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flannelette or cotton petticoats oneflanneland one cotton a thickish
a wife in an auldflannelgoon a moonsoon s brocht
sterted unpackin apairt frae herflannelgoon the nicht afore she
wore a vest a sleevelessflannelundershirt a top shirt sometimes
whatever flachter spaad turf spadeflannelbroth soup of milk and
blobs of fat on topflannelbroth was soup made from
tub and kanga with aflannelgives piglet a scrub who
make a stand don tflannelor swank your class or
claes an pit on herflannelgoon she sattled inno the
beens o him the strippitflannelpyjamas hingin like the faulds
a wooden tub wi mendedflannela pair o beets were
sticking out between his cleanflannelshorts and his clean grey

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