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ensuring a modern adaptive andflexiblemechanism for determining the professional
ensuring a modern adaptive andflexiblemechanism for determining the professional
for better public services accessibleflexibleand comprehensive childcare is important
childcare facilities aiming to developflexiblechildcare provision accessible to all
micro businesses aim to createflexiblechildcare provision accessible to all
are simply moving to moreflexibleand responsive systems england appears
is that germany has aflexibleresponsive system in which a
of the bill is sufficientlyflexibleto allow councils to use
party staff will be sufficientlyflexibleto enable msps to work
regulations which may be sufficientlyflexibleto incorporate many suggestions of
existing legislation is robust andflexiblein responding to the illegal
creating and maintaining effective andflexiblemechanisms for identifying and responding
dialects but as a highlyflexibleform of speech modification what
best preserved in scotland stillflexibleenough to adapt to modern
the bill sets out aflexiblebut robust framework that will
academic performance adopt a moreflexibleapproach to the curriculum giving
adopt positive policies such asflexibleretirement ages and part time
well ehm a progressive butflexiblecurriculum to support the needs
to the nhs but wantflexiblehours instead of using expensive
the part time working andflexiblehours that they need why
good employment practices under whichflexibleworking hours are promoted and
the company because it hasflexibleworking hours few people work
developed and nurses have beenflexibleenough to welcome the challenges
the forth valley are definingflexibleworking and nurses in tayside
tackling low pay and deliveringflexibleworking for nurses are not
are to offer nurses theflexibleworking patterns and meaningful career
approaches to make working moreflexibleand we must do all
as child care provision andflexibleworking arrangements are sadly lacking
is nothing more than rhetoricflexibleworking is another issue on
there is a lot offlexibleworking to suit mothers returning
people are trying to beflexible10 45 mr kenneth gibson
it seems to me appropriatelyflexible12 45 the second point
be needed the new moreflexibleframework will give us opportunities
and will create a moreflexiblesystem for business and encourage
has been made in implementingflexibleand family friendly policies for
regime that will be asflexibleas possible which should allow
new types of partnership andflexiblecontracts which will allow assets
relaxed that the bill isflexibleenough to allow us to
will introduce will be moreflexiblethan the existing system and
suggesting new guidelines that areflexibleenough to protect the people
future aspirations it must beflexibleenough to accommodate changes over
to develop more intensive andflexiblehome care services by april
it seems reasonable to includeflexibleprovision in the bill provided
which a more efficient andflexibledelivery could be provided in
executive to promote a moreflexiblesystem that would recruit and
voluntary sector should be asflexibleand as autonomous as possible
and been prepared to beflexiblewhere possible i trust that
can be assisted by aflexibleapproach to grouping which allows
to make the cap moreflexibleand to recognise the importance
service that includes decentralised moreflexibleand streamlined management a new
that it needs a moreflexiblebetter skilled workforce and has
has already indicated the moreflexibledate the date on which
we should be far moreflexiblein helping people to continue
to be a bit moreflexibleis there a solution to
new governance process is aflexibleform of co operation among
can design buildings that areflexiblefor future use and alteration
the sector is diverse andflexibledespite obvious financial constraints it
industry people need to beflexibleand capable of transferring skills
employers to be liberal andflexibleas regards employing older people
boards must make their programmesflexibleso that people can enter
response teams are providing quickflexiblesupport for people who fall
managed to extend and makeflexiblein their own interests every
point that we have veryflexiblepowers for commencement of the
yoga and try and getflexiblef641: mmhm f643: myself so
bill s provisions they areflexiblenot only in the way
the convener should be asflexibleas he can be in
in norn if you areflexibleabout spelling and keep in
deliver on time and wereflexibleare being challenged because electronic
in an attempt to beflexiblein what had been a
times the drafting is veryflexiblein that regard our current
we have in databases aflexiblemeans of storing recalling and
array of source materials andflexibleways of retrieving information the

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