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swoop flaunter tremble fleg frightenfleitchcajole flichtermouss bat flie fly
a far finnd v findfleitchv implore flichter v flutter
aboot it s better tifleitchfuils nor flyte wi thaim
ti hear the auld anefleitchraither nor thole tormentin a
a ferlie she coud aiblinsfleitchthe duik o norroway s
sauf yit an we maunfleitchan mak oor faces masks
gaed ti cormac for tifleitchhim ti tell hir the
deil a fears ye cannafleitchme did yeir sister nanse
whaur macduff haes gaen tifleitchthe halie keing ti send
at that nanse he wadnafleitchmither he wes an unco
hae thocht o tryin tifleitchhim for ma sake did

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