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up curiously hae ye niverfishedhere afore naw it s
knicker clad streamlined whippet wefishedout the next article sandra
see on the watter howkersfishedin pairs wi yin aither
ambiguous although i have neverfishedfor salmon in my life
one of two boats whichfishedin pairs for mutual aid
o the dwinin licht anfishedin ma pooch fur the
a dreich scottish quarry shefishedoot frae her pooch a
respective muses whether it befishedsailed on douked in curled
hale o october tho ifishedthe same flee tae my
a flee a flee ifishedthrough ae troot season a
while big john and myselfishedthe watter keepin as near
the fishin rod that neverfishedthe tin trunk wantin a
territory we played tig andfishedthe silky weed encrusted water
mammoth crocodiles caged here unescofishedmonuments from the deep in
comer of the parlour hefishedaround for a moment before
or twa s traivel ifishedoot a disprin and passed
probe throwe the bree anfishedup a wee green boxie
and my 3½p then hefishedout my c n d
dam a five year backfishedoot like an auld buit
number of kilowatt days 3fishedby each of these fleet
rolled up his sleeve andfishedit out with his bare
to fishing vessels that traditionallyfishedthere have been renewed up

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