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pens [inaudible] [?]tin[/?] and aflooeranither flooer f1133: aye f1134:
[?]tin[/?] and a flooer anitherflooerf1133: aye f1134: [inaudible] that
tish a tish atchoo cutflooera bonnie flooer ye are
atchoo cut flooer a bonnieflooerye are an sweet but
faither s affection a bladditflooeran unclean flooer till the
a bladdit flooer an uncleanflooertill the reid filth wellin
s good that erchie theflooermills eh ah didnae know
supply watter tae the bigflooermills doon in partick hunners
wis floatin onywye at theflooershow there wis a dancin
rest of the erm f1134: flooerf1133: that s it yuck
f1134: why colour in theflooerf1133: you wantin a [tut]
i see you did yourflooer[?]neep[/?] f1134: [?]and that[/?] f1133: i
going to colour in theflooernoo f1134: mum f1133: well
finished ehm colourin in thatflooeryet no you keep f1134:
gied her it my itherflooerf1133: did you but i
strae straw stubble antrin occasionalflooerflower girse grass baess cattle
da ruckly strae an antrinflooeryou mak girse grow fur
da laund or grinnd daflooertae fire a baker s
skyte flash sweeties ale someflooera tinnie wi a bash
a neive like a cutflooerin a cleaned glaiss inbye
faas frae high a deidlyflooeras reid s a rose
morn or sicht o springtimeflooeror simmer s rose or
up and colour in theflooeror it ll be time
if you colour in thatflooeryou can gie it to
gey near twa mile maryflooersaid i ve made some
turn tae spring let naeflooerbloom let nae bird sing
keep the infant tree anflooersafe coddlit till the spring
bitten if ye pick aflooerir twa or hae a
she should pick aff theflooeror leave it on so
be stannin ere bit maryflooeran buttery wull an anither
a richt look at aflooerjonsar eck wid tak the
tae asks jonsar eck maryflooersays it s a affa
stem the sang s theflooerthe croon the gem that
wifie en he heard maryflooersayin it disnae metter ere
at on this day theflooershow wis aye held a
physog like a quet slawflooeraywis ootraxxed till it wins
cannae huv nae bakers withootflooerefter that it wis used
na na efter the lastflooeris past i gie the
cupped in yon heich mountainflooerkind friens tae the newly
fierce pride in yon aflooersmert an braa her reets
goin to mak a wildflooergairden when i go home
an priest an fin theflooeris deen may luv pruve
said wis true like aflooerthat opens up fin the
telt big betsy aboot theflooershe asked him a puckle
chasin e cat doon eflooerbeds an him at full
local section there wis aflooerthat hid the judge fer
empty an bare nae aflooeron the table nor cushion
interest at something in eflooerbed maybe a beetle said
hiv seen is the yallaflooerupon the breem may thursday
pairt in allouin scots taeflooera wheen o the submissions
whaur ye micht growe tiflooerwarld wide 2 the great

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