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aa e same till emfitherit wis caal ir hait
wis caal ir hait irfitherthings wis coorse ir fine
tell be e different bumfitherit wis a wasp ir
a speecial wye o wirkinfitheron e taps o rucks
paper roon ye wirkin awafitheror no e rain wis
e wallop fae e mellfitherit wis a flat een
symbols o e modren worldfithergweed eens or no wis
framed slates using skylies anfitherye did it be accident
reciprocate wi wark for emfithere likit or no ere
willie e caase o tfithere likit or no i
relationships atween men an weemenfithermen used em mair than
ey d plyter aboot erefitherey nott a drink or
behalf o e little chuckeniesfitherey sometimes cam aifter e
ye winna sleep at nichtfitherye ve bare airms or
e wye o vegetables anfithere kitchie gairden bit got
they called their pace eggsfitheror no they dyed an
it wis aa e samefitherye used it tae tap
an maybe e question isfitherye hing on tae fit
last fit what fite whitefitherwhether fitiver whatever flachter spaad
an the political warld anfitherthe executive o scotland tae
a haan at hard jobsfitherat hame or on fairms
an smaa ahin ony obstructionfithera clump o girse or
tae fit ye get orfitherye wint tae rejeck it
come with me i geedfitheri wintit or no ower

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