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the henwyfe s dochter anflanghir doun onti the grund
jaggie brier busses thare heflangthe henwyfe owre his mukkil
made it shoogle then sheflangit ower her heid dougal
lats it oot an sheflangthe box wi a lauch
o a suddentie maistres steinflangby hir k nittin the
aabodie wis unco fleyed theyflangawa their spades an shuils
o macinnes s hair sheflangit inno the caunle lowe
gruppit the puir laddies anflangthaim baith agrouf bot mirren
the marischal anither fleg heflangawa his censer an wi
frae hir spinnin jennie anflangit wi aw the micht
dure bar in hir haundflangthe dure wyde ti the
ye an wi that heflangthe twa pocks o mince
gied m ane bak anflangthe remayns intil the balefyre
a dother the muckle atlanticflangitsel ashore at galway bay
socht his aisse tae beflangtae the wins o glen
the mou an whan sheflangthe brecham ower the aulder
herd an hiz dug wesflangout ontil the grun whan
matty bi the lug anflanghim throw the fermhoose gairden
wuid sae intil t heflangan doun on a hott
an wan awa lu daflangli zhong his siller back
war rael guid sae sheflangthe threid doun on the
blaik as deevilicks craas areflangin yer face like seet

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