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food palace serving loaves andfishesare there security angels to
siller speen may loaves anfishesmultiplee tae them wi nocht
o fishes that s fourteenfishesa one and a four
that fish here good morningfishes[child noises] hello fishes f1131: [sniff]
m1090: it s for thefishesf1089: for fitt fishes m1090:
there s dolphins m1092: dolphinsfishesf1091: uh huh fishes m1092:
four apples f1114: got fourfishesf1113: lots o fishes that
good morning fishes [child noises] hellofishesf1131: [sniff] [sniff] ah but
the fishes f1089: for fittfishesm1090: [inaudible] ma [yawn] [exhale]
dolphins fishes f1091: uh huhfishesm1092: snakes f1091: snakes m1092:
four fishes f1113: lots ofishesthat s fourteen fishes a
then m1092: mm [inaudible] f1091: fishesm1092: mm and snakes f1091:
rice curry powder stir infishesstir in eggs cream chives
tomato next and then thefishesand then the milk f1130:
f1130: [inaudible] f1129: you wantfishesf1130: alright f1129: right i
burds an beiss an thefishescoud speak an fowk coud
m1090: it s for thefishesf1089: oh m1090: it s
wee prince ower troots anfishesbig an smaa i m
the king o aa thefishesin this river i m
the wife s oot catchinfishes___ aiblins perhaps wicht strong
midgie raker be someone whofishesm942: so we re currently
it is he s cook-fishesf1113: oh he s cooking
oh right does [censored: forename] likefishesf1114: yes f1113: go on
f1121: can you see anyfishesf1122: no f1121: eh f1122:
f1121: do you get clownfisheswho told you that f1122:
ah but dinna scare themfishesdinna like being scared m1132:
80th birthday gladys here shefishesa small packet out of
f1116: where do we findfishes[inaudible] f1115: oh they re
congregations when tongues like littlefisheslicked its sides latchy fin
fond o feedin on mafisheswhen a hae raked the
again for ti wairn itherfishesfrom the chinese of kennawha
the one with pearls andfishesin my side mr poseidon
in reedy fathoms dismal seaweedfishesflickering on ocean s silver

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