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f1103: thae bobbles bobbles oflufflook and cat see f1104:
m1096: yummy yummy i wantfluff[inaudible] hands f- when we
ball of barely visible pocketfluffi ve got an all
stuck into like bits offluffcould be in your belly
secret thing like belly buttonfluffor a cast off ring
ah got the bit grayfluffah cam strecht here frae
a drawer a tottie grayfluffan stuck it intil his
a small piece of grayflufffrom a pocket in her
rainbows pit a bit grayfluffin ma shae here an
the tea an the grayfluffin pompitie s shae gied
through the diaphanous film offluffthat wallpapered the surface of
the hissin snarlin ball ofluffjonsar eck shoved in a
elfin mowsers green halflin bumfluffhingin fae its chooks taedsteels
m1090: yeah [inhale] look anotherflufff1089: you pick it off
d pick up bits oflufflike selvage an he would
ve to pick aa thefluffoff cause somebody left a
jeely and ice cream andfluffi do m1096: i do
you re getting covered influffan aa noo fa did
f1089: look at aa thatfluffm1090: plea- please will you
yes [inhale] there s notfluffon this ain f1089: no
aa the stuff wi thefluffon it m1090: yeah [inhale]
rowin on fleer daud ofluffon the heid o a
or will we make aflufff1112: no no if we
if we will make afluffor not f1111: you be
foo a spylt baa oflufftwinty hoasts an the bell

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