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925 heal 1009 sele 1016flet1025 flet 1036 flet 1086
1009 sele 1016 flet 1025flet1036 flet 1086 heal 1087
i647 reced 1799 heal 1926flet1949 flet 1976 sele 1984
1288 reced 1572 sele 1640fleti647 reced 1799 heal 1926
1016 flet 1025 flet 1036flet1086 heal 1087 heal 1151
1949 flet 1976 sele 1984flet2017 flet 2034 flet 2054
1976 sele 1984 flet 2017flet2034 flet 2054 sele 2352
1984 flet 2017 flet 2034flet2054 sele 2352 reced 3088
1799 heal 1926 flet 1949flet1976 sele 1984 flet 2017
hall group heal sele recedfletgives evidence of clustering the
a crooner or onie kinnafletfish at aw in thae
the ither gowfer he wisfletoot on his back wi
windaes o thair grund flairfletwis grained an feinished wi
the only two occurrences offletin the sense of floor
the face o the braidfletye wrocht an wrocht for
the sea wis like afletsheet o licht blue gless
that wis itsel gey nearfletaw the wey oot tae
fire warmed us her weeflethad a windae in the
hurt thon ice is treacherousfletthe damp is pairt o
the wark a veisitit thefleteftir ane ouk a perfit
gloamin fell upon the sacritfletrock warm and sheenin whaur
missin food folk visit cosyfletthey say toys plan the

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