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on thirty six hour missionsflyinre- reconnaissance m608: thirty six
seaplanes into passenger planes andflyinthem out to new zealand
wi kirsty finlay pat laughsflyinso ah um weeeeeeeee pat
fades awa thochts o aflyinsnail ach here a am
you know interviews photo sessionsflyinoot tae st tropez at
o air a saltire sflyinin this bare domain dykes
watter till frichtit by aflyinfish it shrinks rins aff
at a bird that sflyinsaunter along maybe classical music
an some peerie boy comesflyinevery fit fae da banks
s only an hour hourflyintime from aberdeen to sumburgh
ti the static sent sparksflyinsee then yi wid uve
water based black calm aflyingell a tap flöd plaise
ae a church frae aflyinsaucer well ma da might
wis despair i felt wisflyinever mair trauchled throu the
happy an their hair wasflyinf829: [laugh] an it was
oot and they were awflyinawa f643: aye m642: the
little things an they wentflyinround the room like that

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