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have too many unstressed syllablesfloatingaround be war of inserting
a barge which is afloatinga floating square object that
floating sections of text withfloatingnarrative that focalises in turn
novel has no chapters justfloatingsections of text with floating
which is a floating afloatingsquare object that you just
framed by the emerald turffloatinginto mysterious east end regions
the wind and he wasfloatingover george square the dyed
which she refers is notfloatingaround but is completed i
the palms like a butterflyfloatingup on fragile wings waded
by a fingernail from afloatingrooftop heads of families bob
bubble in a small aquariumfloatingaround them all very carefully
national maternity services framework isfloatingaround does the minister seriously
air high as a swallowfloatinginto the wood pantheist in
she s ane o thaefloatingdeath kists they send out
the timing what well thisfloatingisland affair is almost complete
and grey with the carrotsfloatinglike corpses if he wanted
tap in that water amongfloatingislands of hair balls and
i and nixe ii werefloatingcaves sea wombs but they
police conmen fleece bitten dogfloatinglog speeding scooter guard with
one drowned boy eyelids likefloatingpetals steeped the water permanently
up and on this bizarrefloatingresort place too aye i
infiltrated our play in snatchesfloatingup the stairwell from the
time to die they camefloatingdown gently one fine autumn
long lie a fountain offloatingbeech leaves hangs in the

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