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tell naebody granny an auntflorencean aunt jessie are affa
doctor shuik his heid auntflorenceaunt jessie an granny tuik
pairish kirk naethin like auntflorencebent ower tae fusper in
on her left sat auntflorencelike aunt jessie aunt florewnce
niver telt aunt jessie auntflorencenur granny fa stood at
neist fleer doon wis auntflorences room an on tither
tae be pit tae auntflorencetae learn the pianie sharin
minnie s back tae auntflorencethe rain stottit aff the
in the kitchie and auntflorencetimmered oot a wee gavotte
kintra air efter denner auntflorencetuik ower the darg o
uncle dougal s room auntflorencewad takk doon a buik
blinkit open a thochtie auntflorencewis sittin in a cheer
[censored: surname] [censored: house number] doune quadrant [censored: phonenumber]florence[censored: surname] [censored: house number] yarrow gardens [censored: phonenumber]
when jack mcconnell signed theflorencedeclaration he said that measures
scottish executive has signed theflorencedeclaration which encompasses much of
declaration by 43 administrations inflorencelast month the first minister
indicates his residences zindis nearflorencebrandeis and the mallorcan properties
when she criticized her friendflorencemcneill s attempts at fiction
her regular correspondents especially withflorencemcneill 24 see daily record
later letters of advice toflorencemcneill carswell was to insist
rebecca west she wrote toflorencemcneill too much brass there
a back street of oldflorencewas forced to turn to
studies conference european university instituteflorence12 13 april 2002 begg
of the pitti palace inflorencewhere salvador was born in
in the flanders li├Ęge andflorencedeclarations and that the scottish

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