod caughtfishthe asfb and the scottish
executive how fishing vessels thatfishfor different species will be
finland have the right tofishfor non quota species in
other species of marine finfishit is likely that that
1986 salmon means all migratoryfishof the species salmo salar
the risks for new finfishor shellfish species or even
survive to return as adultfishover exploitation of species on
and not just different finfishspecies but different shellfish and
are dealing with a singlefishspecies it appears that you
the development of other finfishspecies the future of fish
black the polyculture of newfishspecies with or close to
good [laugh] m1042: fish yellaefishan i s- i said
the muddy bottom puddocks andfishand other creatures the fish
he wanted back to thefishand the fish had a
fresh fish cakes green freshfishcakes baked here by tritons
fur nightingale an craa freshfishcakes green fresh fish cakes
a ban limitation on whitefishcatches should white fish vessels
wish an heuked an playedfishefter fish till ten fat
it m1090: no it sfishf1089: it s fish m1090:
on what happened to thefishf1114: happened the fish [scream]
of fish f1122: a clownfishf1121: clown fish f1122: mmhm
f1121: a what kind offishf1122: a clown fish f1121:
a clown fish f1121: clownfishf1122: mmhm aye f1121: do
f1135: [?]cannae[/?] hear you f1136: fishf1135: fish f1136: uh huh
hear you f1136: fish f1135: fishf1136: uh huh f1135: and
of wild fish interests andfishfarmers we discussed the way
used tae say oh f1144: fishfish for tea i know
of my mind pet shopfishfish in a tank furious
m815: man that was afishfish in the pool m816:
the fish wife supplied yallafishfor dinner this was the
tae say oh f1144: fishfishfor tea i know i
600 the waesum fish thefishgreits in the dried river
to the fish and thefishhad a moved awa pushed
folk would buy hard driedfishhiv ye ony dry fish
my mind pet shop fishfishin a tank furious gills
man that was a fishfishin the pool m816: aye
sea lice representatives of wildfishinterests and fish farmers we
er fish was a ehfishis something that the roman
then cook yer fish ohfishis wonderful f1054: isn t
tuna fish m1090: yeah tunafishit s yuck f1089: you
fish and other creatures thefishiv coorse geed e wye
fish m1090: yeugh f1089: tunafishm1090: yeah tuna fish it
s fish f1089: it sfishm1090: yeugh f1089: tuna fish
fish hiv ye ony dryfishmissus the coorse loons wid
bitty an then cook yerfishoh fish is wonderful f1054:
we had fish we hadfishon a friday when i
fish to around 3 000fishper year or from 15
the fish f1114: happened thefish[scream] f1113: it s okay
in the fish shops thaefishshop fowk s juist greedy
mair nor that in thefishshops thae fish shop fowk
kennawha ca 600 the waesumfishthe fish greits in the
heuked an played fish efterfishtill ten fat troot lay
fallen from around 15 000fishto around 3 000 fish
white fish catches should whitefishvessels switch to nephrops fishing
night f718: hm m1078: erfishwas a eh fish is
somewhere other days we hadfishwe had fish on a
cards for tea parties thefishwife supplied yalla fish for
thing f1041: good [laugh] m1042: fishyellae fish an i s-
o the smell o callerfishalang wi the guff o
hinging dinging minging smell ofishall are singing lustily and
awa fae the smell ofishand it s steady pey
ve got the smell ofisharoon me she sings with
wi jist the smell ofishchorus sung by all aye
but jist the smell ofishchorus sung by all aye
s jist the smell ofishchorus sung by the four
jist for the smell ofishchorus sung by the four
me the honest smell ofishguts ony day she grins
all aye the smell ofishis magic jist like sex
others aye the smell ofishis magic jist like sex
all aye the smell ofishis magic jist like sex
soloists aye the smell ofishis magic jist like sex
pause an nae smell ofishsae aff they went the
naething bit the smell ofishteenie she puts her hand
s that clinging smell ofishthat clinging stinging hinging dinging
smell of roasting flesh andfishthe fumes of wine and
and sea trout are migratoryfishand spend part of their
sexual sea maybe there werefishaplenty there but jennifer didn
future of the ardtoe seafishaquaculture research facility s1w 34339
on the river tay thesefishare often called multi sea
can tell bi the seafishbree there s buckies bylin
full open sea where thefishcan be pounded and suffer
20 5 of the seafishconservation act 1967 not subject
of salmon by seals andfisheating birds deep sea drift
for yersel than wis itfishfae e sea or corn
thocht a kent aw thefishin the sea but this
o juist aboot aw thefishin the sea in nae
said babs comfortingly plenty morefishin the sea oh that
inspired the making of feltfishoctopus shellfish sea anemones and
tiber lethe rises a queerfishof a sea salt his
sea rig chinaman s kitefishon a tree a small
2001 rural development the seafishspecified sea areas regulation of
consider the following the seafishspecified sea areas regulation of
2001 rural development the seafishspecified sea areas regulation of
28 june 2001 the seafishspecified sea areas regulation of
boats sail into churchyards spewingfishwhere the sea sails down
the irish sea for yourfishzonal management committees should be
fishing to cullaloe again nofishand i am a wee
that no food plus nofishequals no fishing industry what
fishing implements and seize anyfishfishing equipment or boat which
fishing in scotland right tofishfor salmon wild salmon belong
mcphees who were er fishingfishmerchants and their slogan on
biggest threat to wild salmonidfishin north west scotland in
the industry and for wildfishoperations perhaps the ability to
of many of the wildfishpopulations the staple diet for
represent a danger to wildfishthat is the great difficulty
low enough to protect wildfishthe convener that concludes our
pests and diseases from farmedfishto wild salmon a particular
of salmon passed from farmedfishto young wild salmon and
of the larger number offishand salmon exports that occur
they are called grilse thesefishare typically small salmon which
title 25 therefore nobody mayfishfor salmon in rivers or
or owned the right tofishfor salmon is historically vested
feudal law the right tofishfor salmon is vested in
separately for example one canfishfor salmon on a sunday
relief scheme for the whitefishindustry announced on 11 march
in place to allow whitefishlandings to resume at macduff
european parliament on the whitefishsector s1w 34886 susan deacon
white turtle ay huntin spreckltfishstravaigin wi ye see owre
tray but the plain whitefishthe boiled potato with its
are classified as a whitefishvessels and b in each
will happen if no whitefishvessels have been decommissioned by
and siclike she thought whitefishwas tasteless they often had
syne fricht the wits ofishan fishers an pit them
a dub an the sillerfishare poued ashore syne skelpit
again an poued the sillerfishback oot the wattir syne
fits wi that the bigfishgied a froun syne flickt
aince intil a glisterin sillerfishhe did that an syne
an syne he keikit hisfishheid oot the wattir an
syne he wad keik hisfishheid oot the wattir an
an syne he keikit hisfishheid oot the wattir an
an syne he keikit hisfishheid oot the wattir an
syne he threw the sillerfishintil the fest rinnin river
to modify the areas wherefishare being farmed des mcnulty
the continuing ability to holdfishin stocked areas the factors
restricted areas many of thefishtaken by the net fishery
the nutrition larries cairriet afffishan corn frae the fishin
siller scales straucht aff afishan efter a bit o
geng aff very far efterfishbut ida first days o
kind the laddies uised taefishfor codlin an coalies aff
till frichtit by a flyinfishit shrinks rins aff a
it hid fawn aff afishmotor on its wey up
twae set aff again thefishstill pouin like a train
an aff they went taefishthe gairden puil tae hell
fower oors mebbe sin thefishthey cam aff had been
hills an stoap aff anfishwhenever we came tae a
2003 ssi 2003 144 thefishlabelling scotland regulations 2003 ssi
march 2003 local government thefishlabelling scotland regulations 2003 ssi
2003 ssi 2003 139 thefishlabelling scotland regulations 2003 ssi
144 7 march 2003 thefishlabelling scotland regulations 2003 ssi
march 2003 local government thefishlabelling scotland regulations 2003 ssi
there s jist nae enoughfishcomin in for the crews
or snail ach said thefishjist like a frog they
still life with knife naefishagain quine yer batter s
you like would you likefishfingers for yer supper m1110:
d tae land yer ainfishin that day an age
yer fingers for eat yerfishloon an i had tae
if ye kent whit kinnafishthis is said geordie yer
leet i winna want taefishyer dub an winna greit
members indicated agreement diseases offishcontrol amendment scotland regulations 2000
scotland bill petitions diseases offishcontrol amendment scotland regulations 2000
november 2000 the diseases offishcontrol amendment scotland regulations 2000
november 2000 the diseases offishcontrol amendment scotland regulations 2000
will consider the diseases offishcontrol amendment scotland regulations ssi
to amend the disease offishcontrol regulations 1994 the committee
amendment of the disease offishcontrol regulations 1994 to include
november 2001 justice 1 thefishhealth amendment scotland regulations 2001
that s like a clownfishf1121: a what kind of
baby dogs called f1122: puppiesfishf1121: that s funny looking
to eat f1122: ehm afishf1121: [toy says 'you are right'] well done that
f1121: that s right f1122: fishis having a party and
f1121: that s funny lookingfishisn t it f1122: aye
fray against sic odds naefishcould win at last the
muckle missed for choice ofishder wis nae lack in
o getting a barrel ofishfor naething there s nae
tae see wis nae thefishhe uised tae be a
wi human bluid that naefishiver swam day niver daws
f1089: you nae like tunafishm1090: it s for the
wis nae playin o thefishnae finesse at aa as
naethin ava leeves thair naefishnae trees nae busses gif
nae mair he had naefishthis time but wis still
was a different kettle ofisha thegether a richt comfy
the sliddery guts o thefishaa garred him near tae
it held a wheen ofishan had aye been easy
a guid supply o winterfishan wan hame safe against
the quines booin ower thefishas the strains o the
we are na fond ofishava an saumon wad be
o helpers includin hameless waiffishbenjie and an athletic journalist
macnab insteid o haein afishbenjie or crossby the journalist
herrin intae yin o thefishboxes lined up alang the
an hing a wheen ofishcomin in wi the nicht
f606: yeah [laugh] f828: ofishf606: uh huh f828: an
her hame a piece ofishfae da fishshop nicol an
apairt war speecially bred infishferms fur the eese o
brocht in a run ofishfive o us forgethert at
there wis a run ofishfor by the time they
o 1036 1101 epigram ahfishfor littil menans in the
wisnae a mairket for scabbyfishfor we aa kent o
a hale new kettle ofishfur his son tae takk
laugh ye re oot ofishglances down so ye are
the r a wheen ofishhe cuid easy pit a
the best chance o afishi went on ah ve
you got experience o guttinfishif there s no reply
e wye o aa itherfishintill e fryin pan another
nettin puils stappt fou ofishit s hauf the village
chucken or various kins ofishit s interesting that the
booed ower a heeze ofishknives flashin bricht in the
cuid staun the stink ofishlang deid i winna want
a thocht that these puirfishlast o their generation shuid
o the watter while healthyfishlie deep an are gey
measured in thoosans o guttitfishmessages her step lik the
tither ay ma menyie ofishnine guidwyfe o the ben
s a leuk at thisfisho yours then auld andrae
main course was the samefishor chicken pescado o pollo
wis a different kettle ofishroch meg cursed an swore
under a ton o rottenfishshe smiles at chrissie i
i m near oot ofishtell ronnie i m needin
a gey ruch crowd thatfishthe thorntree o k wullie
there wis the hint ofishthe weemen wi hair up
a howker or snigger ofishwha in a season cuid
apron o a nor eastfishwife a bonnie sang quo
o wyes as tho guttinfishwis like a wee ploy
why i m king ofishwithoot a dout bauld fearless
after day like a terriblefish3 lochhead s mirror in
like a tasty piece offishbeing shared by a cormorant
it was like a jumpinfishdon t know but there
directive gives special protection tofisheating birds like the red
would you like fitt abootfishfingers and beans and smileys
aboot supper would you likefishfingers f1109: tell mam please
speaking like that is guttinfishif you want to get
streaked blond off like afishin a goldfish pond he
m1042: swee- just sweel thefishjust like that right through
will you be like thefishlady i would like you
s a mouse f1113: afish[laugh] it looks like that
college always had like afishon a friday an i
like continental chocolates dead jellyfishooze turkish delight whose sugar
sound echoed feeling like afishout of water david gulped
dogs and me like afishout of water in my
two summer 2023 like afishout of water stranded on
new contact lenses glittered likefishscales the purple of his
ransford the word bites likefishshall i throw it back
i didn t like allfishso i m like mm
sit in the hold likefishsquinting up through the sun
like four quid for afishsupper or somethin like that
like macnab they huv itherfishtae fry bendin gender ane
bit puil there splashed afishwhase like he d niver
fluorescent hats they drink likefishwhich is surprising in a
ringin like a bell thefishwhiles rowed his tail played
the ponds to get somefishand i had a jam
the broch they often hadfishfor dinner or for tea
guid luik at whaur thefishhad been heukt an wis
oot below a tree thefishhad tired an lay deep
was in force all thefishhad to be slaughtered rhoda
eggs cheese and cream orfishif the fishwife had been
that they ve had dirtyfishin a barrel fae us
gey quate an no afishmovin an i had juist
if he had seen afishmovin further upstream doun we
emslie had swallowed so muchfishoil that she began to
right f1143: an we hadfishon a friday an i
say that [laugh] you hadfishon a friday [laugh] m1146:
f718: [laugh] m1078: we hadfishon a tuesday because erm
thick pasta tubes [censored: forename] hadfishon pasta tubes washed down
welcome cereal soup and friedfishthen we had our first
a good chance of gettingfishthey had lovely cod or
drappit the ceegarette whan thatfishtuik me but i had
tae think what is thisfishall about but right enough
got a fine tae wifishan iv coorse e lady
intae thaim they re yourfishan ye dinnae hae tae
the macnabs in attendance includinfishbenjie gies closure tae this
up tae their hurdies infishbree scales an guff there
closet mixture tae drive thefishdoun intae their nets whit
coorse whan i tuik thefishdoun tae the polis caur
the puil tae fricht thefishdoun tae the shallas whaur
thaim tae hunt shoot anfishfor real kennin that they
big hoose cam doun taefishfor seatroot we let them
barley it wis ill taefishfor the slow current gied
that a guid puil taefishi continued tae keep the
my fingers tae eat myfish[laugh] f1041: [laugh] f1054: so
in the late november airfishseller parasols next tae a
tae a turn there sfishsuppers frae dess tae cromar
aw onywey i hud biggerfishtae fry me an ma
as ey tumt fae eirfishtae hae a go at
up noo loretta followed thefishtae peterheid it s an
haund forrit tae feel thefishthe laddies held thair scran
tuik a skeelie fisher taefishthe ruch watter wi brammlin
aboyne 1907 1988 eesed taefishthe sharn jock a pool
we re fillt her wifishan he looks doon at
wi him intae a bigfishan he lost his beer
well it was associated wifishan well i think so
dowpit doon atap an auldfishbox wyvin a net wi
aboot helpin me wi thefishchrissie i ll dee my
wi brammlin worms they dfishfor troots play sodgers in
watter an fechtin wi thefishhe blethered wi the fishermen
deil wad stock wi asbestosfishhet lang an dreich will
it s nest wi afishhingin fae it s talons
are caller wattir lochs wifishintil them and trees and
s onything wrang wi thefishronnie he s offered to
wis ower the heid wifishscales geordie cuidnae mind iver
here s ronnie wi myfishshe winks conspiratorially to the
wi candy floss grease rowedfishsuppers an ice cream skitterin
coral an shells deid pufferfishsweels in wi the tide
in ilka airt wi lowpinfishthe blue puil is rowth
an coft a pickle callerfisha pullet some pottit guse
chains mair secks for thefishan a wee tate an
wye in muckle genetic modifactionfishan crop fairms ained bi
sae juist watch hou yefishan don t tak ony
lot of salt in saatfishan saat butter tee but
they re wantit when thefishare in the burn an
me free an nou ifishas aince i did dependent
gin anither spate the bigfishbade wee troot adieu an
an egg ducks f1122: ducksfishballoons seagulls footballs flowers apples
van i can mind thefishbarra its minder tall an
taen the laddie an hisfishben the kitchen whaur he
tiel for an hour nofishbut explore burn up to
a bricht sun keppin thefishdoun an makin the fishin
the heid ah heukt thatfishfair an square fishin the
an apoplectic fit whan hisfishfell in by the auld
himsell an a boat tifishfrae he haed a lass
broker pykit his wye benfishguts an scurrie keech speirin
siller coins frae sellin thefishhe catcht an callum kent
wisnae lik onie ither kinnafishhe hid iver seen an
i sent her for mairfishhoors ago an she never
haurd tymes whan he dochtnafishin the roch wattir an
blanket my hou that weefishjinkt an swankit an pit
thing clear ye mean wefishnaewhere but here an ilka
an lay hauf a dizzenfishoot on the front green
is part beast or leastwyesfishpart human an represents the
on by lauchin gutters anfishporters the sang gaed on
whan spates cam doun anfishran up he d halt
hooked oorsels baith fisher anfishreleased escape unmarked but bloodied
ay heizes up ma hairtfishscale courts see an dragon
guttin an those eesome ghaistsfishscaled were veesitin the blin
s bidin here at thefishso teenie an i have
an watched aa the weefishsoumin by peenheids an beardies
a big troot then aichtfishswam in an juist fower
ye geordie taen up hisfishthankit uncle rob an set
would have to ensure thatfishthat were in an adjacent
bent dooble layin intae afishthat wis threshin up an
that i can an willfishthe flee whan i think
fungus an serve up thefishthe mcginty brithers cut their
newheiven mercat he birlt thefishthis wey an that as
it s an orra kinnafishuncle a fund it in
atween the blocks intae whichfishwad soum an get snared
joy unless ye wur thefishwe let larsson an sutton
sport predation a variety offishbirds and mammals may prey
reducing the number of spawningfishmay effect breeding success rod
any method the size offishwhich may be taken the
see more more than thefish[blows bubbles in water] f1105: spit it oot
some or all of thefish13 the secretary of state
she puts something ridiculous afisha cloth or a basin
claucht no even the tottiestfishablo a stane or soumin
amended by the diseases offishact 1983 or under the
salt herring and also driedfishand mustard or there was
soup a large salad batteredfishand rice or potatoes and
crooner or onie kinna fletfishat aw in thae days
in ane wey or anitherfishbenjie the atavistic urchin is
designed or constructed to catchfishby enmeshing them or be
far fae e coast thefishcairt or the fishwife wid
cabbage based salads or afishegg mayonnaise salad or occasionally
make dog or mouse orfishgo splat but never ever
line are sold as freshfishinto the domestic or export
notes that other states thatfishscottish waters or impact on
have or pez in afishsupper they ve got in
the number or size offishwhich could be taken changing
stormy and there are morefishand he needed reassurance that
result the return rates offishare about a third to
coast of north america thesefishare mainly exploited by two
number of years the cagefishfarmers are insisting on compensation
so are w- is itfishfingers tonight then and smileys
schemes for example samples offishflesh are monitored regularly by
a kit full of freshfishgeorgie so you are foo
have both shellfish and farmedfishinterests there are probably several
a surgeon plays with afishknife tenuous connections are made
is estimated that 2 millionfishper day per filter are
worth pointing out that whenfishproducts are examined representatives from
increase their opportunity to catchfishresearch papers are compiled for
lid on the reeds thefishs scales are leaden earth
fishin etiquette daur yin takfishthe ither fuils are shuir
upper proprietors are people whofishthe upper parts of the
the country some for branderingfishand simpler ones with two
barrels of various sizes woodenfishboxes and some planks of
you get some fitt f1130: fishf1129: well we ll hae
juist see some orra kinnafishlyin thare geordie picked it
during the war james douglasfishand fruit he used a
high survival rates of subarcticfishas a result the return
more geographically dispersed and landsfishat a greater number of
opportunity for fishermen to catchfishby e g introducing a
the loveliness of trees freshfishcakes in making a list
aboot a minute anen thefishcame back the line startit
i saw jimpy stalkin afishdoun the puil still luikin
gie them a drink thefishdried ling was used a
we got to feed thefishf835: a caravan f833: [laugh]
can be tolerated on afishfarm is considerably higher than
could be that although afishfarmer has been told that
i pass it cyberspace graphicfishfleein past ma car a
of course now that thefishhave gone to a large
toes splashed a flurry offishin a hot cold shower
on a marakihau a manfishin france they fand diana
swimming pool havin a afishin it m815: yeah yeah
pool and there was afishin it m816: [laugh] how
was a there was afishin it one day that
a cadger disna cry stinkinfishin the days before public
the chaunce ti finnd afishin the river forenent the
also made a brander forfishin the shape of a
a tiny house above thefishinn in trawler square newhaven
spelding a very dry yellowfishis remembered as is dried
think he s intae afishjohn i cried ah ll
while at least the twafishkep a canny peace while
moon lies on the bankfishleaps a rainbow bridge of
tugs at the anchored branchfishleaps a rainbow bridge of
[censored: forename] made a pasta withfishlivers she d been given
cam a splatter as betterfishlowped frae the watter i
round in a van thefishm1078: no no that was
know but there was afishm816: [inaudible] yeah m815: and
day for the whole familyfishmade a fine variation on
that was why we gotfishon a friday f1145: aye
ha- ye- yes but f718: fishon a friday mm no
washin yeah f1054: i thinkfishon a friday s a
blossom wets their ponderous feetfishon a tree i was
usually when one eats afishone guts it first we
m1042: oh ye cannae washfishower much just a wee
who is proprietor of afishrestaurant miss pat with her
[sniff] whose mouth m1132: afishs mouth f1131: did you
fisheries continue to exploit scottishfishscotland has a commitment to
you look there s afishshop and not a lot
a ceegarette whan a guidfishsplashed in the daurk ower
a bit of a coldfishstiff and unbending as a
watch when you get afishsupper here because they have
i ll have a emfishsupper please and the woman
a higher proportion of mswfishthan those on the west
on the leafs f1114: afishthat s a mouse f1113:
was a different kettle offishthe plan then was for
a handful of cold deadfishthe planter james campbell s
he d foul heukt afishthen we d grup him
home she grew her ownfishto eat in a large
a butcher van and afishvan but of course they
house [note: photo:'birdie knapp, catterline, in the 1920s. chae and christina smith.'] chapter 3 foodfishwas a major part of
nowadays f1054: [inaudible] m1146: butfishwas given out on a
the wall and all thefishwere in a big puddle
in a situation where thefishwill not grow and thrive
a tree i was afishwith seven lives on monday
s help i m afishyou havenae really watched that
for the slump then intofishagain when there isn t
into the barrel of filletedfishgeorgie screams and makes for
that development into other finfishincluding cod will depend in
fishermen beat the water herdingfishinto their hidden nets and
what research into genetically modifiedfishit has funded and what
various casserole dishes for meatfishand puddings cheese was cheap
to blame for the dirtyfishbut if they re bein
year in order to sellfishcommercially need for more information
it workit ower weel forfishconservation following my best ever
tuesday er we got freshfishevery tuesday for tea that
i have with me tofishfor sand eels thereby also
themselves but the right tofishfor them that is granted
for 10 years selling gourdonfishhe was known as cadger
when people were asking forfishhe was only then putting
pointed out to me thatfishis very good for the
get gweed sale for eezfishon the same trip i
might have little effect asfishpopulations can naturally compensate for
awards to be made tofishprocessors for capital investments which
mean the waste difficulty forfishprocessors in particular richard lochhead
for palates sae refined thefishsaid dinnae tak the huff
i cast my net forfishthat escape me when the
is tuna for [censored: forename] [?]he must have turn it to[/?]fishtuna now woah woah oh
dear i ve plenty otherfishto fry mis emslie lied
now it s wednesday sfishday f1144: well they used
go it must be wednesdayfishday now [laugh] f1054: ahead
if he kent whit kinnafishthis wis uncle rob wis
be transmitted on to farmedfishagain if they were on
problem of stress on thefishbecause of the pounding of
back home late at nightfishcadgers also went around on
was also important especially onfishdays in accordance with the
joint working group on farmedfishescapes scottish executive april 2000
on reporting escapes of farmedfishhow important is the prevention
of salt water to keepfishin bivalves live on phytoplankton
on bed of lettuce threefishkedgeree 4 oz butter 1
based on which group offishmakes up the largest proportion
from the carcass turn thefishon its side raise up
selected from the net placefishon the counter belly down
aquatic companionship bit deid goamlessfishon the slabbed windae in
impact on the number offishreturning to scottish rivers to
i did dependent on thefishs tid kennin my flees
cause them to decide tofishthis would depend on the
highlands and the southern uplandsfishwas also important especially on
week depends on foo muchfishwe ve cleant sae far
their yalla beaks grabblin thefishguts fit drappit frae the
because lice will affect theirfishit is necessary to carry
below the linn whaur bigfishrestit frae their rin his
relished the delights of thefishshop their names chalked up
controlled under the diseases offishact 1937 which was amended
fag ends cans of beerfishand chip wrappers tossed newspapers
in the genetic modification offishand if so when and
bough he ll dream offishas big as whales at
forfeiture and disposal of seizedfishas under sections 7 3
and the containment of escapedfishcan more be done to
account in the siting offishfarm operations dr shelton i
melting galaxies whirlpools of meaningfishfoam plastic skill steel elastic
use the treasure of thefishhouse is the fillet neat
platter first rule of thefishhouse pull your weight be
kaleidoscope of life men spearfishin shallows sand dunes rise
incentives to rod anglers tofishintensively at certain times of
mean that the supply offishis drying up if the
mm f718: what sort offishm1078: sole haddock and yeah
trick was to redd thefishof bones and then chap
in 1999 the removal offishof scottish origin by these
of lubrication each bottle offishoil squeezed dry so that
the freshwater phase of thefishs life cycle there is
spawning populations especially of springfishthis has prompted the introduction
with the predation of youngfishthis might have little effect
season the maximum number offishwhich can be taken by
ronnie i ll get yourfishgeorgie he goes georgie imitating
she d managed to buyfishyou get no less than
that the present award winningfishand chip shop in bervie
the open air market sellingfishand furs and foodstuffs and
the workshop is the poemfishand poems produced with different
drank the champagne with friedfishand potatoes later in the
effective netsmen would catch lessfishand reducing income the impact
see sun and meen andfishand tree roon the circle
the huge grain store thefisharound our shores have gone
up you re frightenin thefishbe quiet shut up cause
wyce instinctive child represented bifishbenjie i the first novel
the cat that wants thefishbut s feart ti weit
these is the right tofishby net and coble and
counter belly down grip thefishby the head with practised
in the early 1900s thefishcairt wid whiles come roon
ca 600 4 the waesumfishdo 5 whit ails me
there f1129: fitt f1130: thefishf1129: aye it s gone
to the difficulties faced byfishfarmers if the committee is
the real economic circumstances thatfishfarmers will have to face
woman comes out to buyfishfrom the van which has
the ancient otter threading myfishfuelled way through the land
in and you feel thefishgently and it s just
us ower this time thefishgutter s sang haud the
and why filleter i thefishhave been selected from the
fan he was at thefishhe should never have left
ye ll wish aa thefishhid bin left intil the
hygiene s important keep thefishhouse clean freeze those steaks
to let me see thefishif i ging in to
he was only then puttingfishin to cook why the
is drying up if thefishisn t there the jobs
m1094: nemo f1093: nemo thefishm1094: yes f1093: yes you
i ve been at thefishmair than 50 year but
at the door was thefishman fae pittenweem f1145: so
f1143: well the gu- [inaudible]fishman the guy at the
cost 1d each from thefishman who came from gourdon
that was him deliverin thefishpittenweem aye f1144: there you
clinic supper at eduardo sfishrestaurant in the harbour perhaps
across the fire to roastfishsometimes my grandfather who served
returns til the same treefishsoums back til the puils
wid kiss ony year thefishstill cam ma time lik
one witness and illegally takenfishthe equipment used to take
inno the nutrition larries thefishthe gutters rived apairt war
i stertet in amongst thefishthey said there was 10
slice off skin it makesfishtough wash the scales from
try at yon faur biggerfishup bye na sir the
new look fer the pittenweemfishvan i can mind the
the waves aboot till thefishwar fairly wabbit fin the
it was great hen thefishwas hingin off the plate
waterside animals including small frogsfishwater voles and moorhens the
we finished f1131: mmhm thefishwe hinna fed them m1132:
him he gave up thefishwhen it was it was
down at the flopping orangefishwho likely felt the same
stage is lit all thefishworkers gather around georgie angelica
colours avoid predators eaten byfishand crabs not nice meal
net nets must not catchfishby enmeshing them no part
hae thocht it likely thatfishcuid lie there it tuik
s your there s yourfishslice look m1092: [child noises] f1091:
t know how to cookfishbut they can buy something
they were instructed to destroyfishthat were not contaminated with
they hardly ever saw hardfishtill they went to philorth
seeds we can t catchfishwith daisies and lettuces they
them in amang your cleanerfishhe dips his hand out
arbuthnott reminiscence group rodney mathasonfishhe would walk from gourdon
hae to sort daddy sfishf1130: [inaudible] f1129: can you
m1132: [child noises] can see thatfishhere good morning fishes [child noises]
can be made to spellfishit is easy to see
mair time we canna gutfishif we re sittin in
dem them piltocks saithe coalfishdem them bere barley strippit
must be friday it sfishtoday [laugh] that s right
[censored: forename] oh [censored: forename] could haefishand all could she f1130:
to visit jean allison sfishand chip shop before returning
and also newspapers old suttiefishcart willie beattie draper willie
go and defrost your bittiefishf1130: and do i just
potatoes and flaked dried saltfishhait hot haive heave haivless
salt and pepper 1 placefishin baking dish add water
gentle hillsides and sheltered valleysfishin clear running streams garden
doubtless want me to acknowledgefishis extremely important and as
treated my rebellious stomach tofishsoup and plov which surprisingly
include small businesses such asfishvans shops and small scale
loudly ronnie far s myfishronnie haud your weesht georgie
presumably that would result infishbeing slaughtered what legislative regime
rest 2 pour sauce overfishin baking dish place under
masquerades as mermaids hair wherefishin silver wrappers swim sandstone
blend in flour add hotfishliquor stirring until thick add
law didnae believe in washinfishtoo much she says cause
from butcher to grocer tofishmerchant before steering homewards again
need as many opportunities tofishas possible i understand that
richt doonpish is gran furfishbit fowk hae ither needs
watter puil efter puil thatfishbreenged through while tammas wiped
is it m1090: it sfishf1089: play food is it
did you draw f1136: ermfishf1135: [?]cannae[/?] hear you f1136:
to wash it f1129: thatfishisnae defrosted yet will it
taught me how to guddlefish[laugh] f1023: [laugh] f1025: [laugh]
that it uses to farmfishwe should also realise that

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