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her up tae rosebery shefleesan goes birlin by the
dive deep in gladsmuir hayfleesawa in bundles as the
marries bothwell battles follow bothwellfleesmary is held prisoner in
battered box that fu ofleesbonnie wee bright coloured sparkling
sultry aye het as weelfleesan midges jist gang fer
is soakin weet midges anfleespits me intae retreat day
mountains story the sooty craafleesheich an black i hitch
becomes a craa fin hefleesoot the wizard s goun
three mile as the craafleestae the clachan o leddrach
stane it lies nae fancyfleesfor its wee gub he
mynd thaim weill hou tymefleesai mercie hou it flees
flees ai mercie hou itfleestoozenbach alexandr ignatyevicvh cums frae
their tails tae haad efleesawa and to low german
o the brig blue kingfisherfleesfaist his hame tae bigg
guid fower pun sookin thefleesfrae a gless clear glide
niver a thocht fur usfleeshis gless is oor foremost
s the uise o tyinfleesthe puir sowl s taen
ken thir days the weeksfleesby lyke bees ringan ah
yeir back ringan escapes andfleesthat s for giein me
an the flailin horse likefleessome weemin war greetin inno
owre the herbour waa mawfleesgaes naewey waves crashing over
ken is know recognize acknowledgefleesare flies jaickit is jacket
wi rod an net anfleesan flask but willie thocht
coonsil pat upu d rodfleesup itae d car small
fish s tid kennin myfleesmicht tak a troot but
the watter wi the bigfleeswillie wilson an his brither
he d raither tie somefleesthe ance they baith went
hid tae fecht wi efleestae see fa cd ate
an hame the blek crawfleestil the mirk wud the
knife in haun ahin himfleeshug meat hung fae a
a fair collection o deedfleesan a couple o tabbies
bad for words thae hoverfleesan ladybirds noo shairly ye
shoppie sklaik drew fowk likefleesroon sharn despisin the gossips
roon aboot did swarm thefleestae hae a tasty denner
his sang an if hefleesawa there ll be anither
a guid look as itfleesower the hooses ye ll
the battle of longside maryfleesto england but queen elizabeth
mouches en let i kenfleesin milk i ken the
in the verra steid hefleesfrae he maunna loue us
keppin e chaaky dust atfleesaboot sic places nae tae
yer min opent o efleesan e beetles an e
it coups ower the lidfleesaff and oot skells addy
coont dracula wi dreepin fangsfleesby wi bats an vampire
l macduff on wurms anfleesson on oniething a can
on a suddentie the speiritfleessee inben the clouds he
buffalo in dubs wis battinfleesmid wicket we skirted deeside
army then takes fright andfleeswllm douglas and friend come

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