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o trefoil an smora banksflooersmak a wavy aedge ta
reffel tangle smora clover banksflooerssea pinks aedge edge hap
he lieth shall be uncleanflooersa queer wird fur bluid
except these flooers war secretflooersan these flooers war unclean
war secret flooers an theseflooerswar unclean like minnie hersel
it wisnae lang afore theflooerscame intae bloom tae say
an aa prinkit up wiflooersin full bloom geraniums an
bloomed in simmer except theseflooerswar secret flooers an these
french baguetees are bocht wiflooersan glaiss chess sets rich
glaiss joogs wi bits oiflooerstho there wis little eheuch
jonsar eck waulked past theflooersae day he said michty
a wifie michty me yourflooersare affa bonny she says
juice of the bonny yallaflooerso the fun busses or
e spring ere wis eflooerso yalla lilies an fite
bandaras yalla eens like theflooersthat nava claimed tae hae
neat on da banks windflooerstrowe mi hair fur i
they fell tae bits cheapflooerssee fae a cheap guy
mang hills an wids anflooersan ferns or watchin huidie
hills is e amoont oflooersan grasses bluebells e same
tae see fit kind oflooersthey pit in it wisnae
it wisnae lang afore theflooerswere loupin up in the
can you see wee fiteflooersm1110: i see green flowers
bonny gairden wi fine colouredflooersin the borders there were
front gairdens braw wi bonnyflooersye plant in lots o
youngsters giein them fruit anflooersfae the gairden or takin
kens the letter an theflooersdidnae work kens ye re
likely thon wad be foreignflooersan fit the sorra wye
the sorra wye wad foreignflooersthole the caul o an
sides ere wis sprays oflooersan leaves an ere wis
leaves an berries oor aathinflooerssud be free o weeds
did your man gie youflooersbeth shakes her head upstairs
beth s man sent theflooerswe huv tae leave gordon
eheuch in the wye oflooersin april forbye twa three
scent comin frae the wildflooersf1074: oh the scents mmhm
huh f1073: aa the wildflooershave shetland names f1074: mmhm
eye bricht i poo someflooersfur mi hair a bouquet
at least ye gied theflooersa fricht gordon enters gordon
agnes ye didnae like theflooersthen sadie turns what are
will garr it sing wiflooersin her tummelt hair its
ye your man sent theflooershe knows ye re here
bairns wid jist vandalise theflooersafore they got started tae
here whit did he sayflooersfur ye hen ye open
bree fur poorin ower theflooersthey ve greater need o
their roadies tuik them 2flooersin october at the fit
fit div you feed yourflooerswi mr technicolor says tamata
kintra fowk sellin eggs tattiesflooerscheese fresh produce o aa
aa maitters o conjecture naeflooersgrowe in the quarry in
an aa the breets anflooersthat gaed wi it noo
amon e girse an eflooersan e leafs o e
against a heich clump oflooersan strolled till e gate
maist o e rowth oflooerson anither day i d
job bad enyeuch fin eflooerswis aboot e hoose bit
shelf awthin else ornaments chinaflooersan the yella seat covers
fuss ower somedy else sflooersgaunnie get up i cannae
s man ayewis geid hurflooersefter he duffed her up
f1073: but er sorry naeflooersf606: so what kind o
drew braith an brought yeflooersin hospital agnes same kind
tipped the stank ower theflooersthe grieve sang oot wi
lies snaawy white da peerieflooersdey drap der heids aert
are gaun tae be gruwinflooersnoo the crowd that wis
be the muck wi theflooersgrowin in f1134: i m
wi a jam jar pittinflooersinno t fan she heard
of coorse it wisna jistflooersan vegetables bit ye could
a flee nae serviette naeflooerson the table nae saft
like a slaw strathspey likeflooerso the rodden licht an
s the ghaistie daunce oflooersthat s deid for tessa
s no sae much theflooersbut fegs yer pots are
doon trooden grun sae wetflooerslie fer sodden tuesday 13th
nor the gale blawin theflooersfrae scotia bonnie the linn
the phone call then theflooersan if that hudnae worked
faister yet st valentine bringsflooersan wine let nane their
ve niver liked grapes thaeflooersare gey dwaibly an thin
offer rice or incense orflooerstae the idol an its
relied on tae keep herflooersupricht yon wire fence hid
smile upon her lips herflooerswill dwine her chikks turn
technicolor snarled thats the bonniestflooersroon aboot jonsar eck answered
oot and buy ready madeflooersand stick them into containers
ilkie sheugh there s gowdenflooersin shadda dappled heilan booers
ghaisties in the glen theflooersthat winter disnae ken vetch
onything mair winnerfae than theflooerson the boortree at the

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