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an gied uis sic aflega tint ma wits neist
hong it gied him aflegat wandert his wits an
zombie alien broomstick rider fearieflego tickin clock in a
away quid is could richtflega real fright gawkin is
the top of boiled wheyflegfright fluggin flagon flype to
marischal hong fair gat afleghe gied the ae skreich
an didna ken whitwey tiflegawaw hiz interrogatour whit s
this gied the marischal anitherfleghe flang awa his censer
tomatae sals he focht tiflegthaim awaw than the smell
slouter o a lassie whitnaflegshe gat ti see the
ahent an gat ane awfuflegwhan it glimped aw the
this gied jennie a richtflegfor she haed taen an
ae bittie aboot the awfufleghe d gien yon peer
of her audience fit afleghis peer mither got wakened
chakk white wi pain excitementflegan a bellyfu o chaip
hauf a meenit sic aflegsic a fear thon gied
thocht tae yersel awa anflega doo wee fite rose
learnin auld wives tales taeflegwee quines the hill o
grim frae graveyard steen widflegthe breeks frae ony wean
stertit awbodie got sic aflegan it wis a guid
collie dug got sic aflegit lowpit frae its ribs
giein onybody wi s aflegan e openin looks tichter
wi murderous thochts naething canflegme mair seton returns weill
nae parks bit fowk taeflegcoorse jungle demons fae the
iv coorse e breets tookflegfin i meeved instead o
r naething lik a guidflegfur makkin ye joco at
glaiss an god what aflegere wis naebody ere e
or fire thon bogles thatflegthe weel aff fa wad
rouns intil the lift tiflegthe puir garron at walloped
ye ve hid a geyflegmebbe i ll lay oot
romans nearly fyled thirsels wiflegoor savage celts cud skail
he s gonna get aflegcause i m gonna want
tak frae the warld theflego weir lat the nations
want ti gie hir aflegthe prince smyled at the
the pooers o ill sallflegus nor tak us awa
ti luik at what michtflegthe deil himsell l macbeth
bit i fairly got aflegsae i m aafa canny
side o her hoose fitnaflegshe must ha e got
a scare we say aflegyou say stubborn we say
the crew think o theflegan the hullabaloo it s
whiles ye d get aflegthough eence i wis pedallin
it was sair f1101: aflegf1102: aye and it was

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