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man do 44 the boatsfloatchu hsi 1130 1200 45
hsi 1130 1200 the boatsfloatyestrein alang the river banks
recollections and mrs [censored: surname] willfloatwe would ask the oldest
an deep twad gey nearfloata whale then clarty weans
float see but you canfloatnoo can t ye cause
baths and that maks yefloatsee but you can float
crass slogan not all careersfloataway with the tide will
the treasurer will bring afloatthe secretary will organise delivery
souvenirs the school will providefloatfor latter and the treasurer
like flags of dracula wefloatpast distant walls of sacred
on day bubbles o thochtfloataff like tooshts o mist
mist thoughts rise dissolve andfloataway two clogs four boots
s lip drunken laughter cupsfloatin the pool pureness of
tae dream summers fragrant scentsfloaton the gentle freeze and
bit then the milkman sfloatgaes by milk bottles clink
have a little energy memoriesfloatto the surface nagging me
a magic spell better tofloaton words than sink how
gret warships an mukkil bairgesfloatalang as licht as feathers
sing oot lit yur voicefloatower the top o they
room appeared to tilt tofloatto up anchor and sail
sunset and watched you fallfloatgently and fall like the
alan b will bring afloatand joan b will bring
o the twa wheeled milkfloatan trot roon the streets
room the smell seemed tofloaton a foundation of floor
straying ewe bleats weakly cloudsfloatoverhead the sky is weeping
like but i ll justfloataff wi out a word
lorry or lindsay s cattlefloatwad cairt us aff tae
bit the wee quinie didnafloatfur this wis nae story
roses the blood red momentsfloatlike pitter patter petals that
in the hope they wouldfloatfree when the ship went
and kyle against tolls onfloatconcessions for skye bridge 4
up of dissections embryo fledglingsfloatin formaldehyde like fruit preserves
air at he d aalwaysfloatchist lek eh dan buoys
and all the while balloonsfloathigh and surreal over the

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