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up till it wis roarinflamesan pit a big pot
fire fin he blew theflamesinno a roarin lowe wi
robby blue green rid orangeflameslori sparks jumpin cracklin an
ower the twa the cannleflameslowpit ahin their tint glazed
a spunk an the yallaflameslowpit up birlin roon an
stretched wide autumn burned inflameswhere an eagle guzzled the
drive around a motorbike inflamesa honda pyre is that
hate doll but if theflamesare burning too high ed
reaches the rid hot searinflameswaitin on it silence tess
o e iron holes eflamesgeed throwe till e metal
said love kin smother theflameso hate doll but if
thone green blue an orangeflamesmind us toastin breid pause
at seeing pictures in theflamesshe knew she looked like
for trouble and fanning theflamesbefore beetling back to edinburgh
wis heatin ower the lowpinflamesnear full tae the neck
was thick with smoke andflamescoming from the lamp my
get detention shot doon inflamesso my accent is ehm
and then reborn in theflamesthe willing earth leaps to
berna gaithirid roon the sparkinflamesefter a day o back
mak wee candles pause theflamesuh ll set the scent
of entrapment then fanned theflamesof vyborni s new love
gazing at the imitation livingflamesin the replica adam fireplace
a trench of coals theflamesleap skyward red and stark
doon the swallin watchin theflameslowp up atween the broon
the nicht wi aisse anflamesfive hunner years thon bells
reid wi bluid as theflameso vulcan s bellows stang
flung in tae yince theflameshad gotten haud the people

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