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we use eh staggerin ehfleeinfleein yeah f1005: mmhm f1054:
use eh staggerin eh fleeinfleeinyeah f1005: mmhm f1054: an
turpedo bomber an it sfleeinstrecht for us it s
lik wee sperks o lichtfleeinby geordie felt his body
the windae for fear ofleeingless the syreens went agane
took an e reek wisfleeinaifter a fyow puffs e
hissed the loon geese warfleeinin lang raws ben the
oorie antrin thochts kep onfleeinin an oot his heid
the air the baa gaedfleeinprince duan cudna kep it
some stray eens geed onfleeinback an fore i shut
birdies bluetits an ither eensfleeinfae branch tae branch ruggin
even the antrin car camfleeindoon fitehaa brae forbye baith
rack see pirlin an papplinfleeindragon ay flichterin an flaffin
wha does she think onfleeindragon yokit ay norlin a
broon bi the sun cafffleeinlike gowden stoor frae the
on his feet he wurefleeinphoenix buits broidert wi gowden
on tap o e itherfleeinback an fore wi material
aw tae cut doon onfleeingless sand bag wa s
ye had the consolation ofleeinheich abune yer station an
heich abune yer station anfleeinwhiles in celebration wi fair
that s er steamin andfleeinarenae fightin drunks f1005: mmhm
i m dynamite come hamefleeinheich as a kite that
his ee the ba wisfleeinstrecht for him an baith
an mooth ootside the waasfleeinower the net a mixter
weilands an hou he gaedfleeineast awa an lowpin wast
tellin an the sand wisfleeinaw weys as thay raced
close by emsels an neepsfleeinower e reefs at templand
look at aa those beastsfleeinout midges urgh m1132: hello
shouthert his sting an gaedfleeinawa doun the brae our
reid yer a drap ofleeinbluid pitter patter doon ye
a hous wi dram pennelsfleeinout afore the yett an
the sun ay faes likefleeinclouds forgaither arras faa in
the rubbits as they camfleeinoot terrifeed chap them ahin
sae aften ere wis afleeinflizzem o a shooerie o
haes a byordinar fear ofleeinthair issues gets resolve t
sea o the archipelago gaedfleeinaff tae the sans o
foo a dug hid gaenfleeinben sector 7 wi a
times an sens its propellorsfleeina ower e gairden syne
wid tae get cellulose synefleeinback tae big it on
an big leid wechts gaefleeinthrou the sky syne fricht
be daft ye cam hamefleeinhaud yer wheest ye wilfu
dark ere d been somefleeinflizzems o fite shoories bit
ey kint o e starsfleeinower thir heeds an fit
aal meldrum on piana anfleeinower wi me happy memories
pass it cyberspace graphic fishfleeinpast ma car a new
tae mak some jam orfleeindoon the bing at breakneck
sic thrift tae catch theirfleeinprey frae cloudy laidders noo
here s an end ofleeina m no sae weel
like planes an i likefleeinsae it s come tae
time we were there comesfleeinoot on twa wheels wi
settelt whan a cottar comefleeinin ti tell him zhu
an a muck spreader dungfleeinawye jonsar eck roars at
joined in d fiddle wizfleeinfauk clappit dir haands staampit
lie down for a dozefleeinflying fleetins thick curds that

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