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but noo the r naefishinboats in the herbour at
shiko 1665 1731 smaw boatsfishineftir whit thinks ah as
fisherraw herbour wis fu ofishinyoles ilka time the boats
elaborate family connections cause ofishinagain ye know m1015: mmhm
ehm f1054: is dunbar afishintoon m1015: oh aye f1054:
know f1054: yeah what abootfishinwords gordon [inaudible] m1015: [exhale]
efter a trip tae thefishingruns bedd bi hissel up
ae day while on afishintrip an wearin on fur
aye a buckie drifter afishinboat f1054: what was that
stepped in ower a smafishinboat made intae a ferry
oot tae sea a smafishinboat that gaed oot tae
insult tae look like afishinboat then f1041: [laugh] f1043:
s very keen on defishinso [laugh] dat wis fine
were keen eneuch they werefishinthe docken grub an i
s fae [inaudible] aye thefishintrade i think it has
o nicknames come through thefishintrade ye would aye get
ye wisna far fae yerfishinfreens aboot e coast ye
east coast fin the herrinfishinwis at its heicht the
is the back en dayfishinnith doun by dumfries his
gloamin oors wi carrick menfishintheir loch frae en tae
fish an corn frae thefishinan fermin units in sector
furst doun the puils byfishinetiquette daur yin tak fish
that fish fair an squarefishinthe worm thae fellas there
fish doun an makin thefishinuiseless whan wullie mcginty cam
lid the auld sauch creelfishinfriens but in ither things
o ye pit on myfishinjaiket an the ither keep
puil while twa ither chielsfishinthe faur bank pit their
turnt doun wellies cairryin auldfishinrods an purns we cam
i said somebody that gonesfishinan they were fair lookin
daein he blustert ah mfishinfair whaur s yet worms
piece oot it by fairfishinin a season unfortunately there
life he was at thefishinf1054: okay okay just one
[inaudible] f1054: is that afishinone m1014: no no it
call [inaudible] f1054: any anyfishinwords associated wi bein in
puil jimpy mcginty s therefishinjuist ablow the big tree
s nae sic thing asfishinjuist the wey her faither
an wad raither juist befishinthe same as you an
sometime if they re juistfishinthemsels it s a gey
i went somebody that gonesfishin[laugh] an he goes aye
ootower the loodspikkers cam afishinlilt wi a wee bit
a great gemm the nichtfishinan i ve seen mony
to the subject of nichtfishinin general aye he began
nocht else in life butfishinmornin noon an nicht it
it aff like a parrotfishinfowk in the auld days
auld claes routine an cairryinfishinrods throu the glesses frae
as muckle aboot seine netfishinas ma erse kens aboot
was a the this jargonfishinhe was speakin aboot f831:
know he was on abootfishinit was a the this
negotiations wi the eu abootfishinquotas haed gane she threapit
aince heard in singin thefishinane o a radio ballad
dinnae ken whit they werefishinfor there wi that ane
uist ti tak ti thefishinwi yue his yungest son
blouse f1043: comin fae thefishinaye but it a [?]jinsy[/?]
i ve worked at thefishinall my life and i
f- far more sort ofishincommunity m842: aye f831: whereas
lyin ower eh pier waalfishinfor peltags is far changed
a statutory day aff thefishini answert a chap at
hame frae his day sfishinhe fand an open dure
as rodric wes fettlin hisfishinnet bi his ingil he
you hold dear in thefishincommunity or other things that
up eh eh in thefishincommunity we were ehm we
community between the fairmin anfishinfolk m1014: [inaudible] m1017: no
the waiter till we werefishina hole amang alder trees
see great chieftain o thefishinrace till his sullen dame
ower his years in thefishinunit twis fit he thocht
mairried he d seen guidfishinplans miscairried through girnin wives
mannie s sark in thefishinagain f1040: yeah f1041: aye
for tam had aye thefishinfever kenned faur an wide
s just the same wifishinfarmin any any activity that
an laes him tae thefishinshe s left alane wi
lane wi the mey fleefishinup the thrapple glen it
score oot it by foulfishinan they were spylin it
an ill day at thefishinan nou this sair mishanter
only went tae buy mairfishingraith for fisher wull the
disaster struck dan buoy wizfishinfor cuddin s off eh
faimlies hid ain patterns onfishinjumpers makkit tae defeat winds
the riverbank whaur wis hefishinneil neil pyntit tae a
tae be quite a smallfishinvillage an with the increase
fin puggie an his britherfishinblithely awa at the corner
out for ordnar for thefishineftir takkin leave o his
it they werena lang stertitfishinat that time an they
a committee member o thefishinclub an a regular in
the heid byllie replied anfishinwithoot permits ma permit s
uh ll be mendin thefishinnets lori uh ll be
neither time nor tide forfishinhe d lay ocht aside
quay a fleet o rooshtyfishinboaties bobbit at anchor the
nevoy baith vrocht in thefishinha section ye cud smell
the rashes hou s thefishinnets see up i the
takkin drink whan i mfishinbut i believe in seein
lane she s caad afishinweedow aiblins thochts rin throu
granny s blanket kist thefishinrod that never fished the
with the increase in thefishinindustry torry grew with it

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