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bob the builder can youfixit f1116: [inaudible] i want
bob the builder can wefixit yes we can there
bob the builder can youfixit yes you can f1115:
bob the builder can youfixit yes you can [singing]
bob the builder can youfixlet s get change f1115:
tae change her sock orfixher sock or somethin like
thought she said can ifixme sock ken i was
it f1097: eh m1098: youfixit f1097: need to fix
[clapping] i ll i llfixit f1113: you fix it
ll fix it f1113: youfixit f1114: mm f1113: will
fix it f1097: need tofixit well you m1098: aye
eat beth sadie will ifixher somethin agnes aye go
kitchen sadie right will ifixher somethin maggie sadie s
turn around and mam willfixit for you right turn
mam mam mam f1109: andfixthis come on i ll
mm [inaudible] f1115: can youfixit yeah f1116: [child noise] [child noise]
rod phil to house wefixmore windows phil rod start
17 saturday working phil ifixup flex decide on parkray
o luv juice a quickfixbit thocht dear bocht that
mix o juices a quickfixtwa meenit pick me up
you have here [laugh] m865: fixher [laugh] oh dear uh
like my old dear ifixmy eyes on the altar
turn around please m1098: youfixit f1097: eh m1098: you
right oh dearie me mummyfixit f1126: broken f1125: it
not broken it s allfixthink think think think this
of the review were tofixa firm date for completion
films so that we canfixa mutually convenient date i
date we have still tofixvenue for reception but are
staw n stall stell vfixstert v start stodge v
sunday again searching 2 mondayfixhouse devonshire park 18 hawthorne
k to go to eliefixwork 29 sunday quiet day
trimmlin fur wint o afixbappy wis torn atween seein
selt fur fags an afixo speed connor mcgraw he
pause waiting fur you tifixoot yur saddo brother pause
rype his pooches fur afixsyne he d chore it
the library fur a lastfixsyne stytered hame wi twa
pondered tikk an trang taefixwhit scunnered fock fur lang
the thocht o yer nextfixyer notion o shoppin s
s [censored: forename] s will youfix[censored: forename] s house it s
some m1096: they re aafixf1095: mmhm we ll sort
days but he ll stillfixhis hair before he goes
you f1114: no i llfixit f1113: right okay f1114:
the the mattress that llfixit fitt are you doing
t overload it i llfixit one more time and
so we needed you tofixthat m804: well i ll
the judge say this llfixyou you ll no budge
the newspaper and began tofixhis mind on becoming a
see if he couldn tfixin his mind how long
keep thinking if we canfixthat bit it could still
nae mair than i canfixtouching her breasts these burns
a junkie getting his firstfixfor days i returned to
of a long rope andfixa hook at the end
that they could try anfixit afore the next funeral
it s bro- will youfix[censored: forename] s stool f1089: are
one igor came round tofixher plumbing he was a
her duvet for her nightlyfixof sleep her appointed draught
puts shoes down i cannaefixhur feet stands nae mair
for dusty jobs you couldfixit tightly at the neck
we could have attempted tofixsome of them although we
absolutely brill couldn t youfixthe one mum had archie
i go to cupar tofixup camp site traders all
aa better m1108: aye f1107: fixhim m1108: aye f1107: good
raining on arrival good journeyfixup at hotel nice place
come to wir car tofixit f1101: [laugh] the bobbies
thousand pounds so far tofixit f1154: how f1155: don
consumer council report in afixwhich highlighted some of the
thigither they a helped tofixthe roof o the temple
o beatrix s faither anfixti byde thare the nicht
f1101: [laugh] the bobbies dinnafixyour car the garage fixes
fate by heav n isfixd alternate joy and wo
prove to my ability tofixa computer f718: mmhm m734:
used to help them tofixor label a technique for
lindley murray they tried tofixthe language by prescribing exactly
things are gettin in afixwhit wi pyramids an palaces

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