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that s right fit fitfitsfit beet an then ye
like m999: perfect fit fitfitsfit beet brilliant f1001: fit
up an says fit fitfitsfit beet [laugh] m999: [laugh]
beet brilliant f1001: fit fitfitsfit beet m999: there ye
one fits said this onefitsf1117: that one fits that
towards episcopalianism catholicism then thatfitshe fits the picture [inhale]
hospital was i was havingfitsi was taking fits so
this one fits this onefitssaid this one fits f1117:
having fits i was takingfitsso they weren t quite
one fits f1117: that onefitsthat s a dolly unless
catholicism then that fits hefitsthe picture [inhale] eh urquhart
better f1118: think this onefitsthis one fits said this
still was a one sizefitsall approach from which many
mantra and a one sizefitsall approach presumably the other
cannot have a one sizefitsall approach to europe that
subjects are concerned one sizefitsall is not what we
there is no one sizefitsall solution for the health
have a political one sizefitsall straitjacket but one size
sm- hey this baby aafitsf1117: that baby fit is
that the scottish approach betterfitswith our common law traditions
bits and see if itfitsin beside the red bits
it is f960: yeah f961: fitsin wi de de whit
there f1125: that s itfitsin noo doesn t it
no f1125: right that bitfitsin there better doesn t
penguin and see if itfitsin there better no does
look is that better thatfitsm1090: [inhale] yeah f1089: in
we can see fitt ainfitscan we f1103: mmhm f1104:
have to see fitt ainfitsf1103: on you go then
mmhm f1104: see fitt ainfitson that can we f1103:
m734: er it very muchfitsin and is a typical
er and it kind offitsin er and when you
is so well produced andfitsin together er it is
on where the security councilfitsin as i am now
to consider where the seminarfitsinto the process we have
where a patient s assessmentfitsthe prescribed criteria s1w 24855
prescribe beta interferon where itfitsthe scene how many health
scottish executive where horse racingfitswithin its strategies on a
aware of and it againfitsvery nicely to the capacities
f963: but i think itfitsvery well for places like
meaning cairns plausible because itfitsvery well with the welsh
shoeshop man says aw thatfitsis this auld pair o
it kind of stereotypically probablyfitsinto the heavy metal aspect
t quite sure if thefitswould would happen again so
eye frightens the relatives tofitsif it went too long
f960: yeah f961: an hitfitsin withoot too much budder
nae mair n it kensfitsin yer min fin ye
ginger the cats remains anfitsmair i think he his
but in other respects itfitsthe bill for many enthusiasts
this on see if itfitsbefore i take off the
each brand for each companyfitsinto the league table although
near giein them aa aquaticfitswi that the big fish
he did that he tookfitsand spasms and then died
it up spedit the corssfitsfrae bein stok still ti
the opposin players he asksfitsthis weel a tall lad
led ye ti duncan thirfitsan sterts aw fanton fears
i don t think thatfitsthere f1114: no f1113: that
extent how the scottish parliamentfitsin and what our role
how the executive s programmefitsin with those issues elaine
ti win the kie thatfitsma theme from the chinese
hid taen anither o sfitsan fa cud argie wi
owre ye whyles wi chitterinfitsqueen moans softly ah ve
f1130: mmhm f1129: hope itfits[note: speaking to third person] is she alright did
them down gives them waterfitstheir gum shields lights fade
we ve found someone thatfitsthe bill admirably she is
sense of minor modality whichfitswith its elegiac content in
doon tae the place itfitsit feels like gid sweet
v shapet screes at efitso e fite rock faces
around the telly frightening tofitsher aunty nelly when pa
shawit a flim o corssfitson the sie bed at
wits an frichten lassies intaefitsaye rabbie wis the lucky

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